MJX Bugs 4W B4W Review Part I – unboxing, Inspecţie, Înființat & Camera Video Trailer

NEW MJX Bugs 4W B4W Assessment – 5G WIFI FPV GPS Foldable RC Drone with 2K Digicam on a Single-axis Gimbal. This MJX Bugs 4W evaluation consists of

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  1. Good review mate 👍 looks good

  2. video sample is crap..already i can see the jello effect..i was hoping it had the image stabilization of the parrot bebop..

  3. Please also review if the ultra sonic and optical flow sensor really does do anything. Can you compare it with sjrc with both gps off to see if the vision possitioning really works. Thanks and God bless from the Philippines :*

  4. I think te "battery charger" does nothing special other than connecting the battery port into usb output I wish they've get the usb port straight to the battery like the other toy grade drones does. That charger will definitely take up space in my travel bag 🙁 smh

  5. Is the video at the end from the SD card or was it recorded in the app? Mulțumiri, revizuire bun!

  6. Greetings you Bill, from Russia. Advise what to buy MJX B4W or ZLRC SG906 ?

  7. Hi Bill. recenzie Nisa. I am a big Bugs fan so I think I may well get this one when it is freely available. My phone however is not 802.11AC but I have an 8 inch Tablet that is. Do you think that the mobile device holder will open up far enough to accommodate the Tablet? Cu stimă,


  8. Hello Bill! I am in search of a quality drone. I am torn between the MJX 5W, MJX 2se, and this device. I love that you can move the MJX 5w's camera, but I like the swiftness and clarity on the 2se. The 4W seems to be a great piece of equipment. How soon will you have the 2k video uploaded? The drone would be a Fathers Day gift, and I would purchase one for myself.

  9. Hi Bill 😊 Nice unboxing and review ..this quad is probably better than the other 2 😊

  10. I am very disappointed with this latest MJX offering, it obviously has the same DNA as the current wave of brushless folders ( beast, SJRC etc etc) with no stand out differences or features. It has stuck with the toy standard cheap and limited 5g WiFi video transmission system, the camera has low grade specifications and features, to call the servo actuated electro mechanical camera mount ‘a gimbal’ along with the very tech looking cutaway sales pictures is totally misleading. The one redeeming improvement is the motor upgrade and the build quality looks above average. Hopefully this drone is not really the latest MJX but a stopgap before the release of a true flagship product or will they get left behind by Xiaomi and Hubsan………………

  11. Frumos, enjoyed your review. Have one on the way too. Can't wait to watch your upcoming videos.

  12. Can you make a review about the tactic air drone plss

  13. Very nice review as usual sir. Thank you for your time.

  14. Yes looking good Bill, getting excitend to fly mine when it arrives. That 2k footage should be alot better one you do your next review, cant wait.

  15. Hi Bill! What's your opinion about the camera? It seems very obscure.

  16. I'll keep an eye out for the air test.

  17. Hi Bill, this drone looks much better than previously drones that you show in reviews. Thanks for your work and all the best

  18. This looks very impressive, I'm looking forward to seeing the full flight video mate.. Mjx do a great job on building good quality drones, but I still think they need a bit more work of their video quality and lens quality.. 👍

  19. Great review Bill. Not sure about the video recording it took on this flight. Just didn't look as good as some other flyers you have reviewed. will wait for your other video review of the MJX4

  20. Mulțumiri, Proiect de lege. The built-quality looks great. It is bit heavy and see how it flies…….

  21. Why do all of these cameras suck on sub 200$ drone

  22. Great video Bill-nice to see you’re first with the review,I was really considering buying this but the camera quality doesn’t look much better than the bugs2w.This is £200 uk and the camera and charging time are not great.mjx seem to be pushing into hobby grade but still have toy usb chargers (500mah) I’m guessing.
    However I love your channel Bill and a thorough review 👍🏻

  23. The beast's got some competition against the mjx b4w and sjrc have released thier new f11PRO

  24. Marele opinie, but the copter cam is rubish. Props in video and shaking. Despre 200$ on Geekbuiyng is too much. On Website they say, mechanical gimbal stabilization, but it seems there’s nothing like that.

  25. I have bought this drone iam waiting for it,i hope it is a good drone

  26. Arata bine, Proiect de lege! 😃
    Looking forward to the tests and comparison with the Beast! 😃

  27. Good one Bill ! Pretty cool having a folding Bugs ! 😁👍👍

  28. Great review and test flight Bill👍

  29. you are the first on youtube with one grats. cant wait to see a flight.

  30. Yesssssss been waiting for this thank you 👍

  31. Well done bill that was fast 😎

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