Cu toate acestea, this is not the norm and there is no standard requiring this to be the case. Aha, so it has been raining all week and our YouTube goldmine site is flooded right out. We have to bring the waters back, so we can even maneuver the equipment around there. So what I did was […]

YouTube de aur 2020 (S3 E3) BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Mining Crew Hunt For Alberta Gold! | RC AVENTURI

You can see. I brought my friend with me, the shadow, because he's gon na be able to do some mining with me. At least he has arms, say hi shadow. There it is, I also have with me crazy Bob in the background, although he does not have any arms he does make for […]

How to solder 18650 Li-Ion batteries

Sigur, you possibly can safely solder 18650 Li-Ion cells, and that is find out how to do it with out the necessity for a spot-welder. My soldering fundamentals video:

5 Sfaturi pentru siguranță în dronele FPV

Generally, unhealthy issues can occur. We strive to not let these unhealthy issues occur. Listed here are some tips about the best way to not die and stuff! – – – – – – – – – – Assist Rotor Riot by buying from our retailer: Need to fly FPV like the professionals? Begin right […]

Sub-250 grame, viitorul rc de zbor?

Shifting all the way down to RC planes, multirotors and drones that weigh lower than 250g opens up an entire new world of safer, much less restricted flying for individuals in nations akin to Canada, the USA and a rising variety of different locations. However simply what are you able to do with a sub-250g […]

YouTube de aur – the Bold Road Forward: Crush, Dump, Spread, Repeat (S2, E1) | RC AVENTURI

#YTG2019 is FINALLY HERE! The second season is able to rock and roll.. though.. we’re nonetheless in for some winter snow and chilly. ICE has moved into our draw pond, and it appears to be like like we’ve got a number of points to cope with due to it. The crew is usually again collectively, […]

Situational Awareness for BVLOS FPV pilots

If you intend to fly an FPV RC airplane beyond visual view then you truly do require to view this video clip and discover situational awareness, what it is, exactly how to maximize it as well as what happens if you don't. Has collision video footage! Bear in mind, with aviation it ought to constantly […]