CHEAP BUT FUN 2S MICRO FPV DRONE + Goggles. FURIBEE wasp drone review

Furibee wasp drone evaluation and furibee vr01 fpv goggle evaluation. This low-cost however good fpv micro 2s drone and fpv goggles was much more enjoyable than I used to be anticipating.


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  1. I've been doing all my flying with those goggles! they are awesome for beginners

  2. Hi mate can you recommend the best mini racing Drone with full kit thanks

  3. What you are calling “prop wash” is actually called “settling with power”. It occurs when a vortex envelops the props and essentially your thrust recirculates back into the rotor system. The best way to get out of settling with power is to fly out of it. Adding more power will just make it worse.

  4. Can you use eachine goggles with it?

  5. How did u record FPV video when flying with Furibee googles since those googles dont have DVR? Im trying to figure out something for my furibee x215 pro drone so I can fly and record alsoany suggestion?

  6. The number of cells does not affect run time at all. Cells increase power. The number of mah is what changes run time.

  7. disorientating?

  8. Just got the eachine e013. Damn it!

  9. Put needels on it and turn it in a real wasp

  10. Looking for a cheap drone works with this goggles, the H801 works with this?

  11. I just got one of these in a flash sale at gear best for $24.99 yesterday,and a Makerfire 67 pentru $94.99 last week,both are DSM,but I have 3 spare micro D8 rx's 2-LR500.and 1-LR1000 w/telemetry!! You can swap the DSM rx's out for Frysky rx's,and even use telemetry.

  12. Stu, I like your videos. I hate the Furibee F90 I just got in the mail. No matter what I do it never flies level. Always pitches backwards and left. I updated firmware in Beta Flight, calibrated my accelerometer on an absolutely flat pool table. Set a variety of pitch and roll offsets in the Beta Flight config tab, +- până la 10 degrees even. No joy. Always wants to fly backwards and to the left. Significant forward pitch and right roll needed to maintain position. All of the above flying indoors no breeze or anything. Oricum, just sayingLike the channel Stu, just thought I would throw out my experience.

  13. Hi Stew.Just wanted to know which would be a good battery upgrade for this one?

  14. The goggles DON'T come with that "stick" antenna. It has a Furibee RHC clover enclosed and the "paddle".

  15. I use the Echine version of those goggles, I modded the Echine Pro DVR on them as well, they work great, ill replace them one day but for what they are and how much they were it's not a bad option for starter goggles, the "fake diversity" they come with isn't bad either, that patch antenna is able to go through my house while I fly all the way around from outside it with only a little break up.

  16. Could only find the Furibee vr01fpv goggles on Gearbest but have heard bad reviews of Gearbest also had difficulties registering and my purchasing basket. Do you know of another place to buy these? Anything close to these at the same price?I'm in the US. Mulțumiri!

  17. I'm probably gonna use those goggles for my intro into FPV. That diversity is GREAT, especially for $55.

  18. You could say it's running bee taflight.

  19. Would I be able to bind this to my fly-sky fs-i6

  20. Hey man have you ever checked out the dm002 drone? Would love to see you do a review on it!

  21. Hei frate, I need your help I don't know what kind of battery do I need also I don't know if I need charger for the battery, where can I get the battery for this fpv goggles?! because I can't use it, I'm new in this and I need your help please!!

  22. Is the copter copatible whith spektrum DSMX?

  23. This drone just came in the mail but I got the wrong transmitter for my controller. (I have a fly sky FS-i6 controller and the receiver is a DSM receiver) Is there any way you can bind it to the FS-i6 controller without having to buy another receiver?

  24. FuriBee VR01 or EACHINE VR-007 Pro?

  25. I recently bought this Furibee F90 "wasp" and sadly have had a horrible experience. The receiver does not work and after days of talking with GearBest they have refused to exchange, fix, or refund the order that never worked to begin with. A complete waste of money.

  26. Hi Stu, I have just recently been interested in getting into fpv flying and realized that this drone doesn't have a controller. Do you have any suggestions of which controllers to get that would run this drone? Also would a FrSky TARANIS Q X7 2.4GHz 7CH Transmitter work?

  27. Is it possible to use a FS-A8S on the Wasp, allowing it to bind to the Turnigy Evolution?

  28. I had a lot of problems with this quad. Worked for 5 straight hours with no solution! Motors go power up as soon as I plug in the lipo, even when not armed.

  29. Its actually an outside quad. most micros nowadays are outside

  30. So if you have the drone and the goggles, are you ready to fly or do you still need a battery for the goggles? Mulțumesc.

  31. I like your stuff bruh! took my maiden flight 12-23-16….flown everyday since. I've already got 11 quads. Nanos, micros, and one latrax alias(not counting two I lost and one I smashed😢). the alias is my best and favorite flyer! everything I have is toy grade material. think I'm ready for the big boy stuff🚁😆. gonna buy the eachine goggles and the turnigy radio as well as a soldering iron!!! new to this hobby but got a nasty case of drone fever lol. all I need is a good beginner build racer kit. the fire hawk looks F'N awesome, but that build gave you a bit of a headache. need something fast but simple….your thoughts? sorry if I rambled on but I love to fly and you have a new subscriber🚁🚁🚁👍

  32. would I be able to be upstairs and fly this downstairs and still have connection

  33. Could you fly this with a Turnigy Evolution?

  34. new drone fans and I stumbled onto this Channel you sir have got yourself a new active sub

  35. hi don't want to be a pain but don't know who else to ask. I ordered the Blade BLH8500 Inductrix and was wondering is there any way to get this to bind with my turnigy Evolution? and if not what good mini and or micro drones will work with my transmitter? Mulțumiri! 😉

  36. Bună, im a begginer, can i use 2s 500mah 50c for this? is it a bad thing or its okay to use higher c than the original batt?

  37. I'm sure someone has already brought this up and assuming you have already performed the binding procedure have you tried turning on the Tx first and then plugging in the batt. on the quad? The Rx on the quad probably looks for a valid signal first then go into bind mode if none is found.

  38. Tarot 130 is much better, just a little pricier.

  39. Isn't the furibee FX90 pretty much identical to this, hardware wise, except it does away with the toy aspects? The specs, controler de zbor, and motors seem identical.

  40. I have a blade nano qx and have recently become more interested in this awesome hobby. Looking for advice on what should be my next purchase. I'm not a very experienced pilot yet, and I don't have a huge budget.

  41. Comentarii mare. Just got the goggles and have not had a chance to use them yet. Glad they are OK for beginner.

  42. hi my name is jeff and I have been watching everything I can on fpv drones and cars. this is my first time buying stuff I think I need to get started. please check it out and let me know what you think and if I need some thing else that I missed. love your videos and they have help me a lot!
    turnigy Evolution
    Skyzone 2D/3D 5.8GHz FPV Goggles W/ 40CH Raceband Receiver, H/Tracking (V2), 600mW VTX and 3D CameraFlysky FS-A8S FS A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver with PPM i-BUS SBUS OutputEachine Turbine QX70 70mm Micro FPV LED Racing Quadcopter BNF Based On F3 EVO Brushed Flight Controller

  43. hi stew,
    what about the comparison with Eachine "Fatbee" FB90 ? is it the same or not ? and what is the best one ?

  44. i like this one alot! nice review ..the bug eating part was epic 😂

  45. What is the flight time you get on this 2s micro?

  46. îmi pare rău, maybe a dumb question. Can i use this with Turnigy Evolution? As I planning to get one serious transmitter.

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