Let me go check out what’s going on and i came to realize that sony just unveiled more information about their air peak project. That is their new drone that they’re bringing to the market. Now it came in the form of three separate videos, as well as one press release. We got an extended look at that first teaser trailer that sony put out last october in late 2020. So we got an extended look at what the actual drone looks like, and then we got a full two minute, long commercial, that they kind of put together, shooting some proto type car with that air peak drone. And then we got a final video, including sony’s, ceo talking about the drone and talking about how it’s going to be unveiled at ces 2021, which of course is virtual this year. But i think that, Practic, that entire video was him just regurgitating. What was put inside of this press release here on alpha universe, this really just kind of stateshey we’re, making a drone, but it did find one important paragraph or one important sentence in this brief. That says, in order to fully support the creativity of video creators, the payload of the drone can be equipped with any alpha mirrorless camera to capture high quality, full frame, aero and video. So that means that if you’ve got a sony, you can equip it onto this brand new drone. So out of all of the content that sony has released thus far on this airpeak drone project, there’s really only one that piques my interest and it gives us the most information it’s, the video where they took the drone out and they filmed the prototype vision s Vehicle it’s about a minute and 45 seconds in length, we’re gon na, go through and break down this video frame by frame to learn as much as we can about what to expect from this upcoming drone from sony.

But as of right now, there’s no set release date and there’s also no confirmed spec. So hopefully we can learn exactly what to expect from this drone by breaking down this video. But before we move forward here, breaking down this video from sony, i kind of want to set some ground level expectations and then give you some of my thoughts on this air peak drone project. Looking top down at the entire drone industry as a whole to see exactly where it fits so, as you guys could probably tell right off the bat by looking at the photos and the videos of this drone, it certainly is not a consumer level drone. It doesn’t compete with the mavic 2 pro or the altel evo 2 pro or the phantom 4 pro. This competes with dji’s inspire series and the matrix series, as well as the free fly alta system, and if i had to kind of rank them on that upper end, it would be inspire 2 sony’s air peak and then free flies alta system. You could interchange those in there. I think that the free flight system goes on top because it can carry those much heavier cinema grade cameras. It carries a much larger payload, but at the end of the day i think a lot of people would like to see sony enter the consumer space make a drone that competes with the mavic level of drones. I understand that because a lot of people want to get their hands on this drone, but i think it kind of fits with sony’s mantra of making professional level cameras so they’re going to enter that space.

Primul, it’s going to be a great complement to the awesome camera lineup that they already have right now and then once they get their foot in the door once they establish themselves as a drone manufacturer, they’re then going to make a much more affordable drone that’s. Just me speculating but that’s what i think right off the bat. Now there are a couple of reasons why i personally am really pumped up for the release of this drone, the first of which is kind of selfish it’s, because i am a sony. Shooter i’ve got sony glass, i’ve, got sony camera bodies and now i’m going to be able to make them work with sony’s drone and if you’re, a nikon shooter or a canon shooter. I can understand you’re probably going to write this drone off you’re going to say. Look i really don’t care about this new sony drone. But if you’re like me and if you’re in sony’s ecosystem you’re going to understand that this is just another way to make their alpha lineup a whole lot more versatile right, you can match the image quality and the color science that you’re shooting with on your ground. Camera to now your aerial camera right, it’s gon na make things a whole lot easier. În opinia mea, it’s gon na be a game changer. Now i know that you can. Like fly other cameras, you can put your panasonic camera in the air. You can put your nikon camera in the air, but those are open ecosystems and with a closed ecosystem.

I feel like it’s, going to make things a whole lot better. Acum, moving on from my selfish personal reasons as to why i’m excited for this drone, if we look at like again that top down view of the entire drone industry, sony is the perfect company that we need disrupting this space, they’re a giant electronics manufacturer and they Make really great cameras both of those are going to kind of formulate into a winning drone combo, and they have the capital behind them to push forward and move on and on and on to dominate this space. Dji right now is the lone player, and we see a lot of these small drone manufacturers come into play. They come out with one drone. It kind of has like that. One little feature that’s their claim to fame and that’s. The reason why it’s so popular and then they don’t come out with a second one it’s, because usually they fizzle out, they run out of money, they’re unable to continue to manufacture that drone, but with a company like sony that makes so many electronics and has so Many different arms they make phones, tvs, laptops, etc, etc. They’Ve got the capital to push forward and make this drone program work and from the footage that i’ve seen so far with whatever camera they use to shoot. This video with it looks like it’s going to be a winner to me. Alright, so i’ve made you guys suffer for way too long.

