Since I was six years old and I started flying multirotors almost ten over ten years ago now so I've been in it since the very beginning, but airplanes are what I started out with and they are my first love. So you see on my necklace right here. I'Ve got the Wright brothers necklace I'm from about an hour away from Kitty Hawk, and I grew up flying airplanes off the sand dunes and sailplanes and bungy launch planes. My first claim was an 8 foot glider from my dad and my mom. My dad were divorced at the time, dar da, so you know how that stuff goes, but I have the Cessna 162 here today and we're gon na review this one on the channel and I'm gon na fly it with some fpv on there. I'Ve got a camera on there for you guys to see, so you get a pilot's perspective and I'm gon na talk about the pros and cons about this plane. We'Re going to talk about what's good about it, what's bad about all that stuff. So the big thing that you have to know about this plane is it's actually for the kit, no electronics with a balsa interior epo construction. It is tough as nails. I smacked it down out here on our AMA runway today and it took a beating. I had some real questionable feelings about the way that the motor is mounted in the front. I thought that that was gon na be the first thing to break.

I thought I was gon na be like glass, but it survived all afternoon, so it's three o'clock now and I'm done with the flying for the afternoon I'm missing the landing gear which we'll talk about a little bit later in this review. Partially, my fault and my build yeah I'm gon na awesome fpv. You broke a bunch of props, so yeah yeah it's been one crazy day. So let me show you guys some line aside, a camera, some hand tossed crashes out here and some good fpv flying with this plane. So sixty five dollars, you can't, beat it and ninety dollars for the entire kit. All you have to do is add a receiver to battery in your radio. It comes with a motor ESC, all the good stuff and servos as well. Anna has sponsored flaps, so you have a lot of options with it and it is around 40 inches wingspan. With a 3 s, 2200 is a fairly common size for any type of Park. Flyer like from horizon hobby or wherever so good price. On this one let's go ahead and do some crashes go, do some line of sight and some fpv here we go alright guys. Let me give you guys some advice here really quickly during this line of sight flight test. I had to toss it this time, because what happened was my nose? Wheel turned to the side and the prop kept hitting the ground because they shorted me a blind nut inside this kid, and a blind nut essentially is a flat washer, with two teeth on the side, sometimes three, and when you screw a screw in through a threaded Inside part of it, it will tighten into a plywood wall and mainly for RC airplanes, that is for mounting your motor mounts to the firewall or other accessories inside the plane.

But I was missing actually a couple out of my kit, but I have to say line of sight. It flies really great. Another tip is beefed up with some extra plywood inside the fuselage, your back landing gear, because mine came off. I only use CA, but really what it needs is epoxy and quite a bit of beefing up on that back landing gear. Let'S, go for durability. Test number two guys really a hard Smackdown this time and let's do the after damage report, alright guys after I have told like some serious lawn dart action on this plane, I thought that the first one we were gon na have a broken motor mounting here. That was really kind of concerning me because the motor mount looks like that super cheap China, plastic stuff. That would be very brittle and just break on the first crash, and they have these two pieces here, screwed together to extend the motor out to get it past. The cowling so that's the one thing about it that that that worried me from my shop building it and it took me a minute actually to figure out how they had this all set up, because I haven't used this type of motor mount before. But the two pieces go together like that, and then you put your screws on the back side of the motor. Just put your motor on before you put this piece on this one and then you can put these screws on both sides.

But what was amazing is that in that crash, this did not break, so it is super durable. The motor didn't crack behind where it's mounted either, which is kind of amazing, and even though it was bent a little bit one direction. You can still see it's kind of bent a little bit. You can still kind of grab on to it and bend it back. It'S actually just a little bit flexible and it will stay in that position. Most RC airplanes. If you don't know, it actually have a little bit, sometimes a lot of torque to one side or the other, depending on which way. The props spinning that offsets the rotation of the propeller and keeps your airplane flying straight, which is kind of an odd thing. Sometimes you'll get a binding fly from Horizon hobby or somewhere else, and it'll actually have a motor that's torqued off to one side and people think that something's wrong with the model but that's actually the way most of them are made so don't don't be afraid of That, but if you need to bend it back, you can and I'm happy with this motor mount. It is holding up quite well. Bine, my friends it's time for the fpv flight test, so let's go ahead and put the cessna 162 up in the air one more time and let's this time put a camera on there and give you the pilots perspective from the top of the plane there.

I have a total fpv kit down below. If you want to put any fpv on your airplane, i will also suggest a economic pair of goggles for you to start out with. I know a lot of guys that my AMA field are interested in this, but they're not quite sure how to go about it so I'm going to show you the right stuff to get, but on a day like today, it's a really nice day to fly. It'S really sunny when it's quite overcast there is these these cameras or analog cameras, so they're, not that good. If you spend money on something like DJI, fpv digital, you're gon na have an amazing experience, but now I'm on my smallest and bendiest prop, so you notice there's, some shaking and some vibration here and you can clear all of that up. If you decide to do this with your system 162, if you use a more dense prop, you need something like an APC electric prop and it will give you a lot less vibration, but this is also after mine's, been slam dunked. You know three times today. So right now at the low end of the throttle, is where I see the most jitter in the camera view. But when I come up on 34 throttle, it really smooths out a lot, and that may be due to my combination of a flimsy prop and maybe possibly even a bent shaft for the motor mount.

