Hi i'm paul from dronesgate.com and this time we're taking a look at some mavic 3 leaks and what specs it might have. în primul rând, why would the gi want to release a new mavic drone in the first place? Besides the fact that we've been used to see a new series of drones being released every two years from dji, we can also observe the following. The mavic air 2 has been released and it's making the mavic 2 series already pale a bit in comparison, since it has a better bitrate of 120 megabits and 4k video at 60. Fps dji also introduced active track 3.0 as well as aps 2.0, that are more advanced versions of the previous ones. Since the release of the skydio2 has dethroned dji as the top obstacle avoidance drone, they might want to readjust their offer. Accordingly, the mavic 3 is rumored to be released at the end of 2020 and potentially we have 10 sensors for obstacle avoidance. So what rumors have we seen so far? Dji filed several new patterns, including an optical image, stabilization system. This could be used in the new mavic 3, even though we never had problems with the 3 axis gimbal stabilization. Până în prezent, it could be an improvement in long exposure photography. What about camera upgrades? We expect to see a bigger camera with a micro, four thirds sensor, which is almost double the size of a one inch sensor and will support interchangeable lenses if they decide to actually add the ability to have interchangeable cameras in the new mavic 3.

It will certainly revolutionize everything we currently have on the market since we won't be forced to choose like with the mavic 2 series between a zoom and the pro version considering auto has released their evo 2 series that can shoot in 6k and 8k resolution dji needs To step up their game on the resolution battle as well as modular cameras, this is why i'm expecting at least a 4k 60fps camera like the mavic air 2, but quite probable, to have at least one version to record in 6k resolution. The controller is said to be similar to the mavic air 2, but with a built in screen included. This could be a bad decision for the buyers of the smart controller, so i'm, not sure they will make this move, but it could potentially come in different packages. One with a basic controller and the other with the smart controller included i'm gon na leave a link down in the description where i'll update every new lick. That comes out for the dj mavic 3, and that is because i can't really update this video. But if there is enough new material, i will make an entire video on the new drone, so don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification icon for that. So you went out and got yourself a drone or plan to get one. But what if i told you that you can actually make a lot of money with these and you don't have to be an expert.

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