Recenzie onestă – is the beta fpv meteor 65 it's in the spotlight today, we're gon na take a look at that and fly it for you also it's running 1s 300 baterie milliamp, which is gon na. Get you a max of about 2 minute de zbor timp. We got a wheelbase of 65 millimeters on this little guy and injection molded canopy, which is nice a little bit tougher than the last ones. But I did notice some delamination on the frame and the canopy it's kind of flaking off everywhere, but it is quite durable. It did survive my flight test, which is fairly amazing. You guys will see what kind of punishment we're coming up with in this review, but further delay. Mination there, BT 2.0 connector is new and introduced from beta fpv it's. The only one out there on the planet should give us a little more power and authority in the power system. On this whoop you'll see coming up. Battery cage supports the 1s 300 million battery that comes along in the box. I got two of them in my kit: I'm, not sure that you will, but it just slides in just like this, pretty easy to use and nice and easy to plug in the new connector, also plug and play motors on the bottom in case, one goes bad. No solder design there, which is nice and thirty one millimeter props. I got four extras in the box which I lost to during the flight test.

They do fly off during crashes, which is kind of unfortunate. Zero, zero to 22000 kV motors and 19500 options go with the lower one there and three bolts hold on each motor on the bottom and the f4 1s flight controller is around a version 2.1. Cred că., with an SPI built in fr sky receiver online, the m01 camera 25 milli watt on this VTX and 600 TVO on the camera. The camera is not the greatest quality. În opinia mea, you can see the board there and the VTX very small dipole coming out the back, which is nice because I can tuck through small gaps. Tpu camera mount on the top is very nice. I also got an extra one of those in the box and there's that SPI receiver antenna. It should get you out there not too far. De fapt. Also you get two cables with the new b2t 2.0 connector and the 2.0 connector. I would recommend getting one of these six and one Chargers from oisin it's. Definitely a good deal it'll also charge using your 4s 1300 baterie. It just plugs in just like that with an XD 60 and now you're ready to charge these batteries and they usually charge up I'd say in around 10 minutes time. I was recycling my batteries which, when they only fly for one and a half to two minutes, you better get plenty of batteries to keep those batteries going now let's go ahead and put it on the scale and see what kind of weigh in we get.

We get dry weight of 23 grams and, with the 1s 300 million battery we get 31 grams that's not too bad I've had some other builds that I've done that were a little lighter. Custom builds, but not bad for a binding fly. So here we go fpv flight tests on this quad. Now this is my first battery and this battery seems to tank already pretty quickly right on the take off so I'm. Just gon na keep going with this battery and see what kind of line I can get going here in the house. We'Re gon na test the indoors and outdoors that's. The biggest part of this review, pentru voi, is that there's not been a lot of outdoor freestyle. I'M gon na show you that to trying to figure out that line is pre vicious, because this little meteor 65 is super fast. Coming around over the bar there and I'm noticing that I'm able to get in a little closer in and make those lines a lot faster than pretty much any other whoop that I've flown indoors for any review on the drum cam channel, which is actually quite impressive. Because the speed of the meteor 65 and the tune seems to be pretty good, mine right now is running the stock tune. I'M, not changing anything. I don't have any custom pits going right here. So what you see is what you get out of the box I'm in stability mode and still trying to figure out that line, but again very impressive, that it can take a beating and just keep on flying it bounces off things and keeps going, which is kind Of cool but they're, just like lightning fast through the living room back around the Christmas tree behind the couch, I was really impressed with how well it responds to the controls there, it's hypersensitive, on the controls and a lot of times.

You could just bounce off things and make corrections in the past when we were flying 1s whoops. To begin with, we had not near the amount of speed this quad has and it's at times, it's hard to control and a lot of times with the odor whoops. You would bounce off things and immediately crash, so one little hit on the old roofs would mean that you would have to get your woo restart the course, and this one seems to just bounce off things and just kind of its able to take a hit and Start again, which is nice so now I'm, feeling it a little better now getting that line set up through the house. This is kind of fun because I know there's probably snow on the ground. A lot of places right now and you guys are not able to get outside and do a lot of outdoor flying, so it's definitely whoop season in January, and this was filmed a while back. Deci, știi: I've had my Christmas tree down for a while. Now guys it's just about mid January now really nice and I have a whole ton of quads to review. So this one is a little bit of a delayed review compared to all the stuff that's here on the bench it's just crazy, but I really like the flight characteristic of it. I think that if I was to fly this every night that I could end up having a really really really fast recorded line DVR through this course that I said I'm trying to fly here back on the couch out of the couch it's just crazy.

