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This video will assist get you began with the Drone Pilot Canada cellular app. The Drone Pilot Canada app permits Canadian drone pilots to simply meet Transport

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  1. This has saved me countless hours! I spent several weeks last year preparing an Operator's Handbook for my Drone Business, with checklists etc. and I was NOT looking forward to having to update the entire thing for the new regs. This was the best $30 I've spent for my drone business in 2019!

  2. Just bought your app! Arata bine. Im a real estate photographer in Toronto Ontario and it looks like all of downtown is covered by billy bishop airport. It doesnt have a contact number for that red circle. Does this mean I'll need an SFOC every time I fly for a property in this area?

  3. Hey Don, great app! New to drone flying here .. Just one question and my better understanding of your app,so, if you take off from a green zone and then move to a yellow ( or amber?) Zone inadvertently, will the bottom switch colours too? Would it warn you somehow? Mulțumiri!

  4. Hey Donme again lol. Do you know whom i would contact to get aerodrome info updated? Seems the COR8 aerodrome is no longer operated or owned by the person listed , as well i believe it is not longer being used as a runway at all- been abandoned and left to overgrow with weeds and brush I think. So the NRC map should be updated asap to reflect this asap.

  5. Greetings Don. A very good quick start guide to this app. It is a great tool to assist myself and other drone operators in Canada to follow the new drone regulations and will save us considerable time. Thank you for the effort you have put into this.

  6. If I'm flying the drone and recording the flight with this app, and then I have to bring the drone down to swap batteries and then go right back up again, is this where the pause button comes in? Or in the eyes of this app and TC, would this be two separate flights and so should have two separate recordings? If one recording with a pause is fine, what if I bring the drone down to swap batteries but don't relaunch it for about, say, ten minutes, is pausing the recording still fine?

  7. Don, can I use this app on my phone but control the drone with an iPad? Or does this app have to be on the same device that is actually controlling the flight?

  8. Hey Donsince you are the Drone Guru in Canada and the government does nothing to simplify thingsI have another question that needs clarification if you don't mind….knowing that I can't fly in national or provincial parks without authorization, does that also include conservation areas, conservation parks, provincial nature reserves etc etc. I live in the country and there are so many of these beautiful areas around and would love to photograph some. I bought a drone really for photography as that is my passion. Multumesc anticipat!

  9. Great app Donso lucky for us hacks to have this app available!! I bought it and it is so very comprehensive and simple to use.
    I have a question regarding the orange zonesyou state basic operations pilots can fly herebut how do find out where established fly patterns are? as well as do i need to contact the operator to let him know i am flying my drone and get their approval? Sorry for my ignorance. I am sure I'm not alone in saying this is all new to us!

  10. Hey Don. Fantastic work on all your videos and this app!! This is money well spent in my opinion. Întrebare – I'm in Halifax so YHZ is of particular interest to me. It seems the there are two red circles around the airport. One shows the airport itself and its contact info and seems to conform to the 5.6km radius around the airport. There is another VERY LARGE red circle extending at least twice that radius which is listed as "Halifax/Stanfield, NS (CZ)" and is also indicated as a NO GO zone. I know this stands for "Control Zone" for the airport, but my understanding was that as long as you are outside the 5.6 km radius, you're good to go. Is there a reason I'm not aware of for this additional (double) radius around the airport?

  11. Where does your app generate the proximity of airports from? just want to make sure it's good enough for a flight review and operations

  12. Amazing efforts for the app, Don! I'll certainly be downloading mine today! Just some quick suggestions for the next versions of the app: please add the possibility of adding the log manually in case we forget to fire up the app on site, so that we can still add all the info about our flights when we come back home. Also it would be amazing to have an integration with DJI app to download flight logs, that way it would automatically synchronize flights every time the flight log app is opened. Other than that, thanks a lot for your videos on the certifications too!

  13. Thanks Don. Very nice work. Pricey but worth it, especially if it suffices for TC compliance. I envisioned lugging a folder full of documents around with my drone.

    Where would you like app bugs reported? De exemplu, I cannot set the date of purchase for my Mavic to anything other than today's date. If I change it, it always rolls back to the current date. Maybe add a bug report menu item in the "hamburger" menu.

  14. bună treabă… an easy & fast way to comply with Transport Canada requirementsthere are some bugs in the appbut I’m sure you are hard at work already fixing themthank you Donquestionthe source of the weather information isas to the price of the appif the bugs are fixed and the app keeps improvingit’s a fair price

  15. Looks like a great app. I will be purchasing soon. Thanks Don!

  16. Foarte informativ! Grozav video! New subscriber 👍👍👍

  17. You app look really good, I will buy for sure. Did you plan to include a french version?

  18. Vă mulțumim pentru video. Dar $30 for the app? Vai.

  19. Hi Don , this was great. I live in Ottawa, I have aDJI Spark, it seems a lot to learn to get a basic license. Are you going to run any courses or nay guidance you can offer to help me meet the TC requirement and pass the exam, thanks Andrew

  20. Parabéns amigo pelo seu trabalho.

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