Deci, felicitări bună dimineața, quite copter 101, here with a review of the f 22 Raptor from oisin. Also known as well, this is actually a Velata x aircraft manufactured for eachine, and I believe robotics also will be releasing this on their own as of lot X at f 22, but it's, the f 22 Raptor folks. What they've got here is a another one in their warbird series, although it's not a world war, two warbirds were actually a modern aircraft, the f 22 Raptor. Now this particular aircraft is being advertised as a 3 or a 4 channel RC aircraft it's, actually three channel folks. The only controls you get on this is throttle rudder or Elrod's, which is these this here and elevators. Now there is no rudder control provided on this. I tried this already and with these sticks, movingly, Cârmei, controlor, left or right does nothing. So I think they're advertising the four channels and for the fact that this has another feature offer offered, which is aerobatic button ever their X button press here, and this will do automatically robotics, maybe that's, why they're they're saying it has four channels. I don't know if folks, but really you only get le rond control and elevator control now, with that in mind, this is intended for beginners, Bine, the way this is set up here it does have an expert mode where you could turn off the functions of the Beginners, but let me explain: beginners mode means this thing has self stabilization: Bine, when you're flying this will in beginner mode.

This will not exceed a certain pitch angle or roll angle to prevent pitch over or rollover of the aircraft to make it very easy for beginners to fly in beginners mode. nu, this also has it another feature which is mid mode. They call it mid level mode which turns off this, those angle, restrictions and for both pitch and roll, and it allows you now to do or loops and rolls but maintaining itself stabilization. This makes it for easy for intermediate fliers to actually do stunts with this aircraft. Like the p 51d that I reviewed recently from volantis RC and eating that also had that good feature, and finally, it has an expert mode where it turns off the stabilization completely and and gives you full authority of the aircraft. With the exception of what you can do with three channel aircraft, we'll see how how well that actually works out now let's go over the controller. De fapt, let me take let's. Take a closer look at the aircraft aircraft is a EPP foam feels like with a let's start from the tip. The tip has a rubber nose on it nose cone on here, and the idea is to reduce the damages to the aircraft in crashes, particularly nose in crashes. Hopefully it'll bounce with that rubber tip on there it's nicely streamlined. You know nice design of the f 22, but it now includes lrn control. We got lriend control here through this servo in the belly right here and we also have elevator control through another servo, which is internal aircraft right here we have screwed on later year.

Now these landing gear a little bit difficult to install, but you have to you push you push the pin through pins here and then you firmly insert them in there using these Phillips screws flat flat screws over the top of that it does hold it firmly in Place it's just a little tricky getting them in there and then holding them in there while you screw it in there. So keep it in mind that it could be a little bit difficult to install those up that's about the most difficult thing to do with this ready to fly aircraft is installing these gear onto this now has on the back area. We do have a brushed motor. Cu toate acestea, it is a very big brush motor it's at 1020. Bine, so it should give this pretty good power, even though this is one s powered I'm gon na find out how well it actually flies. The battery bay is right here. Where you install the battery, I mean I got to it too batteries with mine I'm, not sure I have to double check to see if all these come with two batteries, but the size of these batteries were 70. 20. 36. Aceasta este o 1 s. Baterie 360 milliamp per hour and it's 7 millimeters thickness 20 millimeters width and 36 millimeters length very common white, low C connector One S battery, so you should be able to find more spare batteries for this. If you don't get the two battery version that I got here, other things that come in the package is the charger for this it's a little 1s battery charger that you plug into a wall outlet.

You can also plug this one in to your laptop of your computer, because your computer should have enough power to charge this little 1s battery bigger batteries. I do not recommend. Should I try to charge with your laptop other things. You'Re, getting here is a spare screwdrivers for inserting in installing that landing gear, and finally, you get a spare propeller now I don't know how you're going to need this spare propeller, because this propeller should be well protected for most crashes, beating in the back here, like This but you get a spare propeller just in case. Something does happen with that, your propeller. Dacă, în cele din urmă, you get the instruction manual, deception, mangle is very well written, actually surprises very nicely matrix nicely I've done construction mailing. Those are the steps how to get this airplane into the air and finally, let's go over the controller itself. The controller uses four double A batteries. You have Ronald control, it feels like you got y'all control, but again I've tried this already, and this does nothing moving. This yah stick lifting right, so they're getting his three channel. You got pitch and you got rolled and this button here. This aircraft does have a return to home feature. It actually is not return to home it's one key return where it doesn't 180 and come straight back to you as long as you keep it down the direction that was pointing to take off. But you set the I'm going to demonstrate this out in the field.