So the only thing that bums me out probably about this quad is the fact that we're only getting one and a half minutes to two minutes flight time out of an HV battery 300 miliamperi. You might be able to find a little bit larger battery out there, but I think if you go larger on this quad you're gon na suffer the weight consequences so 300 milliamps it's, probably the largest battery you want to put on the meteor six five, but again Loving the lines and the speed that I'm able to get with this quadand I think honestly, where it really shines, is outdoors, and there was not a lot of footage of people flying this quad outdoors, it's, quite dark outside and we're gon na. Take it outside. In a minute and honestly, I have to say that this was my first impression of the camera with endorse the 600 TV lm0. One camera looks ok, it's, not the best camera in the world. În opinia mea, in some parts of the UK they might say it was shite it yeah. So outdoors you really see the difference and it and Annika dark day. It has a hard time underneath canopy showing a lot of contrast in light and dark, and it it looks fairly muddy outside. But the performance of this quad is what everybody's you know talking about and that's that's what we're going to focus on mostly but I'll show you everything so let's go ahead and take the meteor 65 outside.

I think it did extremely extremely well indoors, and outdoors is where you can really open it up and get it blazingly fast. It will freestyle, which is awesome it's one of the first quads that I've had tiny whoop style quads that I could freestyle and finding those ghost branches with this camera is a nightmare. I cannot see a thing when it comes to this tree right here. I have no idea where the ghost branches are no almost perched on that tree branch. An amazingly back out of the tree canopy there back down to the ground let's try a little loop through the trees. I don't know how I pulled that off, but I did now we're gon na go for a power loop, drăguţ. It will power loop and we're gon na try a larger power loop on those 2 trees at the end of the parking lot here in a minute, you guys have seen me do that with large 5 inch quads, but it's really fun to race. This one low to the ground, so if you're a new guy, you can start out in stability and one other thing I wanted you guys to notice is that where did my OSD go? I don't see any OSD in this DVR recording, I don't know if it was my sky zone's doing that glitching out, but sometimes the OSD would go out on the meteor 65 and then it would return. It would mysteriously return.

So there again taking a serious beating and still going let's try a little loop through there that's pretty cool. You can get creative with this quad, which is fun let's. Try that again, that was too much fun. That'S awesome see I like stuff, like that when it comes to some of these small quads, you can get out there and just kind of and sort of imitate some of the larger freestyle quad maneuvers, which is fun and again. I can really barely see any of the ghost branches. Other cameras like on gap, RCS little Tinus, init eye a little tiny, ass nei. They call it that has a really good camera on that run. Cam nano 2 is great, but that's a little bit heavy. For this quad so that's the challenge getting a nice camera on something that weighs 23 grams that's a big manufacturer challenge so it's just about as good as it gets for this weight class there's got to be better cameras out there, Deşi, but I'm pretty impressed with The outdoor capability of this quad and I haven't seen a lot of people doing that. So I wanted to show you what keep what you can do, what you can achieve with it outside so that's, a full sized power loop over these trees coming in a little bit late on that first one. But back around on this one perfectly really happy about that. The battery will sag, Deşi, on your outdoor freestyle flights expect around 1 minute flight time if you're boosting with this much throttle above 50 throttle.

Here I decided to do this crazy idea: what's gon na power loop, my van back under my van hit the back end of it, but made it out going for another one right. There kind of bogging out on the bottom of that battery and missing the OSD. Din nou, very strange again here in my last flight we're missing the OSD, which is a bit concerning, but on a 1s battery it's, not the end of the world. The battery will usually won't suffer to bad consequences to be flat down a little bit because you're not not likely to kill the. So unless you really punch in it and I'm, usually flying a little bit faster than some of you guys will fly yours unless you're a maniac like me, so there's that tree, I don't know how I found a solid tree in the middle of a big field, But there you go so some final thoughts about the meteor 65. I have to say that the overall fun factor of this quad is five out of five is extremely fun. To fly it's, I would say: it's the the funnest to fly tiny loop style, quad that I've flown ever in the history of indoor woops and it's, also the fastest. I think again the QC on the beta fpv quad that i have here is it's, not super high that's one of the things versus something like gap. Rc it's it's definitely a big difference in quality, but this is a fairly small, quad and they're trying to do something pretty hard here.

The new invention of their BT, 2.0 connector it's, definitely a great change for the future. They might have something proprietary there, which is a bit concerning, but you can get those connectors to add to other whoops if you want to so, you could use these batteries on just about any loop out there, because they do offer their connectors, care este frumos. I'Ll. Put a link down below and I'll also include my Amazon links for you guys you guys can just grab one of these off Amazon if you want, but definitely highly recommendable that you also get some extra props, because I lost two props in my testing and I Looked forever on the ground and I couldn't find them anywhere, they're, really small and really hard to find but fun factor: 5 din 5 frame durability, 5 din 5 quality control, probably about a 3 din 5, and I would have to say an overall Rating of about 4.0 din 5 it's fun, but it does have some issues, one with the OSD a little bit of delamination. Dar, în general, the frame is very durable way, more durable than some of the ones they've released in the past. So I would say it's definitely worth picking up this quad. I think you'll have a lot of fun with it. Thanks for hanging out guys, I'm Justin Davis I'll see you on the next one.