If i dont think that im going to like it or use it or i dont think my viewers would like it or use it, so i checked it out beforehand and said: yep fine, please send it ahead because its something ive been looking for for a while. Since getting my dji fpv drone, so im keen to have a look see if its any good and then obviously see what you guys think as well, so without further ado lets just open. It up got my handy little pen knife here so, like i said this was sent to me. Ive got it two days ago, so ive been when the dji fpv drone first came out. There was no cases for it. There was nothing so ive been using a really bad rucksack uh. I never felt comfortable uh took too long to actually get up in the air because it was a kind of difficult case to use for this sort of work for fpv drones. So lets have a look okay, thats bigger than i thought it would be its pretty cool. It feels sturdy straight away, right, i will say from the photos i saw on amazon. I thought this is going to be a soft case um and its not its solid, thats, impressive straight away, so yeah. I was thinking this could be good, but if its a soft case, its no different to my rucksack and i was looking at the photos – and i thought – okay, its going to be one of those plywoods but its not its actually really solid.

So already that looks pretty cool and the company there are well. This is rl socco, rl, socco rlsoco, so lets have a look im, a big fan of quality. So when i see something for the first time, it actually means a lot, and that is really good. See that on the uh gopro there – okay, so that is a lovely color good, feel good quality feels light quality um all youve got on the outside at the moment is a handle theres two d rings here, so i assume thats for using a normal strap over The shoulder so yeah that looks pretty cool, good, solid, strap, good rubbery feel im impressed so far. I will tell you the price, its actually on amazon at the moment. 89.99. I think its probably the same in sterling. The way things are going at the moment. Okay, so lets have a look at that first of all, thats cushioned inside. So if you have got anything there, thats cushioned and youve got a zip at the top. Nothing in it smells new as well. Then youve got a flap inside obviously to protect things when theyre inside and youve got a how to kind of just an instruction manual there for the case. So what it will hold is the fpv drone, the battery charger and usb cable, the controller, the dji fpv motion controller, the goggles v2 battery um, the the fpv batteries itll hold three batteries and obviously, if youve got one in the drone as well, so itll take Four batteries in here um and it looks pretty good youve – got the middle divider upper cover and the bottom.

I assume this comes out, theres the strap. So if you want to use it over the shoulder and carry it that way, you can do, and i think this comes out so you can see that it actually feels good its better than the original dji. When i got the f, not the fpv, the inspire. This is way way better than that not short material is, but that feels like cotton or something underneath so its not typical plastic, its probably plastic inside, but it feels pretty good, probably see that better on the gopro, so you can see it there first impressions before I get the drone and put it all in are its pretty good, its sturdy, its not too heavy, but you can feel that its pretty solid, um yeah im pretty impressed so far, so lets go and get the drone all of my equipment. I havent got the the motion controller, but ive got everything else: spare batteries and all that kind of stuff so lets go and grab those and put them in and see what its like right. So here we are ive got the drone. The fpv drone ive left the battery in to see if it will fit in here with the battery on two spare batteries: goggles the battery the battery for the goggles, the charger and the multi charger ive got my filter set the controller and the four props. So im going to put the four props on because it goes in here fully propped up, so you can literally turn up where youre going open.

It up. Take the drone out its ready to go with my current setup with the using a basic camera bag. I always have to have the props off so thats going to be a big bonus, so lets just see if they fit in there ill. Try and open this without affecting anything around here. Weve got the microphone there. Let me just do that. Ah, whatever right, so, the drone lets put the drone in first ive got to try and work out where it all goes. That goes there. Okay, thats, pretty straightforward. I think ive got it the right way around. Okay, it does go in with the battery on lets. Take it off see if its any easier okay, so it sinks in a lot further with the battery off, so it may be a battery off bag lets just have a quick look, put it back in see if it closes with the battery in because thatll be A big help, no it doesnt all right. Ive also got the gopro thing on top, so its not going to work with or we might do, no, it will work with that lets. Take the battery off lets. Take the battery out again now, because ive got that the gopro attachment on it may be too well designed for just the drone, so that may have to come off. Lets try that again without knocking the microphone too much that actually closes right. Okay, lets have a look perfect: okay, thats good lets get that back open its getting hot its a hot day in the summer end of summer today.

