The DJI Spark digicam is basically nice for such a small 1080p digicam. However how does it evaluate to 2 very fashionable 1080p motion cameras?

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  1. my personal list based on dynamic range (abilty to color grade in post) would be:
    I think If someone wasn't going to do any post they should go with the Spark because of it's fixed color profile (which if I'm not mistaken is fixed at DJI'S "none" parameter) which has a baked in higher contrast and looks "better" out of the box. All 3 did really great though. one question, did you have to GP'S color profile set to "flat" or "gopro color"?

  2. Wow just made me respect the little spark more flying with the extra camera on it's back and performing well!

  3. Another Great and Informative comparison, vă mulţumesc

  4. First fair or kind of fair comparison to the Spark. Everyone keeps comparing it to the Mavic and that to me doesn´t make sense. They are 2 different drones for different markets. So this made more sense to me.

  5. Great video my friend! Happy day !

  6. The spark is the best because it has a gimbal for stabilizing and the other cams have a more fish eye lens so the test isn't that fair, cool video though!

  7. scuză-mă, but the RUNCAM 3, was not withdrawn from the market?

  8. Marele recenzie…
    From what I saw from best to worst images… Spark, RunCam, GoPro

  9. Wow,this poor thing can handle some weight..

  10. How much are your quads or what brand are they. I have a spark but might want one of those too!

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