Today I have a new review for you at the drone camps headquarters here. This is the LDA RC king kong DJI DJ 220. Acesta este un 5 inch quad. You can do a top mount battery on here, or you can do a bottom mount. It comes in two different versions. It comes in a kit version which you can put together yourself. Add your own camera and VTX on there. That is around the 150 dollar mark. For this quad and I got the DJI version, this one is the binder fly version. It does not come with an XM plus receiver. You can bind it up to your DJI transmitter if you wantor you can put the receiver of choice on here around a 300 package for the DJI version. But today, in this review, I'm gon na talk about the components that are on here. We'Re going to show you some of the onboard 1080p at 60 frames per second video, which is quite good and I'm gon na share with you, some of my insta 361, our 360 video it's really really cool. I love this camera and so much so that I've been explicitly using this on the channel. Now for my standard GoPro style shots, my head mount camera shots and a lot of my 360 flying footage it's better than any 360 camera I've ever had. You can turn this camera on and go to your phone and instantly be able to connect Wi Fi to your phone, Android or iOS, and you can start to edit and what's cool about us.

Is you you move your finger around on the screen and then a 360 sphere unless you change the camera view, while you're flying your quad, care este foarte misto? When you find the view that you want you just click on the timeline and it makes a little keyframe and then you move to the next part of the video press play. You can even do this in real time, care este foarte misto. So as the video is playing, you can click the timeline as you're spinning the camera around with your finger and move it all around, and it is a really cool new perspective for flying absolutely one of the coolest investments that I have on the channel. So these are around the 450 la 475 Preț, but they do come with two lenses and you can take the entire thing apart. It is modular and the batteries cost the same as my GoPro, so my GoPro is pretty wrecked by now it's the seven version I've had it for maybe two years now. The eight is out but I'm, not gon na buy the eight, because the 1r is so good and it can do standard GoPro style shots with the flat singular lens or it can do the 360 shots. If you haven't seen some of that footage on my channel there's, a ton of it already, but let's go ahead now let's charge up this camera we're gon na put it on top and I'll.

Show you some of that 1080p DVR footage as well. So you can know what you can expect if you just decide to buy the DJI version. I have to say that before we do the spec check, I have to tell you guys. This is a very smooth flying quad and over several weeks now, I've really enjoyed flying. I did a lot of pleasure flying with this quad because it really flies really nice and with this aluminum bracket up front, and we have TPU dampening on the side for the camera, everything is just it seems like it has a really really nice factory tune. So I don't have to share any pits with you guys, which is super awesome. We have a really nice flying quad here for this review, so let's go ahead and check out the DJ 220. Here we go let's check some specs and then we'll do some flying all right, Baieti, let's go ahead and take a look at the quad real, quick it's, a really nice looking quad. It is low profile, truex, replaceable arms. It has a classic long body frame on here for even larger battery than a 1300, care este frumos. They also included a special plastic bracket on the back, which I love. It has LEDs the buzzer. It has special brackets that hold in place the DJI EMM CX connectors, which are constantly popping off the antennas, always pop off the DJI air module so I'm happy to see they did that on the bottom.

If you want to put up to about a 3000 baterie milliamp, poţi, it also looks very low profile. Am, like the design from the side you can see. This is sort of a classic low profile design and we have a pretty good power system on here. avem 2306 motoare, which are good enough for freestyle or cinema 500 kV we've got 5149 three blade props, so let's go ahead and get this guy up in the air and do some flying okay, it's time for the fpv flight test, guys and right now, you're. Looking at my insta 361 R it's, the Dolans 360 camera super awesome. Look at how beautiful colors look on this camera. I have to say they really pop. I like the vivid mode that they have on here. You can change the color presets to a variety of presets and I'm. A video perfectionist and I'll tell you. I'Ve seen some jello in here there's a little bit of shudder: it's, not the tune on the quad that you're you're seeing it's. De fapt, my dampening, I don't have any dampening whatsoever on the 361 are so I could use a little bit of dampening on there and maybe in future flights. I will do that, but it also does have stabilization. It has sort of the same thing as GoPro like that hyper smooth. I forget what they call it on this camera, but it is something that will slow down a lot of the vibes and stutter in your video and the jello, and I can see a little bit right there if I want to be super picky.

