2 youngsters wheel their scale route vehicles around the extraordinary city scale path park at the Calgary Blackfoot Motocross/RC track! I obtained a message from a fella called Austin who enjoys our YouTube show with his son Stephen!

They have been long time customersand were increasing from the U.S.A. to Canada to have a household check out. On their tripit was requested that they could meet with us. and potentially go for a trail run. Ei bine. this was our journey! What a fun time. as well as a special shout out to Austin, as well as his child!

Maurice and also I had great deals of enjoyable with you. many thanks for conference with us! The pastime of Radio Control is absolutely unbelievable as well as brings people with each other from everywhere!

After establishing some gateway markers (that makes a fantastic way to play adhere to the leader!), both young boys headed out with each other on the path. as well as I was lucky adequate to record this memory so these individuals can have a little something added to keep in mind their trip to Canada!

Maurice was Driving a Traxxas TRX4 Ford Raptor
Steven was Driving a HPI Spider King Ford Bronco

Both of these trucks are electricaland 1/10th scale


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