X5C-1 Wifi Quad – Revizuire & Testul de zbor

Drone Camps RC testimonial and also trip examination of the new " antrenor trântor" SYMA Clone by Bayangtoys marketed by Banggood.com Fly it if you have actually obtained it! Buy X5C-1 on Banggood right here: Information: Thing Name: X5C-1 Upgraded Version FPV Quadcopter Color: Negru, White Frequency: 2.4 GHz. Gyro: 6 Axa Gyro. Network: 4 […]

Chroma Drone – Actualizarea firmware-ului + Unlocking Height Limits Tutorial

Drone Camps RC walks consumers with upgrading your Chroma Drone Firmware. We likewise show you how to un-lock the height limits established by the manufacturing facility on the Chroma. Updates don't take place that commonly so do not fret excessive. – It's very basic to upgrade the firmware on the Chroma. Drone Tabere RC # […]

What the HELL is a NOTAM or TFR ?

What is a NOTAM or TFR? – Drone Camps RC walks you with the basics of what current TFRs as well as NOTAMs are. RC Aircraft are also consisted of in FAA TFR news. Online: www.dronecamps.com DJI as well as Horizon Pastime Dealership Shop: 844-DRONĂ-RC

1st Time Pilot’sDRONE FIELD BOX Guide

Drone Camps RC shows new pilots what tools to get for your first Drone Area box. You don't need to invest a whole lot. Several of the devices you could already have. If you recognize of a tool you believe the brand-new people can gain from please leave it in the comments listed below. Trântor […]

Drone Camps RC is asking for your help. – Patreon

Drone Camps RC has launched a Patreon campaign for monetary support for our recurring educational drone channel. If you want to become a Drone Camps advocate and client please search for Drone Camps RC on www.patreon.com We would really appreciate your assistance of our initiatives! – All the most effective, Justin Davis, Drone Tabere RC […]

DJI Phantom for Newbies: – New Pilot Tips, REMOVE the CAMERA & Mai mult!

Drone Camps RC shows the new very first time R/C pilots just how to remove the VISION+ Camera Gimbal and conserve loan throughout your first few days of flying. We discuss why it is helpful to discover to fly L.O.S. "Line of Sight" for the initial few days to a week. See why … vă rog […]

1Pentru prima oară în – Ghidul cumpărătorului de drone. CELE MAI BUNE PENTRU Trântorii 2015

Excellent overview of the latest drones supplied by DJI. Showing the 1 1st time customer the basics, cam contrasts, and also the technological. Which one to purchase for your needs as well as why. Offered you by Drone Camps RC. – # 1 Personal Drone Store, Hosted by Justin Davis. Please click Subscribe for even […]

debloca: Naza M Mode în Doar 10 Uscat!

O explicație clară și clară a modului de deblocare și utilizare a setării NAZA M de către Drone Camps RC. tocmai 10 secunde, precum și puteți deschide funcțiile modului Naza M pe phantom 2 sau Vision+. We stroll you via the very easy steps as well as explain […]

oficial – Iarna R / C Flying Sfaturi de Drone Tabere RC

R/C Tips for flying in colder climate and maintaining your gear. Details on Multirotor treatment, lipo battery usage, storage, zbor, conditions, and pointers on maintaining your fingers from going numb. Remain warm as well as fly safe. – your pals at Drone Camps RC. Please click Subscribe for more DJI Video clips: Drone Tabere RC […]

DJI Phantom 2 – FIRMWARE Update, Quick Tutorial

Don't be scaredDrone Camps RC walks brand-new pilots with the simple way to install a brand-new firmware update from DJI on their Phantom. Any individual can do it in just a couple of minutes. DC/RC is here to assist brand-new pilots come to be extra self-dependent. Please click Subscribe for even more DJI […]

DRONE flies overDrone Dealer’sHouseREACTION.

Somebody simply recently fired a "drone" down that flew over their residence. Figure out exactly how we responded to a similar situation. Did we obtain our shotgun and go out capturing? – Possibly not. Reasoning initially! Please click Subscribe for more DJI Videos: Drone Camps RC www.dronecamps.com Sales, soluție, asistență: 844-DRONE-RC Official U.S.A., DJI Supplier […]

DJI Phantom 2 ON and OFFThe Proper Procedure

Drone Camps RC shows new pilots how to effectively switch on your new DJI Phantom 2 sau Vision+. This will securely obtain you off the ground as well as back home. Ps. If you have an electronic camera gimbal holder, and also lens capBe sure to remove it first prior to turning it […]