But you set the one key return direction by placing the aircraft on the ground and before you bind it with the throttle up and down before you do that. You got to hold this button down for about 3 sec to set the direction. Și apoi., when you go flying you can you know you just bide the throttle and then when you go flying and you want it to do a 180 and come back in your general direction as long as you keep it down the direction you were flying, you Press that button here, the yaw pitch does nothing since this does nothing. The does have pitch and roll on this stick here, and this is pitch trim. Roll trim and let's mention this button here. This is the aerobatic button when you're in beginner mode, when you're a beginner mode. You press this button and then you could tell it to do a roll by moving the stick left or right or do a pitch by pulling the stick back and or word back or I'm sorry let's do a loop by telling blue this thick pitch stick forward And back and on the right here we have a button for a beginner intermediate and expert mode again beginner mode. The aircraft is fully stabilized when the pin is all the way forward in intermediate mode. It turns off the angle, restrictions, but it's still stabilized, so it should be still very easy to fly if you get into trouble with in this mode.

Just let go of the stick and the aircraft will automatically write itself so and finally, you have expert mode which turns off the angle restrictions and gives you full control of the aircraft. Bine, that's the itching Volant X or Cu f, 22 Raptor let's. Take this thing out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoyed this flight good morning quite copter 101, here on a chilly winter morning out here, one of my favorite flying fields for my smaller aircraft with the vile antics RC you seen f. 22 Raptor, Bine, let's start this up and take it for a flight. First thing I need to do is plug in the battery and push it in here so hold on folks. While I do that and I'll show you how the other setup you need to do with this before takeoff, Bine, I just inserted the battery and plugged it in the bay there. It was easier than I thought it would be. Then you put the aircraft on a flat level surface, let it sit for a bit for its gyros to calibrate and at the same time turn on the transmitter. Now the transmitter will automatically bind to the aircraft. When you see a steady red light, but do not move the throttle up and down just yet, we need to set the headless mode direction or the one key return direction by telling you which direction we were going to. De ce, for most of the flight we're gon na keep it down that head into the field, so I'm gon na turn the aircraft this way, so let us think that'll be the flying direction, that we'll start and then I'm gon na hold this button down for three Seconds, Bine, that should have it set for one key return, so we should be good to go so I'm gon na put the aircraft for my takeoff direction and then give it throttle up and down on the flow that binds the motor.

So we should be getting ready to go now. I'M gon na set this the beginner mode by bringing the stick all the way back. This throttle, or this switch all the way back to beginner mode and give it throttle to takeoff let's see and there it goes. Oh, this thing is fast: oh it's, fast cut back that throttle see how slow I can fly it in beginner mode. Bine, there we go that's, better let's, go up here and hit that one key return. Didn'T. Do it one key return? Ei bine, there's the one key return folks, so let's try it again. We'Ll go that back down the field there, unul cheie reveni: yeah it's, not doing it one key return! Ei bine, nevermind! One key return is kind of wonky anyways. I would not recommend beginners try to depend on that, but we were beginners mode right now, I'm gon na switch to intermediate okay, intermediate we're still stabilized aircraft is still stabilized, except we can now do stunts with this aircraft. I think we'll try it. Oh, there goes a loop, yeah let's. Try it here, da, not enough speed for a loop going around. All these things fast get some speed loop. There we go didn't. Do it very well it's, so let's try it again. We'Ll go let's. Take it up a bit higher and then try roll, no don't, try roll just doesn't. Have the control authority to do stunts very well they're gon na loop, its back the rod good and complete the loop so yeah this one it's cool, looking its fast like a jet.

