Muzica. Deci, as we can see, the cherry blossoms lets have a flight around these trees for video ill, be using the gopro hero 8 that will be captured in 4×3 and stabilize and real steady go later. Muzica, Muzica – and this is the pro tec – 25 – pretty amazing, uh tiny – Bine, not so tiny its like this is my hand, its quite small 2.5 inch props. It can carry a full size gopro, but its not really meant for that. In warm summer days, the motors can get quite very warm and overheat its advised to keep to be flying a naked gopro or something like the insta360 go to actually almost like much made in heaven. With this tiny cinewoop, i have five blade props on this one. Originally, it came with three blade props, but i do enjoy the five blade props more for a cinema if youre not capturing in a very warm summer day like this, the full size gopro can work fine, although it is quite heavy and you can feel it when Youre flyingand you definitely cannot do any dives and stuff like thatlets see if we can dive this chimney here, not the best drone for diving stuff, obviously because its a cinderella but uh, maybe with the gopro naked, because i use the heavy one and maybe, If its lighter well see, if we can do some freestyle action with the insta360 go to all right lets, do this whoops, oh its, the grass all right its much lighter now nice, so much better! Oh okay! Actually nice save yeah.

It can do some acrobatics acrobatic. It can do some acrobatics. I actually havent tried it yet with this uh with this camera, i had this one shoot where i was capturing um, some uh skateboarders, as you probably saw in the intro cinematics i uh, but i didnt do any acro flying there, because there are a lot of People – Bine, i i did fly in acro, but i didnt do any flips and stuff like that, because there are some people around and i was. I wanted to be safe, în regulă, în regulă, în regulă, its quite quick. I do enjoy uh when, when its so light, its quite capable in air nice beautiful. What else can i say? Ei bine, i did some uh expo tuning well, not really tuning. I just set the expos so that they are not as they are not stock. I just um curved them a bit, so they are not as harsh thats the human language i dont. I cant really tell you in the technical terms what i did there but well i did. I did the smoothing of the curves so that whoa and it did not do the prop washing amazing and still flying okay. The battery is coming to an end for how long were we in air two minutes and 17 seconds with some crazy? Ei bine, not really crazy, but more like acrobatic flying wow. That was a lot of fun. That was a lot of fun.

Im, actually quite surprised about the performance of this. This is a pretty good combo. I would say you enjoy the size of it. I do enjoy how it controls its very its a fun drone like, as you saw, you can do some freestyle action as well. So i hadnt tried this before and i have had this uh drone for about two to three months. I guess now and i never. I never once did a freestyle type of thing. I did try to dive it, but i i think it was with a full gopro didnt go too well and uh, but yeah the size of it. The way it controls dont get it for freestyle, but it can do some freestyle to end this. Video lets do some more freestyle with it and uh yeah just have some fun. Thank you for watching.