I see a radio. What do you think is the control thing. Oh, meu Doamne, Oh Applause, Muzica. What was your first video gaming experience? I was the first console. It was an Atari 2600 was that I am all. I did not get an NES for the longest time. I would have to go over to this other kids house, so I didn't really like pretend to be his friend, so he would play NES with me. So I have this go. I have this crazy idea that I wanted to be able to control a drone using a retro arcade controller. Oh, Doamne, basically you've made these switches, be these switches right, so actually guys it's. Just like a swing. The stick inputs. I didn't actually touch what I did is I hooked up. The buttons to the switch is because the impaler switches to the outputs right, so I used a mixer so that, when you hit say left on the d pad, it gives a set amount of left yah because there's no analog right it's, but it's gon na be, Like throttle on a switch but also pitch and roll on his foot, because no matter, I know it felt otherwise, but no matter how hard you hit the button it didn't make Mario run any faster. You know it was always just on or off whoa whoa whoa whoa. How do you usually control a drum with the drum we have four types of controls, so we have your throttle.

Throttles essentially makes the drone go up and down or makes it go faster or slower. We have our roll. This is basically our side to side on the drone, la fel ca asta, we have our pitch, which is forward and backwards. So when we pitch the drone forward, the drone increases speed. We pitched the drum back, it tilts the drum backwards and that decrease the speed and then finally, we have yaw, which is our throttle, stick side to side. Our yaw is essential. It turns the drone side to side like this. We have to use all four of these controls in unison together in order to control the drone and be able to fly it nice and smoothly around say a bunch of trees or around a racing track. Normally, when we fly these drones, we put the drone at an angle and it stays at that angle. So with this drone, if you want to turn your pitch forward, you need to both yaw and roll to accomplish a right turn. Not gon na be able to do that with limited amount of input, so we're getting an auto love, stop turn like ah yeah. So if you use an auto level, then all you have to do is be flying forward and, as you yaw, the drone will compensate for you. Is this like a legit original where'd, you get this controller. Am, like biomat theater, not off eBay, so I don't know if it's legit or it could be it.

Could I mean I can't tell the cameraman: is an avid video game? Offici? Not if he really knows he saw this and he was like not original, like honey. No it's like well drew the original button. Let me tell you: the original buttons had a slight concave to them, and these have a slight come on next, no you're right there, anyone that might be cringing that we were destroying unoriginal. We would never do that. You know I mean I would if I could get one. I had so many different theories on how to make this happen, and I had at one point gone so far down this rabbit hole. I figure out how to decode the signal from these pins. They actually ended up talking to my friends at spectrum and we were down this rabbit, hole and all these art we know and stuff, and then Miguel, I walk forwards like wait. Why don't you just hardwired two inputs of the circuit Bluma it was. This was so simple, so it should be too hard drew was an engineer at GM. A lot of people think he's, just a pretty looking excellent fpv pilot. Mulțumesc, charismatic leader of the rotor right. Oh look at this. He likes soldered. All this junk up. It looks really neat it's. You know he is legit. A smart dude thanks, Bardwell know whatever no one ever says nice things about me on the show we had a new face here, conrad also known as Bharati i'm known as a racer.

I was in the first season, the DRL not so competitive anymore. Now fpv is just it's just super fun. Let me know when, when you're ready, so is your throttle, yeah and so you're gon na have to like tap tap tap tap tap tap. nu, I got and you got a hold forward and then just steer your arm Music. nu, nu! Hang on you're, always not I'm going but it's, not it's, not changing direction because you're not holding forward enough cuz it's only cuz, you yo. You thought I pushed forward. chiar, this is a terrible place for this, or maybe it's the best best for this he's out in the open field. Acum, Bine, so now he's just cheating, basically I'm. Coming back! Oh my god, you know there's no role, you know give me a little roll. It rolled slightly, I was trying to get it back here. Let me see if I can get a better letter back. Can you fly it back landed that sounds rider lands it under the tree, Bine, Bine, I'm, starting to get the feel. Okay ready! That comes it off the stick, that's all you trimmed out. Quite right. Oh, Oh, oh fire, fire! o, da! I saw a motor or something smoke. The motors were super hot on the bench the other day. I think that motor just burned up. I think that was my concern is all that on and off of the throttle, just real aggressive, cum ar fi 0 la 100 0 la 100.

It is slightly trimmed to the right okay, so it was pulling to the right. So we could try to trim that out or you did that in real time. The other thing that's weird, is that you cannot input both yaw and pitch. At the same time, the d pad doesn't allow you can't, guess you could diagonal yeah you just have to because, because you're constantly going tomorrow, man, you played Mario well let's, see if Vanover can do it. But for me it was kind of like yeah yeah yeah. It was pretty sketchy, let's see how Alex does yeah sorry, Muzica. Now he's got it he's a natural Applause. It'S warm enough. You can just hold pitch forward. Even as your to Mike you don't have to tap hitch. You can hold pitch. You know right. Oh man it's so hard not to I'm, not touching anything it all just sticks is all you try and get back in. Oh it died, it died again. Happy died again, dude the Lt smile, it says course 76 Grade, so that's. The flight controller ignore that that's a real wise, a flight controller hitting up, I feel, cum ar fi 76 CS, that's really hot. I know some flight controllers just run hot and I don't know why I smoke just I think, I'm learning. What oh, this is the field that's a really same motor or different motor who they are smoking hot again, let's try any other quiet, Music what's the deal with the battery I don't I don't know is it? Is it dead? Can we test it just like? I have no idea I've, no idea, I'm trying to help my multimeter.