Acum, let’s go ahead and break down this trailer. I guess you could call it this video that sony put out shooting this new visions prototype vehicle i’m, just got it here. Playing inside of my editing. Software i’ve got some points here that i want to point out, but we’re going to watch the entire thing together and see what we can expect from this drone from a hardware standpoint. So they kind of set the scene here, seeing here they’re bringing out the drone inside of this case, which looks fairly large about the size of my inspire 2 caz. We’Ll stop it here. This is our first look of the drone will go frame by frame. It shows them screwing on the legs, but there are two things i want to point out right, Fapt, three things. în primul rând, it sits in there the arms actually don’t fold, so they’re spread out inside of the case, but it’s really easy. It looks like to set it up, you screw on the legs, scoate-l, attach the camera and go so that is fairly easy, but it doesn’t break down and fold for an easier travel um. De asemenea, i want to point out right here in the center. That is the gimbal mount right there, so it connects into there it’ll mount the gimbal and your sony camera and just underneath of there is sort of like a module that’s going to house all of the vision, positioning, sensors and the obstacle wooden sensors.

So if you look on the bottom, there’s like four different sensors and then on the front, there are also some sensors which we’ll see here in a bit. But those three things right, it doesn’t fold down, looks like an easy setup. Uh the gimbal placement is right. There in the middle and then we’ve also got those obscure wooden sensors and the vision position sensors right there on the front. So now we’ll move forward there’s going to be a lot of stops here in the beginning, because there’s a whole lot to go over um. So this gives us a look at the back side of the drone or maybe the front side of the drone i don’t know, but regardless this gives us a look at the propellers we’ll go frame by frame you’ll see that they’re easy to screw on that’s. Definitely a nice add on there. I don’t want to have to be using a tool we’re going to continue to go frame by frame here. The next scene shows the front side of the drone. It shows them setting up the gimbal and there’s a lot to look at here. This is probably one of the busiest frames that we can see so right on the front side of the drone. Aici, we’ve got two obstacles: wooden sensors, as well as an fpv camera. Just like we saw on the inspire 2., it looks just like the inspire 2 setup as well, which is kind of eerie.

So we’ve got the two forward: obstacle void, sensors and that fpv camera for the pilot to look at so that the pilot doesn’t have to look at what the camera sees uh. They can always fly forward and then on the right side. We also have uh two more obstacle avoidance sensors, so i would say that this is going to have omni directional optical avoidance, all the way around the drone. That is definitely a plus for a drone that is carrying a very expensive camera and also a very expensive drone at that. We also see sort of like these arms here that are gon na lift the actual legs up as you’re flying around. So those are the things that i noticed right here off of the bat we also kind of see the gimbal set up. It looks like it’s, a very big beefy gimbal, able to give the camera a nice range of motion. We’Ll go a little bit further here. They’Re, just adjusting the gimbal, oh one more thing: you can see right there at the bottom. They’Ve got a camera plugged in so it is confirmed. I wouldn’t see how they would get around doing this, but you can see the live feed right from the camera, because it’s plugged in there it’s going to have power it’s going to probably transmit a signal, so you’re all good on that regard. Uh. This shows the top of the drone here. The one thing i wanted to share is that it has an upward, obscure, voiding sensor right here on the front so again, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance moving forward as he slides that battery in we now see a different angle.

We’Ll move forward here of two batteries. It is a dual battery setup, which is great because we’re gon na be able to hot swap the batteries and if one battery fails, we’ve got another battery to back up on. And if we look right here in the center, we’ve got this latch system, so you can unhinge one battery, take it out, put a new one in and then take out the other, so it’s one battery out at a time again, dual battery system is great for Redundancy and hot swapping on the go uh also on this back side. Here we can see on the opposite side more obstacle of wooden sensors. They kind of look like screws there for a second, but they are obstacle avoidance, sensors and then also on the back side. We also have some more obstacle of wooden sensors, so again omnidirectional obstacle of wooden sensors and look if you see these ones just underneath of there, they kind of look like they’re slanted at a certain angle, which is pretty interesting. So all these cameras really do make flying this drone a whole lot easier um. I also want to point out that we’ve got carbon fiber legs here. It looks like it’s made of carbon fiber we’ve also got a power button on the left side and the leds on the right side to give us an indication of how much battery is left. We’Ll move forward here and as soon as they latch that battery in it lights up, so we can see four indicators to tell exactly how much battery’s left inside of the drone at a quick glance, în regulă, we’ll, move forward here, let’s see all right so again, Here’S another look at the front side of the drone.

