Eachine E010 quadcopter review. Better than a tiny whoop? $11

Video overview of the eachine e010 drone. Numerous enjoyable and for the value($11 proper now with hyperlink) rather more enticing than a blade inductrix or tiny whoop.


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  1. You can get current sticks on bangoo d for 2usd

  2. I'm just getting into theseand I'm noticing a lot of you quad guys have gashes on your hands. Ha! Mark of the hobby, I suppose.

  3. what caused the wound on your thumb knuckle?

  4. the elevation on mine is hard to keep it from hitting the sealing , its very polar. my syma I Ikeep it slow speed indoors alot easyer to control. the e010 `s lift indoors for me makes less fun , to bad you can`t slow it down, if u can please reply

  5. Is there a quad that is cheap like this one that has acro mode?

  6. Im subbing your videos are so enthusiastic you clearly love quads it's infections lol

  7. When are you going to make the mod video (to make a tiny whoop clone) for the E010?

  8. Can you duct fans on a fullsize quad?

  9. know there are tonnes of E010 to Tiny Whoop videos out there, but would be good to see yours! As well as some advice on Upgrading Motors, Baterii, FC's etc on them.

  10. Hay buddy,love all you vids and have to say I could listen to you all day lol,Iv just bought this and the beecore upgrade kit with board motor and camera,you mentioned that you would do a vid of you upgrading this but I can't find it,am I blind or have you yet to do it?also are you on FB?

  11. Hi.Which would you rather recommend the Eachine e010 or the Eachine e011

  12. For other beginners like me I found a cheap syma x20. Have auto hover and auto land,for us that have a problem getting my other quad copters to do yet ,I just ordered it can't wait.

  13. are there any good inexpensive quads with acro? im used to flying a 6ch helicopter and i tried a wltoys quad and it kept self leveling. it was annoying.

  14. I looking for the cheapest quad copter ,with a camera ,and GPS ,and easy to fly anyone

  15. Not 11.00 de dolari 14.00 dollars is the price for this echine

  16. We have just received our E010 today as something to learn how to fly quad copters (we did have an Hubsan before it crashed on our second flight) before going for the Wizard as we (me and my 15 year old son) are we are totally sold on this hobby purely by your enthusiasm. However we have problem we can't get the E010 to hover or stay still, is it faulty or do we just need to keep practising! Any help would be appreciated!

  17. UAVfutures, first off, huge fanlove your videos, as I learn something new every time I watch them! Now thenI've ordered a Furibee F36 and I will eventually be getting a Turnigy Evo TX (based on your and many others' positive reviews of that TX). Knowing ahead of time the F36 FC doesn't seem to be bindable to aftermarket TX's quite yetwhich aftermarket FC do you recommend I get in order to make the F36 bindable to the Evo TX?

  18. works great for eachine quads among others multi protocol works with a few different toy grade brands. real handy

  19. I got this transmitter module that plugs into my taranis for 10$ at bangoods. it works awsome, I highly recommend it.

  20. Great drone! The JJRC H36 is even better. JJRC is the orginal manufacturer of this drone. Eachine buys it rebranded from JJRC

  21. i love i door fpv xD especially when it comes to small drones lime this one

  22. i am an beginner and just went with the blade nano qx2, any advice on replacement props? i found some aftermarket bullnose props that look more legit than the factory ones, I'm wondering if you've tried anything like that on a mini, Mulțumiri

  23. I stuck the super light FX797 camera with removed case, ziptie rollbar, and micro losi connectors on my eachine E010 and it barely flies with the stock 150 or 200mah batteries. I'm using full throttle just to stay in the air and hardly any flight time.

  24. Can you fly 2 sau 3 of these around in the same space ? it's suppose to have 4 channels right ? How to change the channels on these ?

    I've ordered 2 of these green and red and one blue from jjrc H36 lol

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