Acum. Some guys at the field mentioned that. Maybe I should get a metal motor mount for it and they do make some metal motor mounts that you can mount to this firewall and you could line it up with the front of your cowling. But you know the issue. There might be that if the plastic part doesn't break, then the metal parts gon na break what's behind the plastic right. So it's gon na break your wooden firewall and then you're gon na have to epoxy your wooden firewall back together, so which one would you rather break? You know something there in that equation has to break somewhere when we're flying RC planes and same thing with quads or even RC cars like RC helicopters, same thing. Sometimes people prefer plastic links over metal ones in certain parts of the the heli head, but that's totally up to you. What you'd like to do some people like to beef, their stuff up. You have options to do that, but see I'm on the higher end of the throttle now and it's. Looking a lot better and again, fpv ingen it's a really enjoyable experience because it's not a gigantic plane. You can fly it in a smaller field. Like a baseball field, you can land it. I was able to land it in about half the distance of this runway at this ama field, but then again the way I like to land and if you have the room to do this, I was always told to go way out and come back around long And low so you're gon na set up your line toward where you want to land lead off.

Some altitude come down, get yourself nice and straight with the ground, to keep the nose up and just make your landing right now. I think we'll do one more flyby and then we'll do another pass and we'll come back around for a landing so fly by the tower right there. I always love flying right by myself when I'm flying not too close, Desigur, desigur, but the plane flies okay down low as well. I was afraid that it might have some problems with power because it's only on 3s. I really honestly wouldn't push this motor to 4s cuz. I think you're gon na make the motor hot. I tried a larger prop with this aircraft like a nine and a half or nine and four and three quarters, I believe it he made the motor hot. So you want to be careful with about over propping this motor and we're running a 20 amp ESC, but it's really smooth on 3s. I would honestly leave it on 3s cuz. I think that's the sweet spot on this plane and a lot of the most popular parkflyer airplanes going on 3s, so nice and gentle landing, and that kind of gives you a good idea of how well the plane flies. It'S, nice and easy to fly. Smooth and fairly affordable, I love the affordable stuff on my channel anytime. I can get something cheap to fly. I want to see if I can have fun with it for under 100, and this one is fun for under 100.

So I'm really happy with this one. Now let's go ahead and do some final thoughts now guys, alright guys welcome back from my flight test, and now I can give you my final thoughts and we can end up this review. I always give my guys recommendations if you're gon na buy this plane. If you're looking at buying something that is this large and you know, cost around 65 la 90 de dolari, this is a deal it's under 100. So with that said, there's also some compromises that you're gon na have to make. When you buy this plane, you're gon na have to beef up the landing gear broke off, like I showed you this bottom piece right here it all. It does is just glue to the bottom right there and if you use CA, glue, it's gon na snap off on your first landing so be prepared for that. You need to probably put some extra plywood up inside the frame and just box it out and make it really beefy with some epoxy and and try to do that as sturdy as you possibly can. I think that building the plane was fun if you are interested in building an RC airplane with a little bit of balsa interior to it. This one is fun, it has all kinds of layers in here and it comes in two foam: half so you're going to put the two foam halves together after you've glued in the all the balsa parts and then you're gon na sandwich it together.

I use mostly CA on this plane and I had some pretty good hits and it did not come apart. So generally, I would use a little more epoxy on a long term build so if you're gon na buy this for yourself use more epoxy upfront, especially for the firewall seats into the foam and the front windshield. You can also just kind of see a that down. The windows were easy to put on the battery of choice is the 3s 2200 and I think the flaps also are ready to go. So if you have two extra servos, you can add an extra channel and have two staged flops on here. dacă vrei, care este un fel de frumos, it doesn't really actually, în opinia mea, need flaps, it'll, just kind of add extra weight to it, and also I mean prop size. Aceasta este o 7 recuzită inch, and that was my last prop that I had to fly with today. I broke the stock 8.4 tri blade prop, but I don't really think that a tri blade prop is really needed for this plane. You could fly this plane on, say an 8 you could, you can fly it on a dual blade. 8.5 inch make sure it's a slow flyer prop because the motor, if you try to use a larger thicker prop like one of these, this one put too much load on the motor and the motor got hot. So that's one thing to think about you: don't, want to over stress this motor because it is it's not the biggest motor.

It is also a 20 amp ESC, so you might be able to run it on 4s, but I would, I would suggest, sticking on 3s 2200 that seemed to get the CG right. Another thing that I can tell you guys is that I did cut out some foam right up here in the front so that the battery could slide further forward. To give me a little more forward, CG and I'm telling you, you could also hand launch this plane. You don't have to take it off from the ground. You can also belly land it like a warbird. If you didn't have the retracts once it's up in the air. I think that it's, a very gentle flier if you're gon na fly at line of sight, it was flying really really nice once I got it, trimmed out, Desigur, desigur, always on your maiden flight you're gon na you're gon na have some some tram issues when you First put it up, you think everything is all leveled out all your surfaces leveled out, dar apoi, when you put it up in the air it's, just leaning to one side or the other and you're gon na, have to take your radio and trim it out. You'Re gon na have to look up a video on that if you're brand new to the Hobby, but it took me a minute or two to trim it out and then it was flying really nice and smooth. So I think that under 100 I mean it's it's.

It is what it is guys. I said that all the time on the channel, it is what it is so yeah a 90 Bine, a fly plane, adică, it comes as a kit, it says PMP, but it comes in parts and pieces that you build up yourself. So if you have extra time right now with the Covey's thing going on, build yourself a Cessnaand this is actually the model system that I like the 162 it's super cool with this sort of a sharp tail on it. This is my favorite Cessna and it really cool looking front end, that's kind of a beast up, cowling on the front, foarte misto, looking really kind of a scale like an airplane. I actually kind of dig the decals decals are kind of cool it's it's a little bit wild, but it helps you see it in the air so anyway, guys thanks again for watching my channel. Please do click Subscribe for all of my rcadventures we're gon na have some fun together and get out of the house and do some flying guys. Take care I'm, Justin Davis be well be safe and I'll.