It Works! The Follow Me Function Of The Eachine E511S Quadcopter Video

Thanks Banggood for sending me this quadcopter for assessment. I’ve needed to check this for some time now as i feel it seems to be like one of many higher DJI Mavic Air

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  1. foarte drăguţ, JD, nice quad, nice function and awesome review. have a great weekend, best wishes 🙏👍🍺❤️

  2. Nice drone footage. Vă mulțumim pentru partajarea.

  3. Hi JD That drone does a good job very interest with the follow me mode good one thanks for sharing.

  4. I think that's 20 meter or so? Reasonably smooth.
    Who would have thought you were going to be a 'follow-me' specialist?! Only function you test. Rest not important. You can change your username. The follow-me guy.

  5. Salut jd, lol yay finally a lower budget drone with follow me that actually works, lol kinda, works better then a lot of others though doesn’t it mate.

  6. Hey JD, hope you are well. Thanks for another thorough review. Cheers mate!👍

  7. Follow me did pretty good. Great feature test video JD.

  8. oh wow time for a celebration 😃 excellent stuff bud 👍

  9. ahhh she does have follow me great job ….
    I hate to bring you bad news but aussie 50 commited suicide last night. god give us strength.

  10. Success! Nice one bud, that works good, they're getting better with the functions on these toy grade drones yes? 😁👍👍👏👏

  11. Well you fully calibrated your Quad, but did you calibrate your phone? That may sound odd but most phones, even quite expensive ones have significant levels of inaccuracy in their positioning systems. And as "follow me" function on a lot of these quads works on where the phone says it is, you will get some anomalies.
    Last year I and some friends spent a whole day wandering round a local field with an extremely accurate surveying GPS, a GPS quad and 6 different phones 😉

  12. you know I love the follow mode on drones, not sure whytbh that wasn't bad at all, odd it keeps to far away from you though that's maybe purposely though to keep you in shot.. when you changed direction it was pretty prompt in turning to you.. I wonder is there a way to set the follow distance from you ? it would be better if the camera was better quality but impressed by thatit would be fun to put the controller or phone to a 4 wheel buggy and see if it chases it at speed lol

  13. sweet test out JD bro works fantastic that 🙂

  14. Primul, 😀Well JD that is a great test , I'll watch the other ones when I get time, I think for the price you carnt go wrong, the quads are getting better by the Day mate, great video JD as always,

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