YouTube de aur – FOTOGRAFIERE ÎN JOS! Aceasta este zăpadă conditie la locul de muncă în mai! (s2e6) | RC AVENTURI

The WORLD has gone MAD! How are we presupposed to work in circumstances like this. Le-a -2 levels Celsius, and although we wish to keep toasty in our heat store.. payments should be paid.. and the beer must be consumed. This gold isn't going to mine itself! Displaying true Canadian worth.. we slug it out […]

YouTube de aur – 4 Tipi, 1 Site-ul meu : O familie răscumpărare (S2 e5) | RC AVENTURI

The scenario is dire. We have to begin pulling GOLD from the bottom and get again on observe for our season purpose of three/four oz (Sigur, TROY ounce).. we all know it feels like an insane quantity, particularly for the plains of Alberta. All of us have payments to pay.. some greater than others… The […]

AFTER 2.5 Ani, I fire up the Jeep Willy & Patrol the Backyard Trail Course | RC AVENTURI

I’m on a private mission to make use of each path truck I’ve this 12 months and to ensure all of them are functioning properly and are as much as the problem! Right this moment I’m utilizing my GMade Sawback (Jeep Willy). I’ve had this path machine for a lot of, a few years. Pentru […]

TOP 5 DRONES for Gifts

Mare 5 Drones for items this yr. Out of lots of of drones we have now flown on our channel. Get our choose on 4K Drones, Folding Drones, Selfie Drones, Toy Drones, and FPV Racers. From $29 and up. The small print you want on every drone to make your reward resolution a straightforward one […]