You'Ve, probably ever seen they do some super custom, stuff and they're. Coming out of seattle, Sua, not china, so this is very interesting. You can get these cases made here, custom to your specs, and you can go completely crazy with what you'd like to throw into one of these chargers. They come with internal power supplies and AC adapters for the wall. You can have the ultimate bench charger out of this and you can incorporate some of the hottest charges on the market right now, which is is DTS and in combination with his power supplies and we'll talk more about the specs on this a little bit later, but I'M super excited about this one because it has my favorite charger included in it. The Q 6 from is DT. I love this charger and I've been using it everywhere out in the field and on the bench as an extra charger, but no longer do you really need something so huge, like I've been using for the past 10 ani. This is a multi charger with a power supply in it very nice charger, but not quite as portable as something like we're getting from progressive RC. So also my old favorite, the cuatro by hobby, king, another pretty big charger, but I don't need to have all of these leads anymore. I can just use a balance board with something like this super compact and I can charge multiple batteries anywhere. I go so a pretty sweet, little setup.

Let me go ahead and show you the one that he sent me. This is the Recon. It is fully customizable front top to back to rear. So this thing is really really nice there's. A lot of nice detail in here he put my logo on there, which I absolutely love. I opened up the box and it was like Christmas morning when this came to my door. So let me go ahead and show you a closer look at this little progressive are seat bench charger and portable charge station with included power. Supply pretty sweet deal here. ok, so we have the Recon strike on the bench. Let'S just go ahead and talk about the features of this one and we'll talk about some of the features of the larger ones as well. On his side I mean he has stuff, you can custom on the site up to 2000 it's kind of insane. You can go as wild and crazy as you want with these charred setups and what's cool about this. I'Ve talked about this before it's in the USA and they're built out of Seattle, it's really nice, that progressive RC is also a domestic company, so it's nice, because you can call David on the phone and you can talk to them, person to person and you're gon Na get some tech support with this as well, so all the guys over at progressive have been in the Hobby for a long long time.

They really know what they're talking about guys. Deci, după puteți vedea aici, there's not a lot of companies out there. They'Re. De fapt, building stuff custom made like this, and this is really something special now with that said, let's go ahead and talk about some of the features of the one that I have here, it's pretty simple to operate. If you've ever used the q6, you can run this guy all day long. I do have it plugged into the wall now for my AC power adapter, and I can just barely hear this fan running, which is super nice it's, actually really really quiet compared to my five to ten year old power supply. I have sitting over there it's and that one's only 25 Watt, this one's 350 watts, so quite a big difference in that much time frame, but very cool because he already has your balance ports right here. You have a built in xt60 right here and that's, going to charge most of your fpv racer 4's batteries and that's pretty common and standard on 4s batteries. Even all the way up to 6 s batteries. You can charge on that as well, and you have 2 plugs here, and those are for your extra battery leads. So if you have some different type of connector say something like a Deans connector, you can just plug this guy in right here and you're gon na charge your dean batteries so pretty sweet also for your Fatshark goggle batteries.

So you can use that right there as well, and if you're flying micro brushless and you use X, T 30 s like this. One just get this little adapter here, plug it into your xc60 spot right there and you're charging your micro brushless batteries, that's pretty nice, and for some of my long range wings I used actually XT 90s. I don't know if you guys have seen this before, but this is a much larger plug sixty and that's, something for like a three s: five thousand pack for running a lot, much larger packs on RC, wings or airplanes. These are also compatible with this charger as well, because you have your banana plugs there and just plug right in and balance charge pretty sweet. Acum, if you also want to charge multiple batteries at once, not a big deal just get yourself. A balance board like this you're parallel charging board can plug right into the XD 60 right there, and you plug this in into this spot right here, and you can charge up to six batteries at once with this unit. So a parallel board is really nice to have and they're not super expensive, so let's go ahead and get a battery charging I'm. Just gon na grab a 4s battery right. Here I have one of the graphene batteries from venom. Acesta este un 4s 1300 and it's 90 C. Fourteen point eight volts, so I already have 4s selected in the q6 I'm just gon na plug this into the XD 30 there and then I'm gon na plug in the balanced lead down below or 4s, and it shows up on the screen.