If you look really high up is where you can see a lot of gel down low. Like I've said before a lot of my reviews, you can't really see a lot of jello down low when you're flying low and fast and doing freestyle. Unless you have a really terrible tune, but a lot of these flight controllers nowadays, they come with a great stock tune on them. So I'm gon na show you some DJI footage coming up here and in comparison between the DJI onboard DVR and this 360 aparat de fotografiat. The 360 camera looks about 10 times better, but you're, also looking at a 475 camera versus a 150 dollar air module, so the camera itself is about 60. So if you had to replace the camera on this quad you're, looking at about 60 de dolari, people think that it's expensive around the 179 price for the air module, the DVR, the receiver and everything in one box plus the camera. But when you think about it, it's actually a pretty good price for what you're getting especially that if you break the camera, the camera is replaceable. There is a ribbon cable inside the DVR unit that you can just pop off very carefully and replace put a new one on there for about 60 and I've there's. Some other high end analog cameras that are close to that same price, so it's it's, actually pretty it's money well spent. Acum, as far as your DJI experience goes, if you decide to buy the DJI 220 version or you buy the analog version depending on your budget, if you're on the budget go for the kit, put your own camera in there, I'll try to to list a couple Cameras that I like down below that are my current favorite analog cameras.

150. I think you're gon na spend probably another 50 la 75. If you went the cheap route to be able to put a VTX and a camera on the kit version, plus you're gon na have to build it yourself. If you decide that you want to build a nice 5 inch quad this one wouldn't be a bad one. To start with, the board on here is nice. It does have for you, arts, and I noticed that it does have some SDA and SEL connectors on there, which are your GPS functions. So you can also add GPS to this. You can add einav on here, but you can also run GPS return to home. So if you decide to make this one mountain surfer, you can do that with this frame and the classic long body frame that they have on this quad that's, the kind of frame you want to send up the mountain with a GoPro, because it has support for A much larger battery on here up to about, am spus mai devreme, around a 3000 la 3500 milliamp, which will probably get you well above 12 la 15 minute de zbor timp. If you are easy on the throttle and you're always gon na pay attention to your voltage, your DDI goggles recently as as well as the modules all got an update so there's a brand new update that adds GPS return to home arrow in home icon on the Screen which is really nice, supported in beta flight I'm, not sure that I nav is supported yet, but hopefully in the future.

We'Ll get that. But one note for you guys that are interested in ina beta flight still flies better on a quad. Then I nap does that's kind of a community what most people think about those two, including myself and I've, flown both on quads. So here you can see some of the cinematic type of shots. You can get away with with this quadand I talked about this before what's so cool about this quad is, it does have duality, it has sort of the best of both worlds. It can cinema. All day you can bring home some amazing shots with a 360 Unu, our camera or even the on board DVR from the DJI air module, and I think that if you want to freestyle it, it will freestyle all day. So it has dual purpose. It has the traditional five inch freestyle capability, but this is a beautiful camera and again I go to camera this year. I absolutely love and adore this camera and I have to say my friend tom was standing here. He spot me on this flight and he's all about it. He stumps giving me a thumbs up there. He really liked it so now, I'm gon na show you guys some great footage and we're recording some sound as well, so it records sound. You can hear motor noise. You can cut that owner off, depending on what type of video you're making, care este foarte îngrijite. This was like the perfect day because a lot of guys were out flying airplanes and I'm one of the few guys at our club, and I am a field that that fly fpv and they're so cool at my field.

There they tolerate me I've been the drone guy for years, but most of you guys that know me, I wasn't always a drone guy I've been flying airplanes, since I was six seven years old, so for a very long time in a nitro plane. Since I was about 10, my first plane was an 8 picior, wingspan bungee, launch, planor, believe it or not, care este un fel de nebun. It was my first RC airplane, thanks to my father and that's, pretty much. What got me addicted. Those and the gullu's hand launched gliders used to fly them all over my yard, but trying to keep up with this nitro plane is almost impossible, guys that find nitro airplanes. You guys know the even a 60 inch winged warbird like this one, with something like a 46 size motor man it's hard to keep up with that plane. It'S doing well over 80 mile pe oră, and this is not a hundred mile an hour quad. I don't think guys I 4s it's it's hard to get over a hundred miles an hour it without getting about a two minute flight time, it's really extremely hard to keep up with that plane, but they're nice that they'd. Let me film those planes and once they estate Alette them go and let's just get back to flying this DJ DJ 220 keep wanting to call it DJI 220, but I think that's why they're naming it the DJ DJ DG DG v, the very smooth again.

