Well, i have this new rc car 114 scale by a new company. They say theyre new, maybe theyve been around for a while, but to me theyre new and they say this car is one of the best cars you could possibly buy for the price, and let me tell you why ive never seen this before in any car ive Ever tested this bottom look at, can you see what the light its all carbon fiber its, not metal? Sometimes you get plastic. Sometimes you get metal but ive never seen carbon fiber, so its carbon fiber all along the bottom and of course inside is carbon fiber as well youve got like. Can you see it? There see these little standoffs and the posts right here at the back and at the front thats all carbon fiber as well very different shocks up front. Are oil filled lots of suspension. This bumper was an aftermarket thing. They sent it to me because they say that this goes extremely fast. They say on the included. The battery is included on the included 2s battery. You can go 70 kilometers per hour. If you put a 3s battery, you can go up to 90 kilometers an hour. If you put a 4s battery, you can go over 100 kilometers per hour, but they tell me the engine will start to smell like its burning, probably because its burning it does come with a remote as well and, as i said, the batteries included.

Let me take off the top and tell you a bit more about the insides here we have the interior and you can see the carbon fiber goes right from this side to this side, its one whole piece along the bottom, so i believe the motor is whats. A brushless motor, but i think its 3200 kv, i think its a 45 amp esc and i believe the distance you get with this to the car is 150 meters ill put that is in feet up there, so its its quite a distance, because the car is Only 114 scale, so when you get far away uh, you want to keep it in view. So in this test, what im going to do is see how it runs on the 2s and then im going to see how fast i can get to go on 2s and i did bring a 3s battery and well try it on 3s as well and see How it goes so lets go check this out. Oh, and i guess i should say the companys name, so the companys name is written right here. I didnt say it because i cant pronounce it but look at how its written theres the letters right there im gon na phonetically pronounce it help me out in the comments below and tell me how. I should be saying this. So its r l, a a r l o so phonetically that would be arleigh rulo, arlero arlo, i dont know help me out post update.

All right lets, go. Try this out all right, so ive got the car and ive got the battery and the controller. I just have to put the battery in power everything on and well go. So let me bring it closer and show you everything. This is the battery you get with the car. It is a two cell battery and it should last you. I dont know what the run time is because, since it goes pretty fast, itll probably burn it up. Pretty quick but well see out here im also going to do a speed test with this two cell. You can see here that the battery has a deans connector, because theres a dedens connector on the car uh. I have some other batteries with adapters that go to xt60 to dean, so i can plug xd60 batteries into the deans here. The battery is securely attached and to power on the car. Now first thing i do is take the remote power that on theres a button back here, it should be on yeah. I see the green light flashing so on the car theres a little button uh. Where are you right up here? Hit that and there we go, comes to life and were all ready to go? Oh, the sun is going out, got some power brakes yep lets. Try it out here all right. I want to see how it goes, because i have no idea how this car drives. You do have all the normal controls up here to set all your trims and get your steering correct and whatever so im just going to calibrate it right now.

Take it nice and slow ive got a super wide, turning radius thats for sure wow. So here we go. This is really slow. Im going now, picking up speed go around that camera. This is going to go pretty fast. You know on the 2s, it does seem like its peppy, its got power, its a very smooth, uh acceleration when you get on the throttle, its nice and smooth very easy to drive. As i smash it to my camera, i can tell right now its pretty darn decent uh. We should do a speed test, but let me just see if it goes straight. A lot of cars you get out of the box. You have to do the little adjustments up here so im just going to take it this way. Let me come back a bit, get the reverse going. The reverse is really nice because they made the reverse nice and slow, so you could control it there. We go all right, so my goal is to go straight to see how straight it goes here we go. Oh, my god. It tracks really! Well, oh my god! This is a joy to drive. Anybody could drive this car. I try the brakes. Look at that sliding out. Okay lets do a speed test for the speed test. I have my gps here. What is this thing? Called performance analyzer by skyrc ill put a link below if you dont have one of these, and you want to get one im way over here.

So what im going to do is im going to velcro it to the top, so it stays on. I guess i could velcro it any place but ill stick it on the top. You connect to it with your phone and it will turn on automatically and it should get satellites. So i have to pick the one im using, i think its the gns performance analyzer. There we go yeah its on, i see the lights, it says bluetooth the powers on on my screen. I have something called drag track and flying so drag. I dont think we need that. We definitely dont need flying, but i could do track. Lets. Try track see how that works. So if i go start uh there, we go its ready to go so its at zero kilometers per hour. So im just gon na put this down here: ill drive it really fast up and down and well get the top speed. Here we go so this is with the 2s battery. Here we go well, we know the range is good. All right lets bring the car back and uh lets see what the gps said. So now, im going to hit stop and i want to hit read what did it say? I got up to 59 kilometers per hour, so thats the top speed i could get and what i did is i drove the car in a straight line right to the very end down there, so i dont think i can get much faster than that on the 2S ill try, one more run.

