YH 19HW DRONEA Spark Foldable Toy Drone – Revizuire & Demo

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Coduri promoționale: 9188D

11 Comentarii
  1. Pretty cool for the price and crash proof! (You play drums too? :-))

  2. Isn’t the model actually YH-19hw?

  3. How do you record to the SD card? Other reviewers on YouTube said this function does not work =/ thanx

  4. What apps the drone use for ios?

  5. the flight time please? also the range for the drone and FPV range? mulțumesc

  6. I just got mine a week ago and I love it..super easy to fly and video quality is amazing..

  7. Lol dude , this is the best review ever!😂 Loved it

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