Platină + performanță! – FLYWOO Xbot3 HD Toothpick – REVIZUIRE & BILETE ??‼️

Azi, we're gon na review, the flywheel X, bot 3 HD just runcam Nano 3 versiune, I'm gon na suggest a 3 s 450 la 550 baterie, and it has a wheelbase of 116 millimeter with little tiny. Three inch props, which are super fast, 2.5 millimeter bottom plate and super ultra shiny with that […]

LIKE PURE COCAINE! – BetaFpv RacerX ET5 is the 5of the FUTURE under 250G ?

This is like legal, pure cocaine right here, 250 grame, with a 4s 851 here right on the money Racer X, knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the one quad this year, one of the quads this year that you want to buy and have in your hangar this I […]


This quad is crazy. This is a micro brushless running 6s on board and success. Rated motors from HG LRC it's, the hdl c parrot 132 super beasty, Greu, one hundred and thirty, two millimeter wheelbase with a 16 de 16 controler de zbor, mount 2.5 millimeter unibody on the bottom, and we have a pretty […]


crock HD Edition 4 Amperi 6 s power options are available. I have the 4s version with DJI digital and GPS onboard its beta fly GPS. The wheelbase is 235 millimeters and replaceable arms, care este frumos, and it has the DJI air module riding up front with a hack, also available up to around […]

FREESTYLE FPV TRAINERSkystars Piper 105mm Toothpick – REVIEW FULL & BILETE ?

This is a xm version. They have made some changing with extra bracing in the frame, so it's gon na make it fly even better. If you decide to get it, so mine is the original prototype, as you see here with no bracing, it also has a TPU mount on here that they have […]

BEST CINEWHOOP of THEM ALL? – iFlight Bumblebee – Revizuirea FULL & Zboruri

În cele din urmă, in my studio, we're gon na take it out and fly we're gon na look at the specs it's analog and DJI digital available. I got the analog version and I'm gon na fly it with 4s 1300 şi 1550 baterii. Today it has a wheelbase of a hundred and forty two millimeter, Care […]

WHOOP TO BUY THIS WINTER ❄️ Geprc CineEye HD – Revizuirea FULL & Zboruri

Look at it isn't it cute. They come in like five different colors. Let me show you the canopies red, clear smoke and green. You also get a strap, some zip ties and a screwdriver in the box. You also get some one point: six inch props in the box, those are gap, RC branded. […]

HGLRC Sector 5 V2 Race Quad – REVIEW FULL & GIVEAWAY ?

This one is the 4s version and I'm also going to be giving this away on the channel. So if you would like to win this one, please do click like comment and subscribe. Make sure you leave a comment down below and also share the video on social media after you do those things […]


You need to get a sinner whoop today on the channel we're gon na check out the Holly Brooke office, and there it is guys it should be in every filmmakers toolkit. You should have a nice 4k camera, a nice drone and also now you're gon na need a nice Center whoop, because this […]