The mobic pro 2 is outdated now and does not have the no geo, fencing and longer range plus battery life. The autel levo2 pro is my recommended drone for those who can afford it. I flew this drone on a windy day, 25 mile pe oră, wind gusts and this drone held its position incredibly stable. I use this drone as a hobbyist and it gets incredible. Video and picture quality super happy with its capabilities. I’Ve been a mavic user. For some time, but the specs of the evo 2 pro capture my attention, i bought and recommend the rugged bundle. It came in a great rugged case with two extra batteries: propellers charger and sd card. The gimbal cover has been improved and is easy to remove and replace. It has all the help you need to fly with gps vision, rth automatic takeoff, accurate landing and a pause button to stop a mission or any automatic fly modes. The all around collision avoidance is a piece of art. The gimbal can be changed for the infrared or the 8k, making it nice bass drone with growing possibilities. Muzica, no geo fencing is a plus to fly in everywhere, but it alert not forbidden when in a restricted zone, even without the inconvenience of flying zones of dji. I follow the rules and ask for authorization, uses the autel explorer for your mobile device, but the controller has a nice screen and you can fly without the mobile phone or tablet something not found with the mavic 2 pro.

The autel explorer gives you more options in flying modes, but for a fast and relaxing fly you don’t need the phone it synchronizes with air data and keep all the information of the flight. The drone, the batteries and even a map of your flight.