This is everything you need in a box it's around 200 and in this review, i'm gon na give you something to bring home if you're, trying to make a purchase i'm going to help you out in this review, try to decide which rtf to go, for which One might be the best value for the money we're going to talk about prices, starting out with this one. Aceasta este una 199 on beta fpv's website They also have a version. It'S called the starter version. It is around 129. This one is a 75 millimeter brushless whoop, with a 1s battery it's going to be a 1s 450 that comes along. You get two in the box, along with your radio transmitter and your goggles with a dvr on there. So you can record all your flight videos, care este destul de cool. It also has this diversity antennas on here. Ea a, Eu cred că, împrejurul 48 Canale, uh five different bands. You have an auto search function on here, which is really cool power on and off, and it has an internal battery, so you can charge it up with the usb cable that comes in the box. Now the transmitter that you get with it. It is the light version, but it can bind up to other sort of same style, light flight controllers, care este cool. This has a built in receiver in it it has a bind button on the back. It has two three position switches.

It has a turtle mode which is gon na. If your copter is upside down, you wan na flip the drone back over you flip into turtle mode hit the power switch again power up and it'll flip it over turn off turtle mode, and then you can resume normal flying, which is a cool feature if you're In tall grass it won't work so well, but on flat hardwood floors, it works great now the one s450 that's in this box that comes along with it will get you over five minutes flight time. It also has another three position switch on here. That is an advanced flight mode switch. It will take you from stability mode, which is great for beginners and then it'll take you into acro mode, and it also has custom pins from beta fpv on here, which also you can get inside and change around the pids. Now the pids, the pidswe talk about these in other videos on my channel, but don't go into those and start changing those because you might mess up the tune on here and the tune is actually quite good. We'Re going to talk about the tune versus some of the other rtfs out there, we have the tiny hawk 2 rtf, which is the direct competitor to this one. This one is around two hundred dollars, but it is quite good we're going to talk about the pros and cons about this kit um. The first thing that i think and versus the tiny hawk 2, which is around 169 on emacs usda's website.

This one comes without a usb port on the bottom of the quad, so there is no betaflight. You can't plug this into betaflight and update your firmware that's the biggest bummer about this one for beginners that want to get familiar with betaflight it's, going to take you longer to do that and you're going to need a different quad to do it. So one reality check with this rtf. Now the tiny hawk 2 series does come with betaflight and it has a beginner tune on there and right away. I noticed that this one is a little more advanced feeling in the acro mode, it's, not quite as soft. On the controls it's a little faster and it flips quicker, so you might have more room to grow with the tune that's on this one. But if you want something that's going to be more subtle and for the beginner mode in stability mode, i find that it flies probably a little more stable through the smaller proximity gaps. If you're trying to go up through trees and do some canopy exploration and play around outside in your yard, the tiny hawk 2 is great for that. This one is based on the meteor 75 cadru, so this one is going to be a bit of a speed demon in in the higher end of throttle. So this is a very fast quad on the high end of the throttle. The meteor 75 on my channel did really good for advanced flyers, and it will do some mild freestyle, dar, cel mai important, when you want to slow it down, you can the next biggest thing in comparison to the tiny hawk 2 rtf.

Is that this transmitter the light series 2 transmitter is way better than the tiny hawk 2 transmiţător. The tiny hawk 2 transmitter doesn't have the same. Gimbal sticks this feels more like a traditional style gimbal than my bigger radios in my hands. So this one gives you that simulated, big radio feel which the tiny hawk 2 does not. But aside from all the cool extras that you get in the box, you do get a little charger. That is a two up charger you can plug in two of these batteries that you got, and these have the bt 2.0 connectors on the end, these are sort of rounded flat on one side and rounded around the other. It has a positive and negative connection. Very simple: to charge you just plug it into the wall: adapter and you're off, and charging probably going to charge up those batteries in about 20 minutes time per battery. Now also, i think that the case that came along with this is actually pretty decent. It is all canvas on the exterior, it has a nice zipper, a rubber grip handle for carrying, and it has really nice zipper handles as well and inside the box. I had no problem fitting all this gear inside the box for transport, so everything you need to fly all in one box for 200 de dolari, but at the end of the day, what does it fly like let's go outside now and let's? Do some flying and i'll show you both different modes on here, we'll show you beginner mode, which is stability mode and then i'll show you advanced acro mode for light, freestyle and we'll do some ripping around in the house as well.

Aici vom merge bine, guys let's, go ahead and let's. Do the flight test we're going to get this up in the air we're going to start out in level mode, so you guys can see how well it flies in level mode and i'm going to show you some crashes and some general banging around now the cool Thing about this quad is that if you are a beginner and you do hit things, the quad bounces off hard objects pretty nicely and doesn't take a lot of damage. I haven't broken a prop with this quad since i've been flying. It is it's actually pretty hard to break a prop. You'Ve got 40 millimeter props on here with a 1.5 millimeter shaft. Just in case. You need to know what size you need to order. Make sure that you don't order one millimeter shaft size props because they won't fit, but it seems to do pretty well high up. I am running 25 miliwatt, i believe that's, the max you can run so there was some bit of break up but i'm, also standing with the house between me and the video transmitter. Așa că ține minte asta.. If you fly behind objects or around your house, you might have some breakup with the goggles that come with this rtf kit. The antennas can also be upgraded if you want to buy some better antennas. I'Ll put some links down below to foxier echo patch antenna and also a lollipop, 3 and that's going to give you way better penetration for your video and by penetration i mean being able to get through solid objects and just give you a better signal altogether, but Flying around in the level mode, which is also known as stability mode in betaflight, is very, very reliable and again it's faster than the tiny hawk 2 rtf or the original tiny hawk.

