Um can't afford a different house, but we have to do anyway because i rent and the property is being renovated and things i had to get out. So here we are different house here we go it's taken me a while to move, which is one of the reasons there haven't been so many videos. I mentioned that in my last video, but this is another video and why am i making this video today? Ei bine, because the nice people from radio master sent this and a few other youtube influences, have also shown these radios on their channels, and it is the radiomaster, t16 or tx16s and i've already reviewed, have a look at this radio. I found it to be a very, very good radio, very good indeed, and it hadn't replaced my fresco radios, but i was sorely tempted to replace my freescale radios with the radiomaster. Mainly inertia is the only thing really stopping me, but but this has changed my mind and this will be my radio for the summer. This is going to be my new radio. De ce? Ei bine, because radiomaster listened, they listened to what people said and they made changes. That'S, pretty rare it's pretty unusual these days in the in the market for a manufacturer to listen to what customers are saying: free sky don't. Do it. They just tell you what you what you're going to get and if you don't, like it tough but radiomaster, have really listened. And i mentioned that when i reviewed the product that i was so impressed with the way radiomaster took on board feedback, criticism, constructive ideas and integrated all that into the newer product releases.

So what have they done to make this really good radio, even better? Well i'm? Going to give you a quick rundown, but i'll do a full video on this at the studio. At the workshop, when i get out there when i finish unpacking all these boxes that are surrounding me at the moment, but i'm going to just run down very quickly. în primul rând, the old radio master or the other radio master i've got is black and black is not a good color for the summer. I'Ve mentioned this on a number of occasions. de fapt, i was the guy that finally convinced fpv goggle manufacturers to stop making black goggles, because fpv is best in the summer in the sun and those goggles you get so damn hot on your face or lying in the sun it's a stupid color to make Fpv goggles and goggles in fact, it's a stupid colors to make anything rc that's going to be used in the sun, so the old radio master, if you lift it out in the sun, get a bit hot, get a bit toasty get a bit warm and that's. Not good because electronics don't like being warm the hotter, the electronics, the shorter the life, so you really want to keep them as cool as possible. So since we don't usually fly indoors and half the year isn't winter, it made no sense to have a black radio. This is not black, you might have noticed, it's, not black, it is silver and it seems that radio master are making a range of different options.

Silver is one of them. I think pavel got gold if other people have had purple inlays and things and i'm so glad that radio master sent me this color, because this to me is the perfect balance between bling and sophistication. I think pebbles would have. It was a bit gorgey, the gold i'm. Not a fan of you know over the top wrapper style transmitters, but this is silver, so it will reflect hopefully a lot of the heat of the sun, so we get too damn hot, but it's, not gory and garish, and and overstated it's, just silver silver. What more could you want? So what they've done is that this wheel here feels much better than it did in the previous one, which was a bony contention. People said festival very good. This feels quite nice and the throttle stick feels i don't know what they've done. It feels almost like it's fluid damped, maybe it's my imagination if i've got any left, but that i that throttle stick is really nice, maybe it's a little too damp for a freestyle. Minicot, where you want a lot of rapid throttle action, but i will find out when i fly it and the other big thing. One of my complaints when i reviewed the product was it didn't have a folding handle, but look. It has a folding handle and that's where the jumper, the jumper, was better than the ready master because it comes with the folding handle.

The original radio master didn't have that. But this one they've got mine's better they've, look at what jumper's done and they've taken it to the next level, because this is a metal handle, not flimsy plastic it's, actually solid metal, so that's not gon na break or twist. You can put that in your pack like down or wherever um super low profile, now brilliant, just what we were hoping for now: it's, not all positive um. They haven't fixed the sliders there's, still no real center, detent, no sliders, which i think is important, but but it's not a deal breaker for me now it was a while ago, but now that they've fixed the color and they've fixed the handle on things ah i'm. Just i can't not use this radio, it is so damn good. I can use all my old freesky, d8 receivers. I got a stack of them from the old days and couldn't use those with the latest free sky radios. So i think this is the free sky killer, that we've all been waiting for and my fresco radios are probably going to gather dust. I will be transitioning slowly all my existing models over and all my new models will go on here. Just waiting for some 18650 batteries to arrive, it's got a built in charger, da, all the good things that you expect and love. Sigur că da., if you've got for a spectrum or uh fly sky or any other receiver, you can use them with this.

Acest lucru este mare. This is fantastic, so i'm chuffed to bits with this uh change from radiomaster it's made the best radio even better, if that's at all possible anyway. So there you go uh, i will also. They also sent me a charger to review that's in a lot of change. This is the toolkit rc now they've seen that they've been making this tiny little charges for quite some time now and i'm, so impressed with them. I use them all the time and they've been getting better and better. First of all i had like it was a 150 watt charger and a small form factor which was great. Then they went to the two port one. They got a 400 watt one and now they've got this tiny little. One called the m4ac ac powered chargers. Acum, Desigur, desigur, the other ones were, all you had to power them with a lipo or a power supply, but these you plug into your mains power. So you can charge your battery with that, all that extra fluffery of having to have power supplies and things it's. A tiny little one that's something said about what is it 20 watts or something 30 watts. 30 watt charger only goes up to 4s it's it's, obviously going to be great, for if you've got something at home that you fly around the house, this charger will do the trick quite nicely, but they also sent a much more capable charger again, a mains charger.

So you don't need a power supply, just plug it in, and this is a four battery charger, care este, if you fly mini quads, and you want to charge up before you go out four at once, although it is kind of what is it it's, a maximum Of 20 Amperi, 200 watts, 200 watts that's 50 watts per battery, care este 2 amps per pack yeah that's, destul de bine. You can charge all your batteries at once. If all four batteries at once saves you a snot load of time and having to instead of using those power boards, we've got to plug all sorts of stuff and now to charge multiple batteries. This is a much better option. I'Ll be reviewing it seeing how if it works as advertised on the box, but knowing um was it toolkit, rc token rc, knowing the previous products i've made, i think it's, probably a pretty safe bit, that this will be a kick ass product, but full review coming. So there you are just a bit of a weekly news really and so stay tuned. Those things coming it's spring here, it's raining of course, it's raining it's spring, but the rain is warmer. So i know it's spring and pretty soon i'll be getting some flight. Videos underway i've ordered a snotload of stuff just this morning, because now i've got a i'm. Not an itinerant anymore. I'Ve got an address where i'll be for at least until caa catches.

Up with me for at least the next few months, or maybe longer maybe the rest of my life, i don't know i could die tomorrow. So i can get stuff sent to me and i don't have to worry about it, going to the wrong place so we're under full steam summer's coming you guys in the northern hemisphere winter. You just have to watch my videos won't you and enjoy the vicariously or vicariously, enjoy the the pleasure of flying model aircraft as long as youtube. Doesn'T age restrict it like they did some a video on my xg channel. So there you go brush through this i've got so much to do i'm, still unpacking living out of boxes. În acelaşi timp, thank you for watching. Thank you to my patreon supporters. I'M, going to get back to work.