This is my copy from axial, so let's say thanks to axial for sending me this for review. I will have a full review on this truck coming up in some high rock crawling of Oregon we're gon na put it through a pretty strenuous test, but in the meantime I wanted to bring you guys some useful information, so we're gon na put it on the Climbing wall over here and I'm gon na put it up against the tube. So the three versus the two we're gon na see if this truck is as capable as a two which most of you guys already own in the axial crowd. So I've just curious myself to see how much vert this one can handle versus the two, so I'm gon na go ahead and set this down next to the two over there and we're gon na turn on the pitch gauge we're gon na see how many degrees, Both of these trucks can handle at the climbing wall. Aici vom merge. Alright we're gon na try out max degrees pitch for the scx10 353 Grade. Right here got one tire up, not gon na make it up for 53 let's try. 52, Bine, there's. 52 incline 52 degrees it's about the max I've been able to get out of it 52 degrees all the way to the top. All right now, we're gon na compare the scx10 to this is the clone one. So let's see how this handles the degrees 53 Grade.

They'Re, almost fifty three and a half degrees straight to the top. Okay let's go ahead and try out 54 for almost fifty four and a half there let's go ahead and go up. Fifty four point: six to the top it's awesome, one more 55 Grade, just get it up there. It was tumbling at 56, so I'm gon na see if I can get 55 for you guys all right now, we're gon na try, no body with the scx10 three let's see how that does same battery 54 Grade, no problem all the way to the top yeah. Now let's go up to 55 Grade, Bine, 55. To do that doing a little better without the body and the battery on that forward. Slot on the side, one tire's raising up a little bit, I might be able to make it up, though see you know, I'm gon na do all the way that's up awesome. I don't think it'll do 56 Grade, but it will do let's see here. 56. 56.1. Tire isn't up 56 degrees to the top one tire all right now I got curious to see if it'll do 57 because it just barely did 56 and I think 57 is gon na be the cutoff on this particular board. One wheel is raised up, but I'm still going up, see how far up the board can make it before closer, but I think about half way up a little more than halfway I'll, give it another shot.

I just don't want to tumble too far down to the concrete in my shop all right right about there all right now, we're at 57 Grade, I'm gon na try again the SDX tuned to not one to get even close to all right guys. Sperăm că, you kind of got some good information about this new three as far as divert that it can handle in comparison to the two. So what cancer me the most when this came out, was the battery positioning that they have. They have this shorty spot right here. I kind of wish we had a little bit longer tray here. Maybe we can switch these out and make this a longer bed right here, but I want my weight forward, Desigur, desigur, on the older frame. They have the battery right up here in the middle, which is great and for this frame I want as much weight forward as I can get. I don't want the the big battery in the back back here. So I feel like this is a lot of weight up front having the motor up front instead of the middle, but yeah more weight forward I can get, Este, is gon na be better for me for getting up vertical, so hopefully have a better idea of what This truck can now handle as far as divert but thanks again for watching my channel guys. Please do click subscribe and click the notification button for new videos coming out on new crawlers quads everything's on my channel I'm Justin Davis I'll see you on the next one.