So in a nutshell, you have basically a smaller form factor here with a slightly smaller lens. Still a nano sized 14 millimeter mounting, and you have a aluminum alloy casing here for making the weight lighter. I’Ll show you the way here in a second, and then you just have your connectors here on the back for your ost connector and your video and you have a new lens and have a sort of a sandwich board design here to keep it nice and compact. So there’s actually two sets of pcb boards. I believe the original retelled uh baby brutal, is also the same way. They just kind of shrunk it down and made it a little bit more compact and reduce the weight. The firmware is tweaked a little bit as well, and you’re gon na have to go back and compare the video from the original baby retell to this. One i’ll link that video down in the description. If you want to see what the differences are, but basically, în opinia mea, it’s um, the colors are a little bit more vibrant, a little bit more natural, looking it’s, not as washed out um and overall, Stii tu, it’s a it’s, a pretty good image. I mean i like the original image of the baby retell, and this one is just slightly improved, but the biggest difference here is the weight difference in the cameras. So the original baby retell was around four and a half grams, and now this camera here i think it’s, coming in around yeah it’s about three grams, just a little over three amps about okay, in this case three grams right on the nose and uh here’s.

A look at the camera image fairly wide field view. It is in 4, 3 modul de, so it has all the same features: 4, 3, 16, 9, Comutare, pal and tsa, Comutare, etc. Believe it’s got the same voltage range as well um, but yeah very wide field of view, um in the 4 3 modul de. I think it’s about the same check. The links down in the description i’ll probably have the actual specs i’ve gotten this camera many months early. They were playing this release a long time ago, so the specs weren’t finalized at the time they’re recording this video and um you’ll have to check the link down in the description. If you don’t know what the exact field of view is, but it does look about the same, maybe slightly bigger than the original uh baby, retell and then i’m just going to show you that the settings are basically the same so go in here, and i have The 4 3 mode turned on here and see it’s ntcm, pal switchable, um and yeah that’s. You know the menu is the same as well. It looks like there’s only hardly any differences here in terms of the i think here, it’s the image settings here, everything’s on auto, i uh the the footage you’re seeing is exactly the way they sent it to me from the factory. I have not tweaked it or changed any of the settings whatsoever so i’m, assuming that the factory settings are probably going to be the same.

I can’t guarantee that because sometimes they change things before or after i get them, dar da. What i’m, showing you is what i have so let’s, get right that you know get right into the footage and show you these typical uh flight at the park, and you can compare this footage with the footage from the original um original baby rotel. And let me know what you guys think i think the biggest advantage here is the pretty significant weight reduction from four and a half grams to three grams that’s. You know it’s a 33 weight reduction, so that’s pretty huge. Obviously this is you know targeting those that those guys that are you know um putting these things into like tiny whoops, you know toothpicks things that are very weight, sensitive for performance and so, if you’re, looking for the best possible image in say like a tiny well For your tangible braces, three grams might be pushing it in terms of the weight that’s. Probably i would say you would really want to have the excellent image to put this into a tiny one. I think this is probably more appropriate for like a three inch toothpick.