Take all of these on the table right here. The most popular ones, we're gon na, do a weigh in price check. We'Re gon na do some flights. Some noise testing and overall best out of all these in the bunch we're gon na, take a look at the eating of this whoop, the reptile […]


I appreciate you guys, subscribing and hopefully you're not going crazy at home with all this self quarantine coronavirus, Kovan 19 we're over eating. Staying at home, playing a lot of games and playstation, and hopefully you're flying some indoor drones like these or maybe similar to these, the mobula 6 was one of the […]

WORLD’S SMALLEST HD DRONE! – Betafpv 65X HD – Revizuire & Zboruri

Azi, you guys are probably still staying at home because of the stay home orders, and it seems that so a whoop season has been extended for all of us recently we're sticking closer to home. So a lot of people are doing backyard flying, and this is a great time to release this review […]


Bine ați revenit la canal astăzi., we're gon na check out the HX 100 SE ultra light series. This is a 1s toothpick, destul de cool, because it's ultra lightweight running on that one asked for 50 and there's a 2's option available. It has a wheelbase of around 100 millimeter on that unibody frame and […]

$109 & LIGHTNING FAST! – Geelang Lightning 120X – REVIZUIRE, PIDURI, & BILETE ?

Bine ați revenit la canal astăzi., we're gon na check out the G Lang lightning 120 X. It has several different receiver options. Ac 900 here fly sky DSM, X, XM plus TB, s and P. Amp P, which is no Rx and let's open up the box. This is the quad pretty nice, looking […]

Happymodel Mobula6 X2 GIVEAWAY!!! – ENTER TO WIN A FREE DRONE ?

Welcome back to my channel today, I'm excited because we're going to give away to mobile. Oh six is here from happy model. These were super popular on my channel's little 1s brushless woop that really rip. So if you want a chance to win either one of these, you have twice the chance coming […]

EMAX TINYHAWK 2 RACE – Revizuire ?

You can also fly in on a 1s configuration indoors if you want, if you are a new guy. The good news is that you could start out with this quad. It has no prop guards on there, but it actually doesn't need it. These are Vaughn blurr, Recuzită, they're kind of like skateboard wheels. […]

$88 and AWESOME! – Eachine TYRO89 – Construi, De la BETAFLIGHT, & FLIGHT TESTS ?

We have an f4 flight controller on here: 20 Amperi, ESC s and 1204 6000 kV motors and I'm running the HQ two and a half inch props. This will make it awesome on acro mode, so we can go up and do this power loop right here on the playground, no probs it does […]

LIKE PURE COCAINE! – BetaFpv RacerX ET5 is the 5of the FUTURE under 250G ?

This is like legal, pure cocaine right here, 250 grame, with a 4s 851 here right on the money Racer X, knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the one quad this year, one of the quads this year that you want to buy and have in your hangar this I […]

THUMBS UP! – BetaFpv METEOR 75 Indoor Outdoor Whoop – REVIZUIRE & BILETE

It is a 1s group. It comes with the m01, a io camera with VTX on there and an injection molded canopy. It has a wheelbase of 75 millimetres for indoor or outdoor flying. It has a ton of RX options: fr sky, free sky, TBS, Futaba, dsm, x and a plug and play version. […]

THE PERFECT WHOOP? – Happymodel Mobula6 65mm Whoop – REVIZUIRE & BILETE ?

Mobile 6 is in the house. I'M gon na do an honest review of this one. Azi, we're gon na talk about the components on board and we're gon na talk about flight characteristics. We'Re gon na talk about the durability factor the fun factor, all that good stuff here on the drone camps channel […]


5 inch level. This is a little 2 la 3 s. Lipo 450 million battery is the one we're gon na suggest for this one, and it is fairly low profile with the 16 de 16 stack on their dipole off the back and a really nice power setup on here we have a wheelbase […]