Please do subscribe on the drone camps channel to get lots and lots of awesome drone reviews if you like rc, rc airplanes, FPV, Cursa, quads and camera drones. Please do click subscribe check me out my patreon as well, if you'd like to support my videos, that would be awesome and today, without further ado, we're going to compare this one to the 2019 version and see how much better the video looks if there's any difference At all, do you need to get the 2020 versiune? I would say yes mainly because the flight time has also been extended on this and they're running some sweet new firmware, so let's go ahead. Put this on the ground, make sure the firmware is updated. Calibrate the compass: do our spot check and we'll go ahead and take off and we'll get this guy up in the air and do some comparison here. Mergem muzică, the biggest change. avem 35 minute de zbor timp, 25 grams lighter, and we also have a larger sensor with the ability to do hdr. Now it really brings up the dynamic range, as well as true 2.7 k on this one as well versus the old one. Didn'T have true 2.7 k. It also has the uhd 3840 2160 de 30 cadre pe secundă, and it has a bitrate of around 100 megabits per second, care este frumos, and it has the removable sticks as well. On this one same as last time, it supports android and ios, and it also has an upgraded sd card support up to 256 Gigaocteți, which is better and the new chinese baido experimental gps system now giving us more satellites, alright guys.

So we have the drone turned on it's on my launchpad. You can check out one of these down in the link below if you need a launch pad. These are pretty cheap and very useful to have. If you have a 4k camera drone, so let's go ahead and start the compass calibration procedure i'm just going to go ahead and pick up the drone and without my hand, over top of the gps on the top of the quad i'm, going to go ahead and Rotate it around on the horizontal axis until the app tells me to go vertical with it we're just going to keep going, and sometimes it takes a little longer on this horizontal axis now, it's telling me to face it down camera down. Looking good keep your eye on the app and it'll tell you you're successful or not. So now we were successful i'm good to take off. Bine, now that we're up we're, just gon na do a gps check real quick that's, one of the most important things to do guys is just go ahead and make sure it stays level and it doesn't do a lot of toilet bowling. If you see that your drone is toilet bowling, it's time to put it back down and recalibrate, the compass let's go ahead and go up a little bit higher now awesome and you can change your gimbal at this point. Let'S go ahead and go out in the field a little bit and we will stop and it does have sensors on the bottom of it, for recognizing surfaces below the drone.

Looking good up there, Deşi, and i'm gon na go ahead and take a flight out let's go ahead and do some forward flying with the femi 2020 versiune. Now we are recording 4k video, so it's, looking pretty good i'm just going to go ahead and gain some altitude, as i go, give it a little bit of y'all. There kind of lining up this shot that i want and right now, i'm flying line of sight. But the greatest thing i think about the fema is the fact that it does have a really reliable system on the app back to your phone android or apple ios. You can really see where you're going and there's not a whole lot of lag in this system, which i, like other apps. I have had some issues with in the past, so that's, looking pretty good and we're just going to go up and turn here and we're going to go straight up, we're going to stop there because i see a tree a big tree in front of me now. We'Re gon na fly along this farm right along the property line there and let's just get well above these trees, let's go ahead and point the camera down just a little further. That way, we shouldn't see any props. În vizualizare. Definitely don't want to see any props in the view when you're recording for commercial videos or you're trying to make some cool drone videos. You just don't, want props.

In the view most people don't but i'm still trucking right along here. 65 meters you've got your altitude here. We'Ve got the distance from the home point i'm doing about 9.9 meters per second in forward flight. This quad also has sport mode, which is super nice. Looking pretty nice out, there we've had a lot of smoke here recently up in oregon and washington. I'Ve got 18 satellites on this baby that's awesome, but the video is looking pretty good let's go ahead and make a turn around and come back toward the home point. We'Re, just going to yaw to the left and let's, see how this pan does let's see if there's any stuttering in that pan and i'm still pushing forward full stick here: nice and there's, our familiar farm and our field coming back toward the tree estuary and there's Little tree farm and estuaries over here still looks a little bit smoky up there. I think now, we're, coming back over the field, let's go ahead and do a down shot and at this point i'd like to test out the return to home as well, and i believe you can get some filters for this particular drone. If you'd like to get some nd filters, you can play around with the different settings. You can also change with the right hand, so you can change how bright the aperture is, how open it is. So we can turn that down a little bit and since i don't have any type of nd filter on here, that's gon na make a big difference with my video it's gon na make it a little less blown out and that's what we're looking for so now.

