Syma X8 Pro Large GPS Drone Flight Test Review

This huge GPS digicam drone features a 720HD digicam with distant management of lens angle. Descopera-l chiar aici and spare motors right here


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  1. I have this quad and it is crap to be honest very unstable.

  2. No "Follow Me" and "Point Of Interest" caracteristici? For the same price as the Global Drone X183, I would go with the X183, that one has a 1080P clear HD camera with Dual GPS and can fly 400M away, and "Follow Me" and "Point Of Interest" features which is the point of having a blogging drone.

  3. Great just bought this today as my first ever quadcopter. 🙁

  4. Some video make in Hindi brother

  5. Brother how a altitude holding

  6. Pks i need ya guys is this a good drone i want a drone but don't find good under 200$

  7. It’s a pity Syma put this on the market with bad issues. If it comes down from height it could cause serious injuries, my x8c is fantastic but Syma you marketed a bad one, mare video.

  8. Time to stop messing around and buy that Phantom!

  9. the gps problem is happening because the compass is having a problem because the motor are magnetic

  10. I have the system X5 and thought I would buy a more advanced "toy" trântor, and happy I saw this video. Think I will avoid now

  11. crap I bought 2 few days ago off eBay from China $100 Aus. I'm shattered seeing this!! maybe I'll sell to recoup $$

  12. crap I bought 2 few days ago off eBay from China $100 Aus. I'm shattered seeing this!! maybe I'll sell to recoup $$

  13. crap I bought 2 few days ago off eBay from China $100 Aus. I'm shattered seeing this!! maybe I'll sell to recoup $$

  14. crap I bought 2 few days ago off eBay from China $100 Aus. I'm shattered seeing this!! maybe I'll sell to recoup $$

  15. Is it posible to do a brushless upgrade

  16. Looks like a clone of the DJI Phantom

  17. I got lucky and i have this exact model. It works as described. I have not heard of a single other model doing this.

  18. Willinggood product till now syma Drone products coming out, I like it very much.

  19. Hei acolo 101. Just subscribed, I just want to know if this quad can lift an action camera, and if does would it be okay for you to make a video?? Mulțumiri!!!

  20. Hello Quadcopter 101. Am o întrebare. I will have a birthday on July and my wife will buy me new drone. She have about 250$. This will be my first drone. I would like to have a GPS and camera if that is possible. She had a plan to buy Syma X8 Pro, but after this review I would not recommend her this step. Thank you very much for this review and for the reply. Greetings from Poland.

  21. All time favorite drone syma x11c. Hit like of u agree 👍🏻

  22. this is a gps drone, when you dont want to use the gps, it will behave like the x8sc

  23. Can I put x8 pro receiver board in syma x8hw or x8hg

  24. Syma should recall all product of this one.. can make some people danger when crash down.

  25. Camera sucks, can this thing lift a GoPro?

  26. I've had my X8 Pro since February 2018 . I've never had the problems everyone else seems to be having , probably because if you read the manual , it says quite plainly , if you get that 'toilet bowl' wobble the compass isnt calibrated propperly . Before every flight (every flight) I calibrate the compass , then use the one button take off , and watch it for a minute or so , if it hovers in a stable manner it's good to go , any toilet bowl effect means it wasnt calibrated correctly . Ive also made a sling with some nylon string , doar 4 lenghts 24 inches long tied into a loop to hold and made some wire hooks for the ends , then I suspend the drone and gently and slowly rotate horizontally clockwise , then suspend it vertically and rotate clockwise ,again gently and slowly until the lights go solid . Calibrating it in this manner seems to do the trick and it flies perfectly . I also noticed the return to home feature didnt work for you , once again , not calibrated propperly . Please dont take this the wrong way , but so far all I've seen is bad reviews for this model , I'd suggest first off , read the manual……..all of it , and dont be in such a hurry to get the thing in the air , take your time calibrating , dont calibrate it anywhere near power lines , or over concrete that probably has steel reinforcing , make sure you dont have your phone in your pocket , or anywhere near it , make sure youre not anywhere near a lot of metal (like your car) . After youve done the calibration , check and make sure it's hovering nice and stable . It sounds like a lot of messing around , dar , it's all there in the manual , raed it , follow the instructions and it works as it should

  27. Yup they need to recall, you can see in one of my videos there it almost hit someone.
    Its a shame they let this slide. I tried shielding the GPS in one of my videos and didnt want. It has to be a compass problem.

  28. He was in trouble with the GPS, the light did not stop flashing. But the gps is working, because when I hit the "go to home" it comes back. but when he's facing the front, I put the front back, he starts to roll. But if you turn the front to the right or left it remains paralyzed. You know what that might be?

  29. Syma installed a new mode on this drone , it should be called the Syma GPS wobble drone.

  30. Quadcopter 101 your reviews are the best.. If a quadcopter is good, you say so.. If it sucks, we can see that for ourselves.. In this case, the quad speaks louder then words

  31. What is the best GPS drone that will go the farthest as the same price as this drone

  32. I started following you about three years ago. After awhile I stopped receiving your vids on my subscription page (YouTube unsub bugs) and forgot about this awesome channel. Just now I suddenly remembered when I used to watch all these quad vids and I found your channel again. So happy that I get to see ur reviews again!!!

  33. eachine e58 vs visuo xs809w . how is bast drone

  34. I have a syma x8 hg that i like alot. mostly because of the red colour hehe. But its nice to drive. Sad that Syma made an gps quad that isnt very practical to use, And sad that it doesnt work,

  35. I really like Syma, and I want them to recover from this one and get it right. They are the standard for good cheap toy quads, but they need to offer some products that go beyond that level. Acest lucru, cu toate acestea, was a miss.

  36. Years ago, my first drones were brushed Symas. I've since moved on to building race quads and using a Mavic for long range fpv. It's sad to see they've stuck with brushed motors and only added gps to the old X8.

  37. For the money it should have 1080p and telemetry. I have yet to see a review where it worked. It would seem that they would of fixed it by now or at least address the issues on their website, but they are just ignoring the situation. They may of had a few good quads out there, but I guess they don't mind a black eye.

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