Best Mini Travel Case for the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro

That is the smallest semi arduous case I’ve come throughout for the Mavic 2 trântorii (Zoom or Professional). Holds the Controller as properly.

YOW va descoperi acesta chiar aici:

Yow will discover the MAVIC 2 ZOOM and PRO at this location the place the worth contains taxes, delivery and responsibility: FLORY ADRIANA 2 ZOOM:
https://faceţi clic pe = hyperlink&as=0008&ch=MAVIC%202%20ZOOM

APARAT DE FOTOGRAFIAT: Camera video Panasonic 4K:
INDOOR LIGHTING: Studio Softbox:

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  1. Freewell is improving his gear much more than other companies!! They are great.

  2. Freewell must produce a ton of gear for the hobbyist. This case is a little small, but nice non the less.

  3. Yupp Freewell is delivering top gear.

  4. Dumb product with no protected storage for an expensive to replace controller .

  5. I'm just posting a Freewell Gear 😀

  6. Boy Freewell thinks of almost everything except for cargo shorts for the spare battery of course 🤫

  7. Freewell has good gear, but in this case I prefer Dji M2 original shoulder traveling bag

  8. Nothing interesting new for the old Mavic Pro????… LAUGH OUT LOUD

  9. Im seeing a lot of cool gear from freewell im fairly new to the drone world

  10. I wonder if freewell or some other company will make one of those handheld gimbals you put the drone in for the new mavics. It's a fun piece of gear albeit maybe not the most useful.

  11. So Freewell make great gear to carry your gear. Outstanding

  12. That is awesome for a quick trip to take up my Zoom. I’m not against putting a battery in my pocket plus I’m sure Freewell gear make a lipo battery carry bag. Freewell gear really does like of the practical things the drone pilots use.
    Great video Steve and thanks for your time.

  13. Great Content as usual,
    You are so Inspirational and Great Influencer
    I’ve taken all your advices and jumped out of my confort zone…
    If I think that not even one year ago I did not have a Channel and now I am growing my audience Thanks to you…
    I also review some small drones, getting in touch with companies and Finally stand in front of the camera without any issues 🙂
    I’d love some support/feedback …
    Check Me Out !!!

  14. Nice Freewell gear to my Mavic 2 Zoom

  15. I've really been loving those freewell videos, they sure do seem to offer the best gear👍

  16. I’d never use that. No protection for the controller. No storage for even 1 baterie. No point really…..

  17. This is exactly the kind of case I'm looking for. There are a couple similar ones on amazon with either poor or no reviews. Unfortunately this Freewell gear case is not yet on I may have to wait.

  18. I’d rather use the fly more bag. Not much bigger and holds way more stuff and it’s more protected. Controller not just dangling out in the open.

  19. Ei bine…that isn't in my opinion the best case.
    Where can I put my two additional batteries? Some extra props, cable, smartphone and some other stuff I have always at my side, when I go out and record new videos? 😀

  20. Shortest and sweetest review from The Captain ever 😉😁
    Looks a lot like the Mavic Air case that comes with the Fly More Combo 😜

  21. Nice portable Freewell gear case for a short trip.

  22. Did they make for autel evo?

  23. I tried exactly same case with name phytech and it doesn’t fit mavic 2. You have to squeeze it in. I wonder if is it the same manufacturer with different names ?

  24. This was originally a pgytech case design. I bought that and it was too tight. Looks like freewell gear have improved it.

  25. Very compact. Not sure I'd want the controller out in the open in rainy Britain, but still another useful piece of freewell gear

  26. Freewell gear make good accessories, but this one isnt for me


  28. That case would be great for my Mavic Zoom! Lot of good stuff from Freewell Gear! As always great video Captain Drone, very informative and great reviews of products that we all can appreciate!

  29. More Freewell Gear for the Magic. Looks nice but I don't think my Phantom will fit.😐

  30. Cool and compact case! Freewell really offers useful gear for DJI drones.

  31. Not bad for a minimal case. More great Gear from Freewell!

  32. I'm having withdrawal symptoms 3 days no flying busy with work and the weather terrible in winter now.

  33. Freewell gear is gone make case for anafi?

  34. If you want to dispose off your drone. You can send me a mail ( I will use it for my project work. Support. Multumesc baieti.

  35. If you were say thinking about getting a Mavic with would YOU prefer Pro or Zoom to put in Freewell Gear

  36. This is how I pack my Mavic Pro 2 cu 6 batteries in the fly more carrying bag.

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