Bine ați revenit la canal astăzi., we're going to review the sinabi hybrid 4k quad it's a little micro quad with 4k video with the runcam hybrid onboard. This is one of my favorites we're gon na run. It today, Pe 2 Amperi 3 s, not a 4s battery, also a wheelbase of 75 millimeter on this little quad. It is quite tiny and it will go lots of small little gaps and stuff is pretty fun. It'S running 45 millimeter propsand these are HQ props. At times these will spin off on 3s, so sometimes you'll lose a prop zing nano motors and those are 1103 8000 kV pretty peppy. I believe they also might be 4s rated, but I did not try cuz. I don't want to fry this clod with 12 amp PS diesel on board. It has three bolts on the bottom. This is a look at the front with your dual cameras up front: one is the 4k and one is an analogue camera and we can shoot 4k at 30 frames per. Al doilea, we have some optional TPU parts on here as well, care este cool 2.7 la 60 frames per second, which is what I usually shoot. Also your run cam hybrids on the bottom want to run a 32 gigabyte SanDisk Extreme card. Another TPU mount back here with my XM plus my aunt in a post and my dipole antenna back here and your XT 30, which you're going to be running on your 3s.

452. 650. 16 de 16. I flight Sussex Tower on here with 12 MP SCS, which is why I'm not gon na run it on for us today. I flight micro, 200 milli watt VTX with smart audio, it's kind of nice and there's no props in the view on this frame. It'S sort of a like a miniature dead cat type of frame, care este cool, and you get two sets of 40 millimeter props some hardware, some copper strips in there for insulation and some eye flight stickers and soon to be hybrid stickers. For the outside of your prop guards, let's go ahead and get it on the scale and let's put the quad on the scale without the battery first and see what we get it's gon na be pretty light 74 grame, Nu e rau deloc. Acum, for the 2's 450, which didn't work out for me that quad really didn't want to come off the ground with these small props, then I'm gon na weigh it anyway, it's 103 grame, nu-i rău. Now we're gon na weigh the 3s 450, which it's my battery of choice on here. You can go up to a 650 we'll start to get heavy about 114 grams let's. Do some flying boys so let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test on the i flights sinabi hybrids fork a little miniature whoop. The first thing I notice is that it's ultra stable the Sussex Tower if you've never flown that tower before it is super tuned from AI flight.

There is very little jello in this little hybrid loop, which is really cool. Just the slightest amount of jello right there and that's kind of amazing to see for such a small frame because it's extremely hard to tune the smaller quads. If you've ever had a quad that was under 80 millimeters with a bad tuning on it, it is almost impossible to tune. You have to have a lot of experience to handle that much power, especially with these zing nano motors on here 1103 s can get quite beasty on 3s and the smaller you go with the addition of more power makes it even harder to tune. So they have a really nice thing going here with a power system and virtually no jello in the camera. So as far as a little like pocket sized cinema rig, this is awesome. The video into me also looks better than the CAD X, tarsier. Sorry to say I I kind of I prefer the the runcam hybrid over the tarsier, mainly because a lot of times I can do this. One comes stock set up to 4k and I can just start recording in 4k for you guys with the tarsier I'm going in and I'm having to fit it with the settings. A little bit connected to the Wi Fi make sure it's on the right settings. But right here a little ascent and punch out virtually no jello and again that's, just sliced I mean just barely.

I see a tiny little bit of jumpiness to it, but not half as bad as some of the other Center whoops off I've flown in the past year, but very smooth and the coolest thing about a cinema would is, if you've never flown. One of these is that you can go really tight places and come back home with some fantastic footage here, I'm gon na go under the vans again under that 700. Try not to get too close to that expensive heli, but these little prop guards are pretty good. This little thing really wouldn't hurt much, but there again there's an example of it trying to handle freestyle in it. It doesn't freestyle that well, I would say, it's about a 4 din 10 as far as a freestyle rating right there. I need more camera angle. It was kind of weird to me that they stuck the camera in there without any changeable camera. Angles should have heightened it on the top plate a little bit. So we could get just you know, 20 degrees till it would have been great for power loops, și lucruri de genul ăsta.. So I guess my biggest recommendation is gon na, be to add some more hardware on the top plate. So you can get some tilt out of it in the right crash in the van again, but the coolest thing about these smaller quads is that you can get in there. So tight close to the ground and get some really unique shots that are kind of hard to get with a larger quad and at a slower speed.

So you can do some different video angles than what you might be used to. This is almost like. Știi, știi, nu-mi place 65 millimeter we're only 10 millimeters away from being a little tiny, tiny loop. So this is a pretty cool quad from I flight I'd like to see that they did the run. Cam version I'm excited about that. That is one of my favorite 4k DVRs, and I think it looks great a lot of times. I shoot 2.7 K at 60 frames per second, because the frame rate just looks better to me and it's easier to edit, not as big of a file I'm gon na recommend the 3s for 50. For you guys, I also have to say that again, the tune is excellent. I like that this quad came back in one piece, that's nicely protected under there with same type of cover that the original sinabi had, and this one's cool, because it does have that forward. Swept camera angle, so you don't have any props. In the view the HQ props worked out pretty good. I had one fly off during the test, so you want to make sure from the factory you push these down and make sure that they're, nice and seated on the motor, because the 40 millimeter props are notorious for flying off. Unless you have them on nice and tight, but the frame is cool it's fairly durable. I just wish that there was more tilt. You'Re gon na have to add some extra hardware on the top here, just to increase the height of that top plate, and then you can get you know.

20 degrees tilt would be absolutely fun for the speed. This quad does but I'm impressed that these prop guards didn't break as well. For some of the crashes I had so, I think it's it's fairly durable, because it's super light and pretty versatile quad. Deci, if you're looking to have some fun and get some different angles, I think these are fun.