YouTube de aur (S3 E7) FRESH MEAT! NEW MiNERS put my BiG JOHNSON Deep in a GLORY HOLE for a BiG PAYDAY

Oh I didn't realize I got not anymore. Bine, gentlemen, it's gon na be a big day today. We'Re gon na be here to get gold Comedy Golden Grahams today, Phil yeah right, I hope so I hope so. We haven't we have a good opportunitygold in the goddamn pan, thanks to all […]


It never does get old. Does it no well Bob it's? În cele din urmă, all coming together, the boys are back in town they're, working to get the gold from the ground into the sluice boxes and even got some filtered water going on nice. Filtered water that'll keep all the debris out of the pond extra […]

YouTube de aur – Gold Makes the Ugly Beautiful (s2 e14) | RC AVENTURI

Two Dozers are actually within the Decrease Lower. The Higher Lower is beginning to run out of pay filth.. Fortunately I’ve a full crew at this time and fortunately most of those guys have already been foreman, so they’re getting some good expertise. We proceed to open new floor, and the wash crops proceed to […]

YouTube de aur – the Quest For 3/4 ozt (s2 e8) Miniere de aur in miniatura | RC AVENTURI

We’re caught in a climate Vortex! It's like we’ve all four seasons swirling round us, testing to see if we’re really severe about our seek for 3/four of an oz of GOLD this yr. $50,000 price of kit is being sacrificed on the mine-site so we are able to get extract largest payout but.. cu toate acestea […]

YouTube de aur – FOTOGRAFIERE ÎN JOS! Aceasta este zăpadă conditie la locul de muncă în mai! (s2e6) | RC AVENTURI

The WORLD has gone MAD! How are we presupposed to work in circumstances like this. Le-a -2 levels Celsius, and although we wish to keep toasty in our heat store.. payments should be paid.. and the beer must be consumed. This gold isn't going to mine itself! Displaying true Canadian worth.. we slug it out […]

YouTube de aur – 4 Tipi, 1 Site-ul meu : O familie răscumpărare (S2 e5) | RC AVENTURI

The scenario is dire. We have to begin pulling GOLD from the bottom and get again on observe for our season purpose of three/four oz (Sigur, TROY ounce).. we all know it feels like an insane quantity, particularly for the plains of Alberta. All of us have payments to pay.. some greater than others… The […]

YouTube de aur – Mine site Mayhem: The “SafetyInspector & New Equipment (S2 E3) | RC AVENTURI

The brand new tools got here in to make our mine website much more loopy than it was earlier than. #YTG2019 (season 2) is in full mining mode now.. and we’re beginning to check the equipments limits. I’ve a brand new Materials Hopper and Conveyor System fromand sure, it is extremely costly. Cu toate acestea […]

I Found YouTube GOLD! Pay Dirt in the Trommel from Last Year | RC AVENTURI

It's time to begin getting ready for #YTG2019, filming in just a few brief weeks. Very first thing I’ve to do is put set up a vibrator on my Trommel to assist clear the grizzly bars of particles. This yr, I’ll have a brand new supply system that may have a prescreen, and conveyor belt […]

YouTube de aur – EPS. 15 Minele DUAL MiNi GOLD – Bonus: CURSA EXCAVATOR | RC AVENTURI

Back at the mine website we are functioning towards our period objective of 1/2 oz. Some individuals may assume that objective is outrageous for the open pastures of Alberta Canada, as well as we would need to agree with them. Yet hi there. Gold Mining is all about determination, the appropriate tools, the ideal group […]

YouTube de aur – EPS. 12 WHEEL OF FORTUNE: How To Hypnotize a GOLD MiNER | RC AVENTURI

If we don't locate some severe GOLD quickly, I may need to ask my group if they can wait to earn money for another 2 săptămâni. A lot more initiative, time and also specifically money goes into a 1/14th range GOLDEN GOOSE than one might believe. I have been functioning towards my period objective of […]

YouTube de aur – EPS. 5 GOLD FEVER: Sluice Box Junkies | RC AVENTURI

The final sluice boxes have actually gotten here, and its time to begin SLUICING! First we need to complete the clearing up fish pond, build the New 6" power sluice boxes, get the pumps preparedobtain the boxes degree, and also fire up the plant! We have dug the settling fish pond larger, deeper […]

YouTube de aur – EPS. 4 NOT Your Average Mining Show: 1/14 Scară | RC AVENTURI

Still being completed, this is a 1/14 range GOLD MiNE. * KEEP IN MIND * THIS IS NOT THE FINAL BUILD: I have two more sluice boxes presently shipping to the mine website. The 6" Power Sluice Box Setups are to get here for our Two Rotating Drum Trommel catch bays. Acesta este un 3 […]