There I'm just gon na use my jog wheel and I'm gon na charge that about one point: eight amps that's a pretty safe charge rate, so I'm gon na go head down to start and click on start and now, I'm charging. The q6 is actually pretty nice charger. It does show you a lot of information on there. It shows you, your cell count voltage and how each cell is balanced, as it goes also up at the very top. It shows you, your percentage of charge raise so that's. Destul de cool, not a lot of charges actually have the percentage of charge going into the battery at the current moment. So that's pretty sweet, also the elapsed time how much amps you're putting into the battery and your milliamps over there on the right hand, side. So pretty cool let's go ahead now and show you how to use one of the charge leads with this unit. Now I've got a battery here from dhk hobby, and this dhk hobby has a Deans connector on it, so I'm kind of an old school connector, and not a lot of people use these anymore, but they are still out there in the fields people use them on Helis all the time so we'll go ahead and plug in positive, negative and now I'm gon na plug in this end right here, a lot of people didn't like these deans connectors because they do a lot of pop and spark when you plug them into your ESC.

So kind of unnerving there, so I have a 7 Punct: 4 Volt 3200, here I'm, just gon na plug in a little 2's balance, lead there and now I'm ready to charge a 2s battery. So I'll go to 2s it's already selected. It has sort of an you, can leave it on auto select, so it actually knows what the cell count of your battery is, which is pretty cool or you can change it to manual. So you can manually select how many cells are in your battery, but it's settled Auto right now, so I'm gon na charge at I'm gon na back that down to 1.5, just a nice slow charge and push start and now I'm charging with the lead. So pretty simple for the battery lead. So now I want to charge one of my micro, brussels, batteries and I'm gon na do that by using this connector adapter right here so I'm, going to plug in the xt60 side right here into the port on the board. It'S gon na go ahead and push that in and I'll plug that into my battery I've got the spc maker 3s battery right here. 11 Punct 1 Volt, so I'll pick the 3s balanced port there and my charger should automatically detect the cells which it did. Super misto 1.5 amps and I don't go over 1.5 really for the smaller batteries. With the q6, I like to keep it under two amps, so now I'm charging and this battery is pretty much done.

It'S already a hundred percent, so we'll go ahead now and I'll show you how to use the balance board now I'm, just going to go ahead and plug in the balance board here on this side of here with the xt60 is and take your bounce board lead Right here for your balance, cable and plug that in on the far end there and now we can charge up to six batteries at once. But if you're going to be parallel, charging multiple batteries, if you're not just doing one it's a good idea to make sure you check the voltage with a voltmeter to see that your batteries are close to the same voltage. And you also don't want to mix up different types of milliamp per hour this batteries, because that's going to get weird. So you want all these to sort of end at the same time, so we're gon na plug in this first one here and we're gon na plug in the balance port on three s. Aceasta este o 3 s, 11 point one volt and same thing for this battery. I have two of these: a flight batteries they're the same size, 3s 22. Hundreds I'm gon na plug that in on the opposite side there for the 3s port, and now I can charge my multiple batteries here. It'S gon na go to the screen and it says 3s already, and we could turn that current up just a little bit. We'Ll go to 1.

8 on this charge a little bit faster and I'll press Start and now I'm charging multiple batteries. So it can go all the way up to 6 different batteries on there as long as they're, the same milliamp set up on the battery and the same cell count very important that there are the same size and a similar voltage when you start charging in a Lot of times, if I'm, in a hurry, I usually don't do multiple batteries at once, because what it does is it sort of spreads the amp charge rate to each battery and divides it up along the route. So it takes a little bit longer to charge multiple batteries at once, as you would guess, but normally, if I want a fast charge, I'm, just gon na do one battery at a time so it's pretty simple, to use a balance board parallel board on this charger. I'M, just plugging the xt60 there and the ballast port on that far end and you're pretty much good to go with a six battery type of setup like this one very easy and pretty convenient now, with all of that said, it's pretty easy to use. It'S really easy to set up and just get going and charging our batteries. Let'S talk about the build quality of this. I always like to sort of give an honest, honest opinion on most of the stuff that comes in my shops. You guys can benefit from it. If I was gon na pay 249 for a charged setup that was custom built like this, I would definitely want to see some attention to detail and I'm looking at this charge box this whole unit front to back and it looks like it was actually manufactured more Than it was just sort of a custom home built, job' type of thing, it doesn't look janky.