But the advantage of the tiny hawk 2 is that it is softened up for the beginner it's, not quite as aggressive and quick on the sticks and guys this again. This is the meteor 75 quad. So when i originally reviewed this one to begin with, it was a fast quad. The 6'5 version is is pretty fast. It is a little bit slower for indoors, more precise flying, but the 75 just it does handles better outside and a little more weather conditions. Acum. Here'S turtle mode and we can go ahead and flip the switch and on carpet it works great it's just going to flip you back over and you have to disarm and then re arm again and turn turtle mode off to get back to your flight mode. Acum, i'm, in acro mode now you guys can sort of see how this quad does in acro nice tight, quick flips, which are super impressive and right here, i'm inside so you're, going to see a little bit of break up here now i flew both the goggles That come with the quad and my custom, skyzone 030s, which are my go to goggles. Those are pretty pretty much my my daily goggles that i use even over fat sharks. I prefer these. The dvr in these is better than the stock dvr that comes along with the quad, and also the penetration on this setup is way better than stock antennas. The stock antennas are dipoles and they're, not that great, so you definitely want to upgrade those at least, if you're not going to buy goggles that that should be the first thing you do when you're buying some new batteries, you want to get some extra batteries and Some better goggle antennas, so my biggest recommendations for you, guys that are just getting into fpv and you're gon na put a lollipop three on one side and your echo patchy antenna on the other side and that'll.

Just give you much better reception and again super tight rolls and flips. Looking really good and now i'm, showing you horizon mode and horizon mode will let you fly and still do flips, but also give you back to level. So after you do a flip it'll kind of bring the quad back to level, but when you get to a certain point it will flip and roll. So keep that in mind for horizon mode now i was able to get back over in the grass with this quad, so the prop guards work pretty good for turtle mode in the grass. You want to be careful in the grass because, if there's a stick, maybe on one prop, you can burn up your esc. So be careful about that and now i'm over. The four minute flight time mark, ceea ce este mare, especially since i've, been ripping around super fast guys that are just getting into this. You guys are probably going to get over five minutes flight time with one of the one s 450 baterii, so that's pretty good, and these batteries are cheap, Baieti, they're, not super expensive, so get yourself a handful of these batteries and fly as much as you want And practice, acro mode before you get something big. I had a good time with this quad all right guys welcome back from the flight test that was cool. This little guy is, în opinia mea, probably the rtf out there that you can kind of grow into more.

So than something like the tiny hawk 2, this has more freestyle capability in acro mode. Deci, if you're looking for a sort of a real world simulated acro trainer, this one is a pretty good deal for that. The tiny hawk 2, cu toate acestea, is going to be more user friendly for beginners getting into it a lot of people that get into it. Do a lot of what i call stick banging. They do a lot of heavy heavy stick controls and, since the tune on the tiny hawk 2 is softened up it. It has a lot of room for errors with the sticks. Now this one, pe de altă parte, you're going to probably crash more in the very beginning, because it is faster, it's, extremely nimble. And when you flip into acro mode for the first time honestly, you're, probably just going to crash right away because it's just going to lose all that stability and you're going to go flying into the ground, and that generally happens. But the best thing for acro. If you go way up in the air, not too high guys, but you know higher than your house, de exemplu, and flipping the acro there you're going to have a lot more air space between you and the ground and honestly about 40 feet up with a little Tiny whoop feels like you're 100 picioarele în aer, it's, actually pretty cool, so you have less chance of crashing when you flip into acro mode a little higher up uh.

Dar sincer, we don't really fly these up around 100 feet anyway. It'S, just it can get lost really easily, but it does have a beeper on here as well. So if you crash off into the trees, you can flip the beeper switch and it will start beeping and hopefully you can go, find your quad, but i think that the flight times on this are good. I think that this one might be fairly durable. As far as this frame, it is reinforced underneath the prop guards there's, some extra struts underneath here, care îmi place, and the canopy on topis abs plastic. It is not like a lot of my prototypes that i've got in the past that have broke on me. This one is most likely not going to break on you, dar în general, i like the bundle and i think for the price it's, actually pretty good, so i'll leave it up to you guys to decide which one you want to go for. The tiny hawk 2 rtf or the beta fpv advanced or even the starter kit, the starter one from beta fpv, is a 65 cadru milimetric. This one's a 75 millimeter frame so what's. The difference 65 is just a little bit smaller and honestly it's going to fly a little bit better indoors for you and smaller spaces, so uh just also a little bit quieter. So if you have some crazy, neighbors you're not going to disturb him with the 65 millimeter version, i'll put all the links down below guys and you can make the choice based on my opinion.

There you have it another video in the books, guys thanks again for watching i'm justin davis have fun guys be safe out there and i'll see you on the next one.