Okay, one more run. Im gon na do a shorter one though come on over here all right, so we got to beat the last speed. I doubt if we will here we go. I tried to do a takeoff with full speed. Its got too much power, it wont do it, you have to start off slow. So here we go here we go and bring it on bring it on break it run and there we go full speed and were going to come back. Full speed, Music. Well, thats, fast Applause. All right, i dont think we would have beat our speed on the 2s. Here lets go over to my phone, see where were at okay, so i hit stop and then i go read 61. huh. I lied. We got up to 61., so i think it is possible on the 2s to get up to 70, but you need a long stretch. Uh ive done it twice now and ive gone almost to the end. I cant go any farther, so im not going to get that speed. The next thing to do is put a 3s battery in here and see what we can get for a speed. Unfortunately, im running out of pavement so ill never get up to the top speed, but well see if the 3s can make it go faster in the shorter run, thus getting it up past 70 kilometers per hour, so lets try that so this is the 2s battery.

It came with, and this is a 3s battery im going to try right now. You see theres a big problem. Look at the 2s battery how thin it is and look at the 3s battery its a lot thicker. But the cool thing is this: 2s battery does not have a high c rating, whereas this 3s battery designed for drones, fpv drones has 120c, so in other words, as soon as this thing wants power, its immediate with this battery, so ive got to squish this battery. Inside here and then take it for a spin here we go so i just want to show you. This is how i stuff that 3s battery and its like, really stuffed in there i dont know. Can you see that its not bad, though? So if you fly fpv drones, you probably have a ton of these batteries. Its a 1500 and uh works quite well turn it on 3s, all right tons of power. Now, as long as she doesnt burst out in flames were good were going to go track again. Im going to hit start and uh were all set, just put my phone down, okay once again ill, take it slow and ill try to stop it before it crashes into the field. At the end, here we go lets go over here its on 3s. Here we go whoa thats fast whoa whoa, it did a huge cartwheel. Is it still going? Okay, the moment of truth after that cartwheel im gon na hit, stop and hit read 86 kilometers per hour on a 3s, so that means easily you could get uh.

You know 90 kilometers an hour. I just want to show you. It did a cartwheel and look at this look at this. Look at my gps. The gps. Can you see it up top the gps? Up top is just totally scraped uh because it went and landed that way. Everything else is pretty good, though yeah everythings good got the little wheelie bar at the back everythings, really good yeah im going to put a dji action. 2 camera, its just double sided tape. On top, so let me turn it on and give you some footage. I still have the 3s battery in here. I cant go full blast because if i crash its going to destroy the camera and everything else, all right ill, give you a good example of the speed lets drive this around put some music to this Music wow. Now one thing cool about this car: i noticed you could do a drifting because the more power you give it when youre turning it just the tail end and the front wheels will slide out. So you just control the power youre, giving it to do your drifting. All right, the next thing to show you with this little baby is what comes in the box check this out. This is the box. Your rc buggy comes in inside the box, youre going to find your rc buggy, plus mini accessories. The tires are nice and grippy and soft, and you also get a wheelie bar on the back.

Just in case you do some wheelies. The shell is covered in protective plastic that you can remove. If you wish, the entire car is mostly constructed of carbon fiber, metal and plastics. The esc is cooled by a fan. The included 2 cell lipo battery does come with a usb battery charger. The includer mode even comes with some instructions for beginners. If this is your first rc car, and also it has all the functions, you need to trim the car out to get it to drive perfectly. Finally, you will need to supply three double a batteries not included a user manual is included. That will tell you everything you need to know about the car. Please note that my car also came with an accessory kit, and these are all the items in the accessory kit Music. I do not know if the accessory kit is included with the car. If its not, then i highly suggest you pick one up. You know they do sell a version of this with metal on the bottom and metal parts and thats less. So they told me theyre selling this for like 199 u.s. That is amazing for this that thats a super awesome price. I really like this car. I think im going to hang on to this one because its small form factor, but man does that boogie. So when i go out to the field and im flying planes and drones and everything else with the guys, we always bring rc cars, we have a parking lot to race around in this thing is going to be a lot of fun to race there.

So i will definitely keep this and go racing in the parking lot and have a blast so thats pretty much. It concludes my review. I am going to put links to this baby below uh ill, put a link to my dji action 2, because i use that ill put a link to my sky rc gps. That is totally scratched up. Well, that doesnt look new anymore and if i can ill put a link to a 3s battery in case you wont run it on 3s. Once again it sounded like i was joking, they did say you could run it on 4s, but i dont think they really advise it. I think i think youll burn the motor out. You could do 4s, but i think youd burn the motor out pretty darn, quick and youd have ridiculous ridiculous speeds like over 100 kilometers an hour. So with all that said, i really enjoyed this car and i think you will too so go check out the links and see if its the car for you and please somebody tell me how to pronounce this name correctly, all right guys catch in the next video.