Like the Ring Video Doorbell. Ring, Alarm. And so much more.. But where do we go from here Introducing Ring Always Home Cam. Yeah, its a camera that flies. Umm? What NARRATOR We thought? What if we made a camera that can see every angle in your home without having a camera in every room. And make it smart enough so that you can teach it where to go. Like this NARRATOR Yup, just like that., Cool. NARRATOR. So, with a push of a button, it wakes up. And goes here. There. Or wherever you choose.. You forgot the orange slices didnt you MAN No way. Frankly, I blame the oranges., Hey WHISTLE, BLOWS NARRATOR And the Always Home Cam works seamlessly with Ring Alarm. RING ALARM SIREN SOUNDS Yeah thats, not good., NARRATOR, Actually its great, because you can watch live from anywhere. Well good for you, guys. POLICE SIREN SOUNDS NARRATOR And when Youre home Always Home Cam is docked and the camera is hidden., Designed with your privacy in mind., Introducing Always Home Cam.