BETTER than DJI Mavic Air 2 – GepRc Mark4 HD Gps Drone – REVIZUIRE & AMAZING FLIGHTS

The mark iv analog version just a few months ago on my channel got one of the best 5 inches of 2020. So here we are again with the hd version. The frame looks very similar to what we had before, but there are some upgrades on this version that the original analog version doesn't […]

New Mavic Air 2 Leaked specs (and photos) Wow, that battery life!

They keep it in a mysterious note with this cool banner, but we all know it because the numerical two photos have been leaked: hi I'm, Paul from John's grave calm and, după puteți vedea, I'm kind of rocking the corner look hopefully not for long. Cu toate acestea, I'm, here to show you the newly […]