It is a jet but it's not like the p51 in in terms of maneuverability. So let's see if we could hand toss this thing, I'm, going back to beginner mode to tell you the truth back to beginner actually I'd be very hesitant about even going into the expert on this thing, because let me show you what I'm talking about folks. In terms of control Authority, what we got four controls is Elrond control. Știi, știi, nu-mi place, you know it turns, but it's somewhat slowly, and we also got elevator control and Don elevator for doing loops and for doing roles. Acum. I don't know about this. Having the look at that, what I do – Bine, I'm gon na go this way, they're the maximum deflection of these in the surface area of these, are I don't think there's sufficient? De fapt, to give it a you know, snappy roles or snappy turns, and I bent my landing gear wheel on that crash hold on folks let's see if I can get that back into two place and under here there we go trying to hand toss it this time. Oameni buni, so let's give it another shot: Bine, Ready, Set let's, see if now the hand, tosses notice, you know there's not really thing good spot to grasp onto it here other than this. So hum hopeand this is good enough to get me in there but remember to pull your hand out of the way before you get nipped on that back blade, so full throttle yep, try it again there we go, got it that time.

So gentle toss. Oameni buni, gentle toss so we're just gon na fly this around and see how it feels I'm gon na. Take it up higher higher higher. Give me that lots of pitch go to expert back to beginner it just doesn't have the rural authority? Okay let's go up again. I'M gon na go to intermediate: go high intermediate roll, no that's, it don't try to do roles or ell around roles with us, because it just doesn't have the hopes to do it. Let make up a higher whoops. A little more speed come back. This way going up higher in expert mode expert mode, you've rolled nope yeah take up way high to do a rolled, şi, if you can't do it it's, probabil gon na, have to be an expert mode. Bine, now fine, like this you're, not going to be able to see it I'm gon na bring anything close for the remainder of the flight. So my initial thoughts in this yeah it's cool. If you want an f 22 it's, just that you know, keep it in beginners mode, you know the f. 22 design is mainly meant to be flown by wire. It has a lot of your. The real f 22, de asemenea, actually has a lot of auto stabilization of its own in there, and the pilots fly with that stabilization yeah, because the design is inherently unstable, it's meant to be for maneuverability. There we go again. I did it again made too hard of a turn and it'll Center in this stall and spin.

So keep that in mind folks, even the Java system can't overcome that, so you want to keep some speed up on this. You don't want to fly slow, like I was doing and make super hard turns, or else this is what happened it will bounce into the ground. Let me make sure I still got my landing gear on there twist it back again. I just got to tighten up that bolt there to make sure it stays in place, so beginner mode again general hand toss like so I lost the propeller, never mind. I thought it would be impossible to lose a propeller, but I did lose the propeller. So that'll have to be the end of this flight, deci bine, let's get it into the air first off. Give me a full throttle and I broke that propeller again and I don't have a spare, unfortunately folks, so that's the end of that flight good morning, Copter 101, with the third flight of the easting f, 22 Eatonville antics. F. 22. I'M on my last flight. Second flight I tried to take off here, but I hadn't installed that replacement propeller backwards. So I didn't really have enough thrust to get into the air and when I pulled back on the stick that propeller dinged against the back against the ground is the back lifted. Up and I broke that propeller too, so I ran out of propellers folks. What I'm using today for the spare is this is an old micro, FPV, trântor, propeller it's, și 65 millimeter with one millimeter shaft that's, the type of propeller.

You need I'm hoping this'll work for this particular aircraft. It doesn't have the amount of pitch that the stock propeller has. It has less pitch, but we'll see how that affects the flight performance of the aircraft. Bine, as before let's set the one key return direction, we're pointing it when we flying down that way for most of the flight. So let me press both of these buttons because I'm, not sure which one actually activates, oh probably, that one there that's the one key return direction, so we're good to go here. We should be good to go and turn in the aircraft. This way and arming the motors with up and down on the stick and making sure we are in beginner mode, and here we go let's, give it full throttle and see what we can do here got him there at that time and there we go it's. Flying now this aircraft is, I find that out in the first flight. You need to fly it fast. It does not like to fly slow, or else it will go into a stall and actually can go into a spin. But while we're up there let's see if we can do loops, actually do one key return, I press the 1 key return button. It turns around actually does come back to you and it slows down and that's a little squirrely let's. Do that again, we'll go down that way, that's one key pattern: it turns around comes back and it doesn't s turns as it comes back to you.

