Hi i'm paul from dronesgator.com and in this video you're going to learn the 21 most important things you should know about the new gopro hero 9.. I will leave three of my favorite things about it at the end. So make sure you stick till then, as you may have seen already, the differentiating factor between this and all the previous models is the front selfie screen. This is very similar to what dji released with their osmo action camera, but overall, a very useful addition to the bunch. There are two settings for the resolution since it's a square screen. You can see a cropped in shot that covers the entire small screen or the 16 de 9 full shot. If you want to have it that way, you can also turn it off or keep showing it as a status screen like the gopros before the max resolution has changed to 5k, but does that actually make a difference? Well in terms of pixels? It does, since the upscale from 4k to 5k is exponential. You can see the numbers of pixels on the screen right now and you can see there's about 6 million pixels more with the 5k resolution. I still record in 4k, but it's nice to have the option since filming in 5k allows you to cut a lot more from the image for zooming in purposes with these high resolutions comes the ability to take 14 megapixel steels from the footage itself, without even taking Photos, these are going to be quite good.

Looking for some moment capture to share with your friends the gopro hero 9 does come with the 23.6 megapixel photo mode and the super photo mode making it a beast when it comes to taking high megapixel quality photos. You'Re. Definitely wondering if the stabilization of the new gopro is better than the last one, and the answer is definitely the new gopro hero 9 supports hyper smooth boost mode, which is like the uber extra mega stabilization feature that will make your videos feel, like recorded with a Gimbal on a gimbal hero 9 also comes with hyper smooth 3.0 that supports up to 4k 60p and 5k 30p. da, it's 5k stabilized footage i'm saying the boost. Stabilization mode does crop a bit from the image so expect to see less in the frame when using it. It does come with automatic horizon leveling. So if you mount the camera slightly off tilt, it will level the image automatically up to 40, with the normal lens and a hundred percent with a max lens add on time. Warp 3.0 is also new on the gopro hero 9.. For those of you who don't know this allows you to make basically hyperlapse videos that are very well stabilized. The new considerable difference this time is that if you hit the button on the side, you can return to real time, speed and talk to the camera or capture anything in real speed and then resume the hyperlapse right after creating one awesome video that saves you a Lot of editing, time and bottom pressing increased battery life up to 30 la sută, the battery for the new gopro is indeed bigger, and it lasts 30 more than compared to the gopro hero 8.

. This also makes the camera itself a bit bigger and heavier but i'd say it's justifiable for the sheer amount of battery freedom. It gives you to give you a perspective of how much more you can record with the new gopro hero 9 compared to the 8. Let me show you on the screen exactly the numbers. If you are recording in 4k, you have 112 minutes available versus the 74 in the hero8, care este o 51 total improvement, which means that if you mainly shoot in 4k, your battery life is actually almost doubled. The rear screen also has been increased by 16, which makes it look a bit more modern and comparable to the beveless phones of today. That also means a better space to see what's happening. As a side note, i wanted to introduce you to a neat charging cable that works with any gopro phone, Laptop, etc. That'S super cool because it doesn't get tangled like basically any other charging cable out there. It'S called zapcoil and i decided to sell it because i simply got too many of these not to be happy to recommend it. I use it in my car for charging my action cameras phone and it really got my charging experience very tidy. Ansamblu, i have a link in the description if you want to find out more about it. A very interesting functionality is using the hero9 as a webcam, which basically turns it into one of the best webcams out there it's also very useful, since you can change how wide you want the shot to be, unlike most other webcams out there.

Speaking about connecting yourself with others, the hero 9 also has a livestream functionality, allowing facebook youtube and now even twitch and gopro.com live streaming. Gopro has their own platform, which i swear is better in quality than any other out there. Whatever i did have a difficult time figuring out how to remove this goddamn lens. So i wanted to give you a quick tip to remove the lens. You need to first pull it out a bit until you can see the silver metal underneath and only then rotate. It counterclockwise the new lens system is great if you want to swap up third party lenses or nd filters, it's also great, if you scratch it and have to replace it instead of buying a new camera altogether, there is a max lens mode that can do the Horizon lock that we've talked about previously and other interesting filming modes too. A nice point i just had to make is that it comes with a nice travel case and it doesn't have any plastic in it. It'S all recyclable materials, which somehow makes it look more well done and it's a bit better for nature, now let's get into the capturing modes, speaking of which duration capturing allows you to program. How long you want the gopro to record, for which is a big saver on battery life and card space there's also scheduled capture where you can set up the hero 9 to turn itself on, sometimes in the next 24 hours and start recording.

În experienţa mea, this is a bit buggy with the current software, but when it works, you can definitely capture some nice, sunsets or sunrises. With this function, you just need to have faith. Probably my favorite feat of the new gopro is the hindsight mode, which basically makes it the perfect camera for people who stutter a lot in this mode. You'Re continuously recording, but the camera only saves the last 30 secunde. This means that when you press the record button, it will save the last 30 seconds recorded it's great for when you want to take multiple attempts at something and just press the button after the last successful one, de exemplu, you're just filming your kid having a go At his first football match and just want to capture the best moments when he shoots a goal built in mount, i must admit this: one is a lifesaver as mounting the gopro in a case was just a pain for me in the past, and i kind of Felt it was removing from the ease of use, but now there's no need to use a bracket. Since you have two tiny feet that can be attached to any accessories you might have had previously with gopro and as a bonus. Many people have wondered what this thing right here is well it's, a better way to drain the water from the microphone which makes it better to shoot video underwater with and then come outside it's. This tiny hatch, looking thing right here that gives you the impression that you have to open it or something, since this channel focuses more on john technology and cinematography.

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