I liked flying this quad so much at the field that I was doing quite a few flights without recording for you guys, because it was a fun quad just to fly, because it's so smooth, it's it's, like that quad that I want to pick up and put In my van and take with me to the field when all my work is done, I want to fly this quad just for fun, it's, my pleasure flier. Now so again, this one is definitely staying in my collection, I think it's, an extremely nice quad and I wasn't expecting it. They sent me an email. They said. Would you like to review this one? Would you like to check it out and I haven't seen King Kong or Lda RC come out with any DJI or I haven't had one, and this is my first one from them, but I've flown King Kong in the past, for maybe about four years now there Are one of the original budget quad companies out there, so the parts are gon na be available for this quad and it's gon na be cheap to fix so dirt cheap parts and components. Replaceable everything's replaceable in here and it's, a good flier with a really decent tune, and if I do tune it further, as always guys I'll share it with the community and for some reason I doubt I tried to go through this section right here and ended up Eating it, but let's go back to the studio, Bine, guys welcome back from the flight test and the spec check on this quad.

So one thing that I didn't show you was this box that your DJ 220 comes in the mail in and this is kind of the classic Lda RC king kong RC box. It is a super hard durable. It looks like some type of ABS plastic. It has two buckles on the front the quad will fit in there props off, so it also comes with some extra accessories that I didn't show you guys before, but you get an extra rubber ring dampener. You also get some extra looks like some extra landing gear on the bottom for the motor bumpers and some extra hardware in here. You also get some stickers and you also get the DVI fpv air unit manual that comes along in the box for setting up your air unit for the first time now you have to register this unit and you want to update the firmware if you are new To DJI modules and digital fpv in general go ahead and update everything once you get, it update your transmitter with your little USBC cable on the bottom same thing on the side right here, you're gon na plug the quad in props off. Do the update make sure that you turn this module down to about 25 mil a lot while you're doing these updates make sure it's not rocking 700 miliwați? I know a lot of you guys are finding this full 700 milliwatt and there's, even a hack, to be able to do like 1200 miliwați, so the ultimate penetration and the good news about this.

If you decide to reuse this receiver, if you're looking for something long range, this will do, I would say, medium range. It'Ll get you out. There we've had guys testing this out to about three miles on this system, so a very nice penetration and long distance flying if you're flying any distance, you always want to make sure that you're flying it at a good altitude and always keep a line of sight Between the quad and your transmitter, don't fly like a mile and a half out and then try to dip down low to the ground, because in on any radio, the including crossfire, depending on the situation, if you fly behind something you're gon na lose signal, that's. Just the way it is with radio wavelengths, deci, țineți cont de faptul că, în minte. If you do some distance flying, but this is a great in my my eyes: it's a great mountain surfing quad. If you want to do some medium range or even a part, great parking lot. Flyer or something like you can fly close in and do proximity and some crazy freestyle. It is capable of freestyle, it's capable of carrying any type of action. Camera that you want out thereand I think my favorite thing about this quadis not only is the build quality nice on this quad. Everything is replaceable a really nice foam pad on the bumper down here for the battery. It just feels really solid made and it flies amazing.

So an excellent tune is on here, so I have to say even with the stock props, I didn't even test this with some fancy gym fan props, like I'm, always rocking. I I didn't do that this time. I'Ve left everything stock for you guys and that's that's. The best way to do any review, cred, is leave everything stock. So the motors are good. You can get up to a 5 minute flight time with this quad. If you even wanted to put a larger battery on there, you could do that because this entire body on the bottom is open for even something as large as something like, maybe like a 3500 baterie milliamp. If you want to get like 15 minutes flight time on this quad, so nice, nice quad all the way around and I have to say congratulations to Lda RC for their production of their new flight controller. It also has a mini USB, updated, cable port on here, which is kind of nice everything's moving over to USB, see because you don't have to fiddle with which way the direction that the old school microUSB cable plugged in. So I like to see that these companies are making these type of updates. So everything on here is awesome, including the LEDs, the buzzer. You got everything you need here on this quad, so hopefully you guys enjoyed this review and my thorough flying of the DJ 220. So guys you can check this one out in the link down below thanks for watching my videos.

You guys man stay safe out there it's a it's so crazy right now, with this pandemic and everything that's going on it's, just nuts, so be careful out. There stay away from peopleand hopefully you guys are getting plenty of flight time in maybe from your backyard, Cine stie, but hopefully you're enjoying my videos and what I'm able to bring to you guys and yeah one more cool new quad in my quiver so guys Take care I'm Justin Davis be well stay safe and I'll.