So we got to come back down. Bine, the throttle let's see if this will glide. nu, it does not glide doesn't. This spin cut the throttle. It goes into a spin folks, so be careful with this. You really do need to fly it fast. Bine, let's! Try the stunt button coming by pulling up – Oh, Oh, it actually could do rolls. I didn't think it could this action. This propeller is actually working well with this aircraft. Let'S come around again but keep the speed up folks, because when this thing stalls again it goes follow up button there. We did it an aileron roll see if I can do. According going bike closer to us coming around coming down a little lower creasing throttle person the button I didn't want to do it that time coming around boy, this thing loves to fly fast. Ei bine, it is a jet LR roll. It just does aileron rolls. Maybe let me try, I pull back on a stick and it did a tell around roll. Let me go and give it a less stick and see if that changes things coming around person to button. No just does a all around rolls folks, Bine, I'm, going to intermediate position. Now you get it the de loops, getting some speed up. I'M. îmi pare rău, I can't fly this slow and slow, but it just doesn't want to do it. Cuz, it'll stall, roll or a loop. Iată-ne., it is actually pretty cool as long as you keep it going now with this speed.

Obviously you can't fly this indoors. You can't fly this indoors because you're gon na need a lot of room like I'm doing right here. I'Ve got to get some speed up on this again. We'Re gon na do a loop and overhead loop spin and I cut the throttle off. So I don't break that propeller again. So when is when this stalls folks, it will go into a spin and immediately cut that throttle off, try to regain it so because that back propeller is going to break if you don't that's getting to the air again. So yeah it's a fast flyer. It has to fly fast because it is a jet and with that mind you can't fly closer than low and slow now for the rain of the flight. If I get some more speed up and do another loop there's a loop, but be careful when you do those loops, if you stall it a little spin, so you got a this is for intermediate pilots, this aircraft, Oameni buni, it has to be because it's such a Fast flyer: do gentle turns with it? Why Gel turns and I'm surprised that propellers working almost spin? What does spin almost you know, go back up high you're. De fapt, you should give this one some altitude to, along with flied fast, give it some altitude to so you get some opportunity to come out of a spin. If you do go into spin Zoomer. If you keep it flying fast, you can make a hard turn.

It was going to this spin again, zoom it it's kind of fun, but again intermediate pilots utterly not. This is not a beginners plane by any means, because you are beginners will be crushed just right and left going into spins yeah. I tried to loop it there. Do you don't, want to complete the loop and leveled it off cutting throttle back. I want to say that engine we're gon na stay up higher and go it, throw it slow, throttle let's see if we can lower the throttle would stay up there and now you got ta, give it throttle to stay in the air too. Muzica, da 22. From now the light ex has been making all kinds of planes like this for and they've been rebranding them whoa. I almost had to spin almost I cut the throttle, let go the sticks in it in the stabilization system level over it off there. So if you go in this spin and you got enough altitudejust cut the throttle, let go the sticks for a second then increase the throttle once it levels off, touch you little plane again. You need a big field like mine, about the size of my it here. I guess you can fly this sort of small park or a park with enough with enough real estate to let you turn, because you know what I do sharp turns with this let's go up higher and I'll demonstrate why you don't want to do sharp, turns shutter Shutter be sharp turn almost almost spot it you go too slow, that's, not doing it now off the throttle board through the Sun there.

It is and that's it's the end of its flight, its motor cuts off when it oh it doesn't nice, Glide, I'm SID. When you cut off the throttle nice landing well let's, let that motor cool down a bit and we'll do a second flight, because I do have a second battery, so we'll try it again very common battery these 350 million per hour. Let me unplug it! Let the battery cool down, then we'll set it up again so hold on folks. Three, two one: Bine, the motors cooled down got a second battery in there farming, the quadcopter. Acum, din nou, we won't need to set the headless mode direction or the one key return direction. I'M, going to point it off in this direction here and let's see. How did we do that again got a press, this button here upper button? I press both of these just to make sure I think that's it there I'm pretty sure that was it. Bine – and I guess this one is the one that activates it when you want to do the one keeper turn, deci ar trebui să fim buni să mergem. I need to arm the motors now motors are armed and playing the aircraft down the runway and applying throttle and taking off, making sure we're, beginners mode and away. We go that's how I big that propeller the last time I hit that lip there. This needs a little bit of real estate here. Does it to do a return, but we are in a way up there going down this way: I'm gon na press that one key return, unul cheie reveni, pressing up, didn't work that time.