The fpv camera is kind of like setting up here to see that it’s calibrating, so if you guys are unfamiliar with how that works. Practic, with a drone like this, a professional system, you’ve got two pilots right or two people flying the drone, so one is piloting the drone and the other is only operating the camera. They point where it’s looking they point its. You know rotation and it’s y’all, so they’ve got everything under control for the camera. Deci, while you’re flying the drone around as the pilot, you can use this forward facing camera in order to see where you’re going so the beauty of this drone is, you can fly forward and then the camera underneath can look anywhere that it wants to, and it Can rotate a full 360 Grade, at least that’s? What i’m thinking i don’t know if there’s going to be any sort of end point that you come into, but regardless this is great because it gives the pilot another view as they’re flying forwards so that they don’t crash the drone. în regulă, we’ll move forward. A little bit here stop again. This gives us a good full look at the entire drone, and i got ta say that it’s, like it’s narrow right, like i feel like the arms, are really short and stubby, but it kind of cuts down the profile of the drone as a whole. You also get a good look here at the leds they’re apparent on each of the arms.

I would say that those are probably the only leds that we’re gon na get on this drone, but you can kind of see the whole design of it. I think it looks pretty cool, it looks really mean it looks really badass and again as i’m. Looking here down at the bottom, the camera the gimbal looks like it has a really good range of motion so that you’re going to be able to point this camera in a lot of different directions and shoot some really great cinematic video, but other than that. This just gives us a nice wide shot at the whole entire drone moving forward here. We’Ll stop again. This gives us another look from, i would say the back side of the drone, and it confirms kind of my thought process of this drone being really tight and really narrow. Right, like those arms, are really small, but it cuts down on the footprint of the drone. As a whole, which makes it easier to travel with right the longer those arms are the larger the case has to be so. This makes it just a little bit more compact and easier to travel with. I feel silly calling this a compact drone, but yeah um. Also you’ve got to look at both pilots here, so it is a dual operator capable drone. You’Ve got one piloting and you’ve got one controlling the camera. That was a given we’ll move on and stop again. We’Ve got the lifting arms we don’t have to pause it.

There and we’ve got the camera rotating around, so that gives us a really good look i’m, actually going to go back here. That gives us a really good look at just how much room this camera has to move around. The body is so high up from the drone that, even when you’re pitching forward and flying really fast, it’s gon na be easy um to shoot really good video with this thing, so i know that we just went like total rapid fire. I think that my brain hurts from talking about all that stuff, but they went in like quick secession there in like 10 secunde. They showed all these different angles of the drones, but it gave us a really good understanding again of what to expect from this aircraft. We’Ll move along here we’ve got the drone flying around shooting some footage here. This gives us a good look at the controller. This is the first look that we get so, Desigur, desigur, he’s flying an ipad. That means that we’re going to get a controller that is able to use an ipad with an application. I assume it’s going to be like an airpeak app that you can download and when we’re looking at it here, we can get a good understanding of what buttons that we get. It looks like there’s, maybe a power button or a mode switch button in the middle we’ve got the record button. We’Ve got a take off button.

It looks like right there on the left side, i’ll put my mouse over it and then we’ve got the controls on the right side. Of course the sticks, and then we can also look at the application here right. So it looks like we’ve got some basic information on the top and on the bottom, looks very familiar from what we’ve seen, but it also looks like this. Guy is only seeing the path of the drone itself. There is no like camera view on the drone. Acum, Desigur, desigur, they’re probably superimposing this image here on the screen, it’s not actually captured with the camera. So it’s going to be interesting to see how this companion app works. Along with this drone um and the remote itself looks like it’s kind of wide and something you definitely want to use a lanyard with, because it’s a little bit larger we’ll see that here in a couple of seconds um. So now we see the drone in action. I’Ve got to say they didn’t. Do it much justice these drone shots really are not that good. It looks like it was thrown together at the last minute. Oh, we missed it. There we’ll go back. This is the back side of the remote, so it looks like we’ve got some switches on the back. We’Ve got the spot where the actual uh cord attaches to in the back and we’ve also got like a handle they’re on the back, as well as what looks like a gimbal wheel there on the left side of the controller.

