How well does the new XK A800 RC plane do as a park flier? Let's find out. Find it here and try coupon IBXPXH192H and here are more sales

Entry level four channel aircraft.
Can easily switch between full 6 axis gyro/accelerometer stabilization, or turn off the stabilization for full manual flying and stunts. The stabilization system works very well in gusty wind conditions to keep the plane flying straight and level.
Very streamlined design and nice glide characteristics. This should make an excellent soaring sailplane.
Built of tough EPO foam.
Powered by cheap and easy to find 2S 300mah battery (same battery as for WLToys F959 Skyking).

Listing infers in error that this plane comes equipped with a 720p HD FPV camera. This plane does not currently have a camera.
If you are a beginner, recommend keeping it in 6G stabilized mode. The plane is not very forgiving in 3D mode.
Front propellers can easily be damaged if you crash or land while under power. It does come with one spare propeller. More should be available in the near future as this will likely be a popular plane.

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