How tall do you think jake sloane is well hello, ken how you doing down there im pretty good buddy Applause holy crap. What is this this is my cinema filming rig for when i go out on tv productions and other big productions. So basically, this is flying at 80 to 90 miles an hour about 10 000 worth of fpv crap through the air yeah uh. Are you nervous having that much money in the air usually a little bit, because you know people get nervous having 1200 bucks in the air, but that was just the lens right yeah. So this is a red camera red komodo, which is starts at about six grand. This lens is about a thousand and youre filming at 6k, yeah which an autel evo can do but thats true, all about the glass isnt it and the sensor. It is its all about the glass and the sensor, and so, for example, when you know you get done with your dji drone or when i get done with my dji drone, when im filming myself in alaska ill come away like 15 minutes of footage. That might be like 15 to 20 gigabytes yeah. So, with this uh three minute flight is usually 75 to 100 gigabytes and it records on this thing. What is this called? So this is a cf express card and its purpose built to handle just a ton of data going through because obviously the sensor is writing a lot of data really fast, and so this has got a 512 gigabytes of memory and then lots of throughput so that Sensor can write or the camera can write all the data really quick.

Now i filmed this uh silo. This is the nations silo in nashville tennessee, its got a mural that was painted by this artist because i cant remember his name but ill put it on the screen. What kind of battery you got on this puppy? So, on the back i run usually i run a tattoo uh 4 000 milliamp 95 c battery, and that gives me, depending on how hard im flying three and a half to five minutes of flight time. May i hold it sure? How much did this cost again? Yeah its about 10 grand there you go, you sure you you dont want it. You got turtle mode, enabled oh yeah yeah. I use turtle mode with this all the time. Let me turn on my red camera. In case you dont see it its got. Eight propellers yeah and eight motors i didnt notice, oh thats. What does it sound like? I bet its terrifying isnt it its. It sounds like a whaling banshee or some dinosaur thats screaming coming to take your head off. Lets hear it Music. Is it manual focus yeah? 100 manual and you cant focus it once its in the air no and thats. One thing that that can be kind of i mean it is a downside with working with this is theres a lot more workflow before and after the flight to use the footage, which is why its more like its a high production thing, not something i go out And just freestyle with friends right at least not normally, but since ken is such an awesome, guy yeah yeah, yeah thanks man were uh were having fun today, okay, so this is a stabilization unit.

It records gyro data and then it records a sync track to the audio track of the camera and then later in post. I merge the two and synchronize it and can stabilize the footage or not if i dont want to but uh. So as part of that i get to do this really fun happy little dance right before i get ready to take off. Okay and basically its you set a sink, some sink points for the software to find, i think, thats pretty silly. Oh, my god that sounds so awesome right. Oh my gosh, its a whole lot of a drone to be thrown up in places yeah. Let me get up here. Oh my gosh wow, i dont know if i could even track that, let me try yeah. I got ta pull it. Let me do one more: oh, my goodness, ready to watch a roll yeah Music man. Music. Are you about to land? Oh its gon na hover for you, oh yeah, okay, oh man, look at you! God look youre creating so much the down force on that. Oh yeah, all right, im, gon na land, okay, Music, yeah, the downwash is lots: Music, youre, good man, pretty awesome huh. That is awesome. You wan na you wan na fly it im doing that homer backing away into the bushes thing. Yeah give me that thing ill play it come on. Here we go. Oh wow, Music, oh my gosh, its got so much power.

Oh yeah, do i do a dive? Yeah, do you trust me with the 10 10 000 time yeah go for it ill pay. If i break it? Okay, oh god, Applause Laughter! Oh, i did a flippy new look at this. I want one. How do i get one? Will you build me one? Do i have to build it myself? I can build you one thanks man, oh my god. Oh my god, all right man, all right. All right! You can dive you dive. No, no! I cant! I cant! I cant! I cant do it. I cant. Do it and scene man that was good, acting huh, yeah, theres, no freaking way. I would fly that thing. Theres, no freaking way, youd! Let me well youre. Probably true, were you believing it? You were believing it werent you like hes, not cant, fly that have you seen ken crashes Laughter thanks and now through the magic of editing, well jake. Thank you very much for helping me with that video and for letting me fly your ten thousand dollar drone. Absolutely it was great to finally meet in person yeah and to see how much freaking shorter i had, but as a reward for helping me now. Are you ready for the best milkshake in nashville? I absolutely am ready, because this alaskan is melting in this heat. I need something to cool me back down here we are at bobbys dairy bar. You know when you have a place with colorful furniture, its going to be delicious.

Yes, the brighter the colors, the better things are: oh thats, true with anything thats. Why? I only date. Girls with rainbow hair, well thats it thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and remember before you fly a drone youre going to want to get your pallets licensed. Yall palette get it you get it. He gets it. I like how the red camera has a skull on it when you turn it on its pretty much how i feel every time i take this drone off its like certain death is waiting somewhere lets. Hope it doesnt happen today. Yes, thats a cute drone. Yeah thanks! Hey! Would you mind if i did a little uh air to air shots with this yeah? You trust me yeah, you shouldnt, oh see, weve already had a collision, damn it didnt even take off and he already broke. My drone were here at the jw marriott in nashville tennessee Music. I love the reflection of the city. Oh its got ta look amazing. I dont dare go around to the restaurant side, which would be cool but theres too many people in the street right yeah and i do want to be careful so at 3.7. This will be the final one Applause all right, i got ta bring it in.