Is it ready to roll you're rocking bro baby, the smell of clean rubber, then the knowledge of knowing this rc will never ever be this clean again, i want to smell it Laughter, the first rip. I'M excited about this release. This is all the upgrades that ever needed right out of the box fast it's, foarte rapid, those tr those tires have tons of traction: Whoa, da, Bine. This is a brand new track. Let'S get it out to the track and see if we can feel some jumps for these guys. Oh yeah yeah, i don't know what is Music so the extreme basher. It is flowing hundreds of feet today, that's gon na fly, hundreds more let's go in three two launch power Music, so much to play with you, Muzica, that's, the power Music wow that's, like the fourth one watch Music. This do it again again: Muzica. They are exp. Extreme basher, bebeluș, okay behind me, a huge cement tube right, a pipe now there's one on the other side, if i don't jump far enough i'm going to totally wreck the truck, but i still want to see how much air we can get off of this it's. A huge kicker let's do it. Bine, here we go starts the approach. One shot one opportunity here: we go oh yeah, easy almost but it's, supposedly on the super tough front, bumper let's see if it works. I cannot believe it. I totally nose. Dived, look at this.

The bumper nothing broken nothing broken. I don't even see a banana bottom tray, like everything, looks straight still, one more time: Muzica, Uh, Bine, little arma it's, just you and me it's time to put on the last show for these guys, let's give them something big let's. Give them something full throttle, let's give them something they can talk Music about Music. Mulțumesc, Muzica, Muzica! Look at that perfect landing! I don't want to push my luck, but it's still in one piece shall we go again yay one more time. Let'S do this. Aceasta este, pentru tine, Baieti, drop a light. Click right now, i'm trying to break this truck for you guys right now putting the extreme basher to the test. Armor right now, let's fly high. Here we go we're gon na. Ei bine, there you go guys the reefs rc servo, still going strong in there, the arma creighton exb took a hell of a beating. Azi. I am super happy with this. I thought for sure, like any other rc i was going to take it out here, have a broken arm. Half a broken c hub have a tire ripped out from its bead. Nothing and it still rips awesome i'm impressed me too. Bine, Baieti, as always i'll leave helpful links for you in the video description box. If you want to go and check out the arma creighton exp, also to the electronics i put on in the inside, if you just want to replicate mine until next time, Bună.

What do we always say get outside enjoy the hobby of rc. My friends bye for now look baby isn't it true what they say. It wouldn't be bashing. If there wasn't a little blood that's, what makes it a sport, i didn't even feel it that's. How you know you're a manhey it's me i'm, back at the shop on my own. I know you're going to want to see whatever is under the hood. I didn't get a chance when i was there, but i know all the really hardcore people want to see how much damage happened to this vehicle. No body cracks. Nimic.