So it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good remote controller, it’s larger, so you’ve got room to grip it and fly with it. îmi place, i don’t like the smaller controllers, but i think that that is going to be something that will kind of feel out on the time that we get it and we fly it which who knows when that will be we’ll move forward here. This just shows them calibrating the camera or the gimbal um. You can kind of get a feeling for what it looks like it looks like kind of attaches through the hot shoe up there. It mounts on either side of the camera and underneath so it’s really snug and in there it’s not going to go anywhere. But i just wonder how easy this will be to adjust on the fly when you change lenses and also what’s the payload rating, like what lenses can i use with this? Can i use a 70 la 200 gm on it? I don’t know so. We’Ll move on here, that’s going to be interesting. Oh okay, so this was a clip. I continued to talk about like the range of motion of this gimbal i’m, going to play this back for you guys a couple of times here. Just look at how fluid the drone moves and look at how still the gimbal is. This just shows the agility of this drone i’m going to continue to play this back because it’s kind of impressive that the drone is able to maneuver in that way to me like as a drone flyer, i look at that and i say yeah that drone looks Like it’s, very agile, next up is the speed of the drone.

We see that for what a secondand it looks pretty fasti mean what 60 mile pe oră. If i had to guess, it’d be somewhere around 50 la 60 miles an hour top speed. We don’t know the next is just some drone shots taken again, sunt, really not doing this drone justice, some of these shots taken with it aren’t that good, just my personal opinion, în regulă. So now we see some other footage shot. This is some of my favorite shots um. I keep flying past the marks, so this is interesting. We’Ve got the guy on a computer plugged into the remote controller connecting to the drone. So i wonder if they’re going to come out with some sort of computer application to download files onto the computer or maybe to update firmware so that’s going to be pretty interesting, you can connect a computer into the drone itself. Din nou, we get a look at the back side of the drone. The backward optical void sensors right there, as well as the dual batteries which who knows how long this flight time is going to be, but those batteries look pretty beefy, i mean if you look at the actual, like housing of the drone itself. It looks like the entirety of this is all battery, which is good. I mean you want a longer flight time. Um let’s see there’s going to be a couple more coming up here, a couple, more aspects, în regulă, so here’s another look at the controller.

It doesn’t really show us much more about what we can expect from it again. We see like a gimbal wheel there on the back, the guy’s fingers on it, and we also see maybe some leds at the bottom hereit’s very reminiscent of a dji remote controller. Este., like a phantom remote controller but kind of squeezed out a little bit a little bit wider um, așa că da, i figured i’d, stop it there. The rest of this is just kind of like drone footage. It shows the drone flying around. It shows footage shot with the drone. I can just imagine flying a an a7 s3 on this. Drone is just gon na be magical, it’s gon na be so buttery there’s a good look at the drone itself. Din nou, if you’re interested looks like they got a sony camera back there, but that’s another side of the drone we’ve seen pretty much every single side of this drone so far and it looks like it has if i had to guess: 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 12 ish sensors on it just off the top of my head bad math. But again i mean it’s good that it has all these sensors. The inspire 2 only has forward and downward obstacle avoidance, so here’s. Another thing that i wanted to point out: Um. It looks like they’ve got an external monitor, that’s able to view exactly what the sony camera screen looks like. Deci, if you’re familiar with the interface that’s, exactly what you see when you’re shooting with this drone.

So i wonder if you know like from here, you’re gon na be able to to display the feed on another monitor for somebody. This is something i just wanted to bring up. It’S got my mind, spinning a little bit. It looks like a sony made monitor. I don’t even know if the tria master is something that you can buy. That’S something that i’m not aware of, but regardless it’s, going to be cool to be able to like wirelessly, transmit this video back to like video village or to somebody that you’re gon na be working with. So they can see what’s going on um and just seeing these values on the bottom. I wonder and i’m assuming that you’re gon na be able to control all of the camera functions directly there through the actual screen. Right, like can you change white balance and aperture and your iso all on the fly. I assume that’s gon na work, but i think that it might depend on the lens right like if you’ve got a lens. That requires, like the aperture ring to be spun and it doesn’t connect directly with sony’s camera. It might be a little bit difficult, but that’s going to be something that we’ll cross i’ll, probably cross when we get there, and that was the last thing i want to point out. This drone looks awesome. I like that the legs lift up. I think it looks really cool and that shot right.

There is really cool that’s. What was like, da, Bine, this is gon na be great. I don’t know i like sony. I i shoot with a sony, camera so i’m a little bit biased, but look push that out of the way, guys i’m really hyped for this drone. As you could tell through my enthusiasm in this entire video um as a sony shooter again, i think i’m a little bit biased because i’m, like yeah, i like this company and yeah they’re, going to make a drone and it’s going to make me able to fly. My drone and this or fly my camera in this closed ecosystem, but i think that if you’re, somebody that flies drones and you come to this video as a nikon, shooter you’re going to say, yeah click. de fapt, you probably already clicked off of this video. So if you guys are interested in this air peak, drone i’m gon na put everything that sony’s published to this date down in the description below you can go ahead and check out all those links uh and if you guys, are interested in this journal.