Folks I got a hold on. I guess I didn't set it properly, but nevermind we demonstrated the last time coming down the lower increasing speed and there does a double aileron roll going through this side as usual. What I do it's coming a little lower than increasing speed, increasing speed. Turning ever on roll that's, pretty cool what lol roll coming around racing speed whoa I roll another layer, LR unroll, so it does. Lrr rolls are not quite nicely with that button. I'M surprised. I can't do that manually. I tried to do it manually. It didn't work for me: I'm, not gon na try. You know again. This is a J aircraft. The design is inherently unstable because of this, and he doing it it's meant to be unstable, so you could do sharp turns or maneuverable turns, although if you do stall it's, not very forgiving, so be careful with those sharp turns keep some speed on this thing and You'Ll be doing okay go into intermediate yeah, I did a loop without stalling it get Jeb another loop. I can go to the stick. Anyone don't want to stall it getting some speed and letting go of the stick as soon as that loop is almost complete. Let go that's dick trying to reduce the throttle left let's see if we can fly it. Slow now, let's demonstrate some of those stalls. I'M gliding. It nicely let's see how well this guy's. Okay with the stabilization system.

Oh and it does glide I'm, not gon na. Try without stabilization folks it's just too twitchy. It goes again just reducing the throttle and pull him back on the stick. Let go just didn't that wasn't a nice loop at all. That was terrible and let go this dick Music. Let me go this: băț! Let it recover by itself using its stabilization system. Ooh, you got ta, keep it moving again: it'll stall, if you don't stalls real easily Music, even sounds like a jet to don't that's a check sign effects on this thing, hey by the wayI am you know. After when I put these second battery in, I felt that motor that motor was not hot at all, so this motors not putting any significant power into the propeller air. I don't know if that's due to the low pitch prop, I got here now, let's just look pitch prop to get it to fly like this. I have to give it a lot of throttle. Although again the motor does not seem to be getting warm, go higher. I'M gon na see, if I can no, I tried to do a roll. What didn't do a roll folks let's? Try an automatic roll? Oh, I know Matic loop, it does the automatic loops if you're in intermediate load. Oh, nu, I can't roll that time go into expert just to see. Is there any stabilization in this expert boat? Oh Knights, beginners Road, Oh go back to bigger.

There was it's, very unstable, let's go yeah, it's, very it's, somewhat unstable folks in expert mode. Deci, din nou, I don't recommend that mode go back to mid, mid mid is your best bet with this airplane to prevent it from crashing. Bine, coming around let's try to keep it closer now, I'm doing figure eights trying to keep it close by doing figure eights coming down a little lower, reducing throttle a little bit more again, don't make too sharp of a turn or you do run the risk of Stalling and spitting, oh there we go where our batteries done. I think our battery's done cutting the throttle so that's its flight time. Oameni buni, when the battery gets low, you notice and it just shifts gear it's. It reduces the throttle power of the motor greatly you'll notice. It and eventually it just cuts off and comes in for a landing, so that's, the eachine yaks hobby, who else is making this vlog text is the actual maker of this f, 22 it's, pretty cool once you get it once you've figured out its idiosyncrasies, you want To keep this flying fast, you do not want to stall us. This will go into a spin on a stall give yourself some altitude while you're flying this too, but once you do that it's, a pretty good, flier, it's kind of fun, again replacement, propellers you're, probably going to need more. So this uses a 65 millimeter with one millimeter shaft propellers again I used a quadcopter propeller, and to do that, I had to poke a hole in the top of this propeller using a hot paperclip.

It wasn't that hard to do. I did it in five minutes and installed a quadcopter per dollar and still flew reasonably well with that quadcopter propeller, so hope you enjoyed this flight it's quite comfortable one setting up high quadcopter 101 here again hey! Dacă doriți să obțineți propriul strigăt într-unul din viitorul meu, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the bell button right next to the Subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out, so give it a try.