The Extended Yard Scale Trail Park is simply a MONSTER. as well as the JK MAX has been one of the most asked for car for me to put through its paces. I maintain broadening the area. and adding even more obstacles, expanding the mud pit, and also its an ever before developing course. We have actually built this program to be extremely hard. yet to also provides several lines of lesser problem.

With Rope Bridges, Rock Heaps, Teeter Totters, Deep Rooted Matches, Mud Bogs and also More. this video will really delight any type of Radio Control Hobby Lover.

This is my JK MAX from Capo Competing. It is the NEWEST 2018 Versiune, as well as it is great.!

What an Astounding & One-of-a-kind BUiLD! Valued at $1500 USD, this design continues to inspire me. The machining was been exceptional and the construct practically uncomplicated. I did not strip out one screw head, neither did I have any positioning issues with the assembly. Uncommon! This jeep is nearly 100% ALL STEEL, matched by Carbon Fiber, as well as a thin amount of plastic. The suspension is absolutely outstandingas well as the equipment shifter is INSiDE the Transmission Housing! Unbelievable!

Note from CAPO: * TO BUY NOW TO ORDER/PRE-PURCHASE the NEW 2018 MAXIM JK, please email [email protected]* They have actually restricted amounts of their first production. Primul venit, Primul servi. You can obtain even more info regarding the JK MAX from Capo right here:

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