It comes in this great clam. Shell case got a hard shell, so it keeps your drone protected all right, we’re going to go ahead and open this up and i’ll show you what comes in it. Bine, we’ve got our user manual controller. The drone. These are your prop protectors. These go around the outside of the propellers, so if you’re an amateur like me, you don’t want to be breaking your propellers off. Bine, you get two chargers which just take a standard, usb connector spare parts you get four propellers and a small phillips screwdriver for replacing them two rechargeable batteries: Bine, here’s, your clam shell case, which i absolutely love. Acest lucru este mare. All right let’s walk through the setup process, so the first thing is: take the drone. Bine, you’ll notice. The battery insert is in the back the batteries fit in there that okay, deci nu e, four props, you just snap each one of those open Music. You can see the camera on the front of the drone. It also has two leds on the front and two leds on the back. Bine, Acum, așa am menționat mai înainte, Sunt., an amateur and i’ve only had a chance to fly this drone three times so for everyone’s safety, we’re gon na go ahead and attach these propeller guardsokay right along the edge here Music, aşa. Until you hear it snap and then you know it’s on that good all right, deci uh, the controller uh you’ve got this flip out with extendable uh cell phone grip here for your fpv uh for today, we’re going to be using an iphone 8 for the fpv.

So what you’re going to do is just take your iphone slide it up in there. Bine, now the drone basics, you got four propellers cameras on the front two leds here, two leds here, all right power button is located on the side. You can see it right. There i’m gon na go ahead and squeeze that until the lights light up. Bine, my white leds red leds it’s ready to go now if you’re familiar with drones. You’Re gon na recognize this process. Your own’s on i’m gon na press the power button here, you’re gon na, be all right: i’m gon na go up and down. Bine, the lights on the drone are going to change and that’s going to tell you that it’s ready for flight. Acum, if i just go ahead and hit this, the drone’s going to start and i’m going to give it a little bit of Music juice, Muzica, cool, alright, so pairing, what we’re going to do is we’re going to turn the drone on. Remember right here to the power button: Bine, we’re going to go ahead and turn that on and then we’re going to go ahead and turn on the controller there’s our beep let’s pair okay, drone is paired pairs now. The way this works, if you’re not familiar, is a wi fi signal is generated by this setup so on our mobile device, we’re going to go ahead and open up the wireless settings and you’ll see drc fpv as one of the options for wi fi we’re gon Na click on that and we’ll get back out of all this.

Now the app is d e, f, p v available on the app store and google play so i’m going to go ahead and open that once i’ve connected to the wi fi all right. If i press this center button that will connect us to the drone Music, how about that all right let’s bring her back home Music cool right. I wish i could take this outside and show you guys, but unfortunately this is all the room. Music see how bad Music so Music, în regulă.