la urma urmei, all in Parody type.. ICE ROAD TRUCKING is one thing I’ve been discussing with my associates for years within the Radio Management pastime. A few of our viewers know that I wish to "spoof" TV exhibits and convey them to actuality in an RC world. În mod corespunzător, till right this moment.. there was no actually strategy to deliver it to the general public. Situations must be PERFECT for it to work.. and fortunately after a few years of readyright this moment it was excellent.

#1 – My truck has locked differentials. ALL the time. This isn’t non-obligatory and makes concrete and asphalt driving troublesome with a heavy loaded trailer. Often I might use a Jeep (dolly) for heavy hundreds. În mod corespunzător, since I’m hitting the ice street right this moment.. the locked differentials are available in very useful. Suplimentar, having the correct tires helps an excellent deal. I do know, I do know"I ought to have some chains".. however once more.. work higher in concept than in apply with these smaller 1/14th scale vehicles.

I’m pulling a heavy trailer right this moment. Roughly 40 Lbs. In full measurement.. a trommel trailer will weigh in at about 49,000lbs.. sau 22,000 Kilos. Both method.. a SUPER Heavy Load.

Usually the Canal I used to be driving on right this moment is roofed in snow.. and wind swept. The temperature is often too chilly additionally.. however right this moment.. Mint. So.. out got here the truck and trailer.. and I acquired loading. Then the PULL WAS ON! Don't fear.. the ice is three inches thick.. and solely three inches of water beneath that..

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