I'M gon na go ahead. I'M back over our field. Now we're gon na go ahead and hit return to home let's lower that camera a little bit. Gimbal looks pretty crooked here, so we might need another gimbal calibration, but let's go ahead and hit the return to home button here now, it's in auto return to home, pretty cool and we'll wait till it comes back with this automated return to home and land, and I believe this is one of the drones that had the auto shutoff feature. So when it comes back to this home point, it should land and turn the motors off, but we'll see how close it gets to the launch pad, and the biggest thing you have to remember is: please do calibrate your compass each time you go to a new Location, it's not necessary. Every time you go out to fly at the same location, but if you're changing different locations, it's always good to start over calibrate the compass before you take off a lot of people. Do it first before they fly every single time now, we're centered over the home point, we should be making our descent and, if it's off at all, if it's off for yours, you can go ahead and switch back to your drone mode there. With this switch your gps position hold, you can also fly this guy in addie mode, which would be kind of like the drone is skating on ice and sliding to one side until you decide to take back the sticks and control the drone.

But here it comes, it looks like it's a little bit over the parking lot right here so we'll see if it actually comes back over to the home point mark h over there. Hopefully it doesn't want to land on the curve just be aware of your surroundings. When your drone is coming back, there's no kids around dogs, anybody practicing fly fishing. That would be bad for your drone. You get caught up in some fishing line, be a bad day for you to hit someone. So it looks like it's going to land about three feet away: very close, almost hitting the curb right there and kill the motor, nu-i rău. Bine, so let's go ahead and do a comparison of both the 2020 version that you see here versus the 2019 versiune. Now i did have to recalibrate my gimbal a few times using the 2020 version still but it's nice. You have that option, but the biggest thing is that there's, less blue hues in this 2020 version versus the old version i'm gon na bring both of them up. Here on the screen, so you can see a split screen and you can see the 2019 version on your right. Avem 2020 version on the left and this is the same location and it's interesting because a year later, we have that same sort of sort of hue, that fog out in the distance, and you can see how both of these handle the close up video.

It looks like the 2020 version has a better handling of the colors close in and close up. It has a little bit larger sensor on the 2020 version as well, so it might be just a little more true to color, with that version of the cmos sensor. An updated sensor and updated firmware really does help. Last year in 2019, the first flight on my 2019 version of my femi x8se, had an issue with the firmware. So if you look really closely right here, you're going to see some kind of drops in the frames, there was a bit of flashing there and i went back and looked and there was actually black frames in between some of these frames. So i had some some strange flashing issues that we were dealing with there so and once the firmware was finally updated. I did get some fantastic video on the 2019 versiune. I really do like the theme x8se. It was one of the best flying and 4k return to home gps drones that i had in 2019. It scored extremely high on my channel, and i came back with some fantastic video and it seemed like the battery would just fly forever. 30 minutes is a long time, Deci, looking at the 2020 versiune, though again i feel, like i see more a little more detail up, close and again here's an example of two different locations, but that same sort of blue hue that's happening in that 2019 versiune.

The video just does look a lot better in the 2020 version now back to the 2019 version full screen. Just to give you guys an example. This is unfiltered video right here and then back to that 2020 video here, where you can see a lot of detail close to the ground and you can change the color if you'd like to you, can open this up in your editor. This seems to have a little more browns in this video, and it also might be that we've had quite a bit of smoke out in the oregon area. But again i think the 2020 version looks fantastic as far as the video goes. It looks really really great and now that 2019 version and right here we could have used a little less aperture in this video and it might have helped it out quite a bit. But look at the big difference there. Quite a bit of difference close to the ground, really nice, colors and color saturation with the 2020 versiune, and i have to say that i think they did their homework on this new version of it. We have a lot of new key features to take away with the 2020 versiune. I think it's worth the purchase so you're, looking at new features on this one there's, your larger sensor, right away, 35 minute de zbor timp, just a couple more minutes, but it's also lighter and faster. We get the true 2.7 k, the new firmware and hdr support for video and photos.

That'S major also larger 256 sd card support, less blue hue new flight modes and extended range on this one, so that makes this version well worth the purchase if you're considering the fimi x8. But let me know what you guys think in the comments below guys.