So if i start sweating, youll know why i got all the lights on as well, so that does actually fit with the gopro attachment on. So your choices either have to have the battery out of the drone with that gopro attachment on or you can have the attachment off and leave the battery in, but it wont do both its just a little bit too much. You probably could, but i wouldnt want to force the drone down into the bag, so i would recommend you either take that off or leave the battery out, but that works okay at the moment. So the batteries go in here. One there two there theres another hole there, so you could like. I said you can get one in the drone three in the bag, so thats pretty cool ive got the other battery there, so they go in three batteries. The goggles obviously go here im to unplug. In fact, lets leave it plugged in because im a lazy bugger when it comes to getting turning up somewhere. I, like it all pretty much ready to go so that goes in there, so look straps being a pain now im assuming that is, for the strap there lets put the strap okay thats the goggles in. I could probably leave that wired up battery goes in there. I assume looks kind of hole for a battery just unplug it that goes there thats there for the controller. I think, for the the hand, controller, that controller goes in perfectly probably seeing that on the gopro, so that goes in with the jogs the handles the controls.

Still on so that fits in there nicely, and then i assume that the uh the hand controller goes there. So lets just try and get the rest of this in. So that goes in like that. The cable can go down here for the goggles im going to put the props on then well put it back in the box, not sure. If its going to work come on, be nice beauty come on in you, go yep, perfect, perfect, fit there. We go so it does go in with the props on that is brilliant, of course, its getting hot um, so yeah thats cool. So the only things i havent got in are the the multi charger for the batteries, but i may be able to slip that in somewhere like that – and this goes down there – itll probably go in easier. If i really worked out how to do it, that is pretty cool. That was easy. I think the goals are incorrect might have to take these off, because theyre sticking up a little bit lets try that nope fits perfectly thats got a bit of an indent inside at the top there, so that closes perfectly. I could probably just slot those down there and there we go lets close it up wow, it all goes in brilliant, like i said its solid, it feels good doesnt feel like im, crushing the the drone inside or anything see that on the gopro. Uh, really good.

Really solid case its not massively heavy, so that is going to be way better than my rucksack im using at the moment, um yeah, fantastic. So obviously, like i said you can use the straps shoulder straps here as well, but overall, i think thats, pretty cool, make sure ive broken anything. Obviously you can put bits and pieces up here, theres some silica gel in there, but you can put any documents. Youve got up there and pens and things like that um, but yeah, perfect, perfect. So for me, that is so much better than what im using at the moment, because i can excuse me, like i said, weve just come in september, and the temperatures come back in england but yeah, so brilliant everythings ready to go. So i can just take the controller out got these on. I can take the drone out its already propped up ready to go. I can take the the goggles out. Theyve already got the antenna on they fit in well, thats. It perfect, absolutely brilliant! So lets put that back in there. So would i buy this if i wasnt sent it thats the big question? Yes, i would 100 because, like i said when i first got the fpv drone, i was one of the first to buy it from dsr and sussex and there was no cases because it was so new. There was no cases. There was nothing for me to carry around in so everyone was using the box or the the top bit of the box to carry around in obviously not very good for the drones, not super safe if youre driving somewhere, so there wasnt any cases for ages.

Even up to a couple of months ago, i couldnt find a decent case in the uk. So for me this is really good. It fits perfectly if you had extra batteries they wouldnt fit in here, but it fits four one in the drone three there and everything else is ready to go, including the filters cables charging kit everything so im going to give this a massive thumbs up, because its Better than i thought it would be, i thought it was going to be a soft shell, but its actually a solid shell, really well made great zip everythings really good about it. I cant see anything at the moment, but i dont like about it so im going to try it in the field go out with it and use it for a bit. But overall i think that is pretty cool. Okay, you can see it there. Everything goes in really well yeah. I think its really good massive thumbs up. So if youre interested, you can go to amazon and its called the rlsoco rl socco hard case for dji fp com, fpv combo and, like i said its 89 or if you wanted it in english, im, not sure how much is in english at the moment. But itll probably be around the same, maybe 60 70 80 pounds and to protect a sort of 1200 and whatever pound drone. I think its worth the money. So i hope you enjoyed that leave your comments below.

Let me know what you think and ill put some links to amazon down below.