How to EASILY Color Grade DJI Mavic Pro Footage using Premiere Pro

My favourite drone video gear: It is right here! My third video concerning the Mavic Professional! On this video, I share with


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  1. Thanks for watching guys! A ton of you have been asking me about what camera to buy so I made a gear list for budget 4K wedding filmmakers on my Kit page:

  2. Hi does this work in Premiere Elements as well?

  3. Hey Matt. Nice video dude you make so much great content man. Hope you have the time to answer me on this one. I downloaded the Sedona lut as you recommend and use in your video, but it looks nothing like the nice orange and blue one you got going? Im using another editing program (Filmora) could that be why? or do you have any suggestions?
    Cheers from Denmark. Ps. I shoot In d-log and everything. The image just gets very blue and very dark when I apply the Sedona lut.

  4. Мужик, ты крут! Спасибо за LUTs и полезное видео! 👍🏻
    PS. Как жаль что когда я был в Исландии, у меня не было дрона

  5. Hey Matt! Love watching your videos as I am new to Premiere pro and trying to make nice drone videos myself! Mulțumiri!

  6. Your tutorials are like a breath of fresh air! Instant hook! Mulțumiri!

  7. Watching your 2 videos for 40 minutes about collorgrading helped me more than watching the stuff of the others for 10 ore.

  8. "Gross Wizard of Oz look"
    Da, I had a giggle.

  9. thats honestly one of the best Grading tutorials I found. thanks a lot Matt!

  10. Waoow waoooooow! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial, very well explained and it helped me a lot!👍😀😎

  11. i thought sedona lut is 100% free

  12. Thank you so very much bro! Great video and really helpful!

  13. I was looking for a tutorial to download SLUT's but this is just about downloading LUT's……. minds as well check out some LUT's now.

  14. very cool, the footage looked almost perfect to star with so that helps. was this shot using polar pro nds?

  15. Awesome tutorial man, let me ask you something. I shoot in D-cinelikenever use d-log before. Still be able to use those lugs or color graded my footage that I shoot in D-cinelike ? What about sharpening do you recommend add some sharpening as well? Thanks man for this tutorial

  16. Found your channel recently, absolutely epic.

  17. Thank you Matt. This video helped me a ton with my Mavic Pro footage!

  18. oh godI love you so hard, dude =D

  19. Subscribed! Love the content dude!!

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