I have a multimeter that's. Why I'm trying to help 184 millivolts that's, not enough millivolts Music, so drew move the receiver to a whole nother quad, so that now we can fly it and then his spectrum battery just was like nah. Not today, friends and went just died, ah serenity now surrounded it serenity. Now I just wan na play my video game play. Seven. Am I the fat shark? 18. 650 pack we cut the battery connector for a spectrum off it and put it on my balance, lead and now you have to do that you got to do it, took my beautiful, my beautiful. Do i project and put red tape all and a new quad? Oh, my god, oh wow, that is hard. Bine. There we go there, we go there, we go we're going really fast. Pour it all the way, I think it's, just the excitement more input. I feel like I'm, just not getting enough he's, basically giving himself more in throw so. By doing so, let's say he was at 30 of control. Now he's gon na go up to like 60 of the control. Did I increase you throttle? nu, nu. I was perfect. Rudder was pretty fine, it was I just couldn't pitch forward enough. It put you're playing Street Fighter here dude, and you got this: Oh, not having any watching it in the goggles. It seems like it makes sense that it keeps catching on fire it's like it's, so violent, not having any role, is really really difficult.

So you turn and you just drift backwards. They I need to go in there and add more mixers so that when you give it left and right, it banks, the turns it's awesome, I'm jealous I'm right he's known what fast. This is pretty good. Bine, it's all ready, da, oh it's, so much better with the baby that looks way better. Oh we're going! Oh! While the throttle is going punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, the the stick movements, the pitch and the aileron. All that stuff you should hold yeah. You know what I mean: that's a weird mind it's like trying to to Pat your stomach and rub your head. At the same time, where you want one finger to go and the other one you just want to hold the direction and be a little more smooth on it right right, listen! I can see the quad coming straight at us. Do it best for sure? Oh, what do you think about the oh look at that? That is a nice smooth, yeah that's, destul de bine, da? Bine. I think I think we should set a course what we should set a course and race. You set the trackers on your racer number, 1 billion. One pavillion in one tree gap: da, Muzica, Muzica, Hey nice, drăguţ, oh my gosh, he's, doing it my gosh. This is so fun easy yeah. This is so crazy. da, oricine! You have to actually do it back on that 4534: Aplauze muzicale, that's, I'm, gon na wreck.

It you can actually get a little speed going. Somebody else have a try Music Applause. This is really hard: Music haha, oh god. This is horrible, but yeah hope forward. You'Ll be a plane, flappy bird yeah yeah, a big wad all right. Oh my minute, four seconds. Bine, let's call it crap fail Music given longer punches. I won't I won't it won't dip like that, yeah that's. What just that, în opinia mea, that's what you want got a hold forward. I know I know he's getting ready before he starts the clock. Clock started. We finally found a way to be bent over yeah. I haven't ever beat him yet. Oh, I see where you'd roll that helps so much foam on the hip finish the lap. Oh, no finish the laughs, what I'm 55! Ah, Mme Moss, I got it all right resent that okay, you ready more laps, you're armed, see now he's got to start, oh yeah he's way better now stepped on it. He was told us in the first life that's, Oh it's, Bine, gosh, darnit, no we're excited to win. You could still win. nu. This is about to be a crazy good laughs. Oh my god, for you how's the 2248. Oh my gosh I'm, not even gon na. Do the next one, Bine, just calling it and probably was done. I told you guys saw her that first run. They you learn from I'm, such a jerk everyone's gon na hate me I'm to be your fingers.

The tiger Music, place, is so hard to be lined up for anything Music, Da, Muzica, Muzica, nice yeah. It was proud about yeah. This focus said the Senate said that said. That said that don't care don't care, we don't care, disarm it time. 2949. 9. Let'S go. That was everything I had ube, be part of every set doesn't count, but do let me just finish the taxes for fun and I'm good at this? Oh, my god. I want a time on this hold on. You got the timer comment yeah. What was it 21800 counts after you did 6 Wow all right. So what impressed me most was that Alex was able to do better than all of us on essentially the second or third lap, Irwin, really his first lap, because he sandbagging the first left just make us look like very much I'm proud that after many tries, I Was able to beat that time but I'm aware that if you got that many attempts you'd be running 17, you never know it is a lot harder under B yeah and when I explained that and I expected to Joshua or earlier you're a really good racer yeah. But I don't ever play console games. I think that gotcha is your. Give me like a mouse and keyboard. What would you guys want to see so Conrad wants to do mouse and keyboard. Apparently I just want to see some other game controllers. I want to try out is the Super Nintendo, because then we have shoulder bunnies comment down below what game controller? Would you like to see us try, anyway, thanks star buddy Ferrari for coming all the way from some part of the western United States here, da, thanks for having me out link in the description to his channel, Desigur, desigur, that you can check out more of his Actual racing with the real controller, because he is super talented if you really liked this episode be sure to give it a thumbs up guys, let's know that you loved it and if you're not subscribed, already it's your first time watching road right well.

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