4S WHOOP LIKE A SUPERBIKE! – Geelang Anger 75x V2 – Revizuire & Zboruri

This is a 4s woop it's, also flyable on 3s and we're gon na start out. This review just sort of taking a look at this quad. It is the G Lang, anger, 75 X version 2, and it is around 45 grams on the weight and a little bit heavier with the battery, Nu […]


Today we have a new boot style review. This is a micro brushless, 85 millimeters here this is around 45 grame. Without the battery the dry weight and the total weight is under 60 grame, with two 1s 300 milli amp batteries that come along with the pH 2.0 connectors. You can charge those on […]

$109 & LIGHTNING FAST! – Geelang Lightning 120X – REVIZUIRE, PIDURI, & BILETE ?

Bine ați revenit la canal astăzi., we're gon na check out the G Lang lightning 120 X. It has several different receiver options. Ac 900 here fly sky DSM, X, XM plus TB, s and P. Amp P, which is no Rx and let's open up the box. This is the quad pretty nice, looking […]

BEST DJI MICRO CINEWHOOP? – BetaFpv 95X, Transtec Beetle, VS Geprc Rocket Lite

You decide which micro you buy this year with DJI digital in there we're gon na review sort of do a mash up. Azi, we're gon na put in some footage of the rocket from gap RC. This is the rocket light with the cat X on board and I'm also going to show you […]


5 inch level. This is a little 2 la 3 s. Lipo 450 million battery is the one we're gon na suggest for this one, and it is fairly low profile with the 16 de 16 stack on their dipole off the back and a really nice power setup on here we have a wheelbase […]


This quad is crazy. This is a micro brushless running 6s on board and success. Rated motors from HG LRC it's, the hdl c parrot 132 super beasty, Greu, one hundred and thirty, two millimeter wheelbase with a 16 de 16 controler de zbor, mount 2.5 millimeter unibody on the bottom, and we have a pretty […]

FREESTYLE FPV TRAINERSkystars Piper 105mm Toothpick – REVIEW FULL & BILETE ?

This is a xm version. They have made some changing with extra bracing in the frame, so it's gon na make it fly even better. If you decide to get it, so mine is the original prototype, as you see here with no bracing, it also has a TPU mount on here that they have […]

I LOVE IT! – Happymodel Larva-X HD – REVIZUIRE & BILETE

Azi, we're gon na review the larva xhd let's open it up and check it out. It has the cat X baby turtle on board getting 1080p at 60 cadre pe secundă, which is pretty sweet. 2. 3 s battery tons of extras in the box. You get some extra 3 inch props in here […]

DIATONE GTB339EVOLUTION OF A QUAD – Revizuire completa & Zboruri

Prototype to completed quad. See how far the GTB Sequence has come. Retail model overview and flight exams by Drone Camps RC. Purchase numerous variations of the GTB beneath ——————————————————————— Diatone GTB339 Dice : Diatone GTB239 Dice : Diatone GTB229 Dice : Diatone GTB 329 / 339 Body Package $21 : Diatone GTB 329 / […]

$69 Începător scobitoare – EACHINE TYRO69 – Construi. De la BETAFLIGHT. Zbura. – REVIZUIRE

$69 Toothpick! Construct directions, configurarea Betaflight, BLheli setup, and flight check. Ranking and last ideas on the finish of the video. Video by Justin Davis. Purchase a Eachine Tyro69 DIY Equipment Banggood : Codul promoţional : toyho Video contents Intro : 00:00:10 Field Contents: 00:00:48 Construct : 01:17 Betazbor : 07:53 BlHeli : 12:32 Zbor […]

4S Freestyle HD Ripper – BetaFpv HX 115 HD – Revizuire, Zboruri, & Evaluare

NOU HX115 HD traducere de la Betafpv is venire… Try the total assessment of this 4S micro brushless freestyle ripper. Zboruri, evaluare și evaluare. Purchase a BetaFpv HX-115 HD Quad Betafpv website hyperlink : Coming on the finish of Sept. 2019 Advisable 3S Battery : Advisable 4S Battery : My different Prime 5 Toothpick Fashion Quads […]

RIPS like a 5″! – iFlight Turbobee 136RS 4S – Revizuire & Zboruri

NOU' iFlight Turbobee 136RS 4S Toothpick Professional version. The biggest of the RS Professional Sequence by iFlight. Lastly a micro that rips like a 5" quad. Nice tune, sturdy, and quiet on the brand new HQ 3×2 Recuzita. Purchase an iFlight Turbobee 136RS 2-4S Banggood : Codul promoţional : toyho Purchase an iFlight Turbobee 120RS […]