It actually looks really nice. All the hardware on top is all recessed, so all these screws, on top they have bolted down for this faceplate it's all flush mount with the top of the charge unit, so that's pretty nice. The balance ports do stick out on the side here and the xt60 is not flush but that's not a big deal because it's just easy to set up there and get charging now on the side over here. This is solid over here, but let me turn it to the other side, so you can see the extra vent unit, so you have to vent units on the side here for a nice airflow, because this fan right here is bringing air through and cooling everything the Power supply and the q6, so it's keeping all of your electronic components cool in here. I don't really recommend closing the top of the case, while you're charging, because you need to have air flow going through here, so keep the top of your unit open, while you're charging your batteries but head over to the progressive RC website and check them out. Progressive RC also sells quad frames, they sell batteries, they sell all kinds of fpv gear and goggles and some awesome chargersand I didn't know that progressive RC had these Chargers until David contacted me via email so head over to their website. Click on charging and charging cases it'll. Take you to this page right here and you'll see all the different charge cases that they have available pretty crazy selection.

I had no idea he had this many chargers on his page, I mean starting out at around two hundred. Thirty four dollars and if you scroll down the page, you'll see some amazing and crazy setups on here. You can really really spoil yourself. So if you wanted to give one of these as a gift or something like that, you would blow somebody's mind if you gave it to them as a gift. I might be your best friend forever. If you sent me one of these in the mail which I'm probably going to be after this and looking at the page, I go all the way down to the bottom, the most expensive one he has on. There is the PRC Signature Series, the big rig 4000 watt combo. It has one review on there at 5 Stele, absolutely it's, two thousand two hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents. That is the most expensive charger in the history of the Hobby. But for thousand watts is insane, it looks like it has dual chargers on there with four different charge spots. On there recessed fan, you could probably get the case in multiple different colors and you can go completely crazy, customize it with your own pilot name on there. If you're, the guy that shows up with this in the field wow, this is probably the the nicest looking charge setup I've ever seen and I've been the hobby for a long time, it's pretty amazing.

So the only thing you're missing on this thing is a beer cooler and like a flat screen TV. Maybe he'll add that on there, for you guys if you want to, but our season is here and I'm super excited, because the hobby is picking up right now. I'M, seeing more people go out and fly and I'm super excited for spring and summer this year, and this is really a nice surprise from progressive RC for me, so I'm gon na take this everywhere. I go out on the road and I'm going to keep this here on the bench it's a super nice signature piece and, if you're looking for something that has a really nice quality to it and very, very very nicely made you got to check out the cases From progressive RC, so I want to say thanks to David for seeing out this unit, I am blown away by it and I'm not easily impressed because I've pretty much seen it all out there in the Hobby, I've seen they're, really cheap, chintzy, stuff and stuff fry On the bench, some of the Chargers out there aren't even worth putting your money down for, but is DT, is definitely a nice choice for this setup. You can also get a charger. So if you're a charger guy chi ching there and those are a really nice Chargerspretty standard in the Hobby they're a little more expensive than is DT stuff, but I always fall back to the more economy.

Stuff, so is DT just just fun. Pentru mine, but I'm gon na have to give this one a 4 Punct, 9 stars I'm, not ever going to give a 5 star rating for anything but 4.9 it's the highest. I could go on my channel so really really really really nice stuff here and I, like my logo up in the top left corner there too, that's pretty sweet, so I'm gon na say thanks to David and progressive RC, thanks for being a legend in the Hobby And, according all of us, as as long as you have it's it's, a really an amazing thing that they're doing so check out their website and see if one of these are right for you, if not cool beans, stick with your little q6 no biggie. But this is what I'm gon na stick with for this year. So thanks again for watching my channel and this review of the recon strike, 350 I'm Justin Davis I'll see you on the next. One guys take care and help others.