You know that camera that flies inside your home, well, amazon just held its event, and they did share some juicy tidbits about their upcoming indoor flying drone. Im john velasco of digital trends and heres everything you need to know about the ring, always home cam Music, but before i get started this video guys, i know that surveillance drones, arent new. In fact, i got checked one out at ces from this company called sunflower labs a couple years ago. It was pretty neat, but now it started making me wonder about the possibilities. Will dji or another company be coming into this new space of this surveillance security market? Let me know who else you think would be a good fit in the comments below so the first thing i know about the ring always home cam – is that its fully autonomous meaning theres no way of manually controlling this on your own. I know some of you might be bummed about that, especially if you fly a drone frequently like i do, but this is all done just to protect the drone. Now itll fly by itself automatically itll avoid obstacles when it needs to. But when you first set it up, youre actually guiding the drone through your home to set up these predetermined paths and then from there forward. If there is an alert or if theres something you want to check out, itll fly along that predetermined path by itself. Secondly, it works with rings home security system.

If you own ring alarm and subscribe to ring protect, then you can have a little bit more advantage because now itll work with the ring, always home cam. For example, if the door sensor or window sensor gets tripped while youre away, the drone will automatically go to that area to inspect it. If youre worried about the propeller blades on this drone just know that theyre actually encased inside of this cage and thats there for safety precautions. Obviously, i know that sometimes those blades could go very fast, so its there not only to protect people furniture, but also the drone itself im kind of curious about how well the obstacles avoidance system works with this, especially if you have pets at home, because you never Know what those cats can do? The next thing i want to talk about is battery life, because this could be a deal breaker for some with the ring. Always home. Cam just know that it has a run time of five minutes, but on top of that it takes two hours for its battery to fully recharge. So i wouldnt say this is going to be something thats going to be used frequently for every trigger or every event. Its one of those things that you want to use for emergency and for some people this might detract them from getting the drone if youre really eager about buying the ring. Always home. Cam just know that youre gon na have to shell out 250 bucks for it.

Now you could either think of that as super affordable or grossly expensive. Depending on how you look at it to me, i think hits that sweet spot because its a combination device, its part, drone part indoor camera all in one device, its also something new different and its. The first time were seeing something like this. So this could be the start of many great things to come. Obviously, we knew the price of the ring, always home cam since last year, when they first announced it that wasnt new, the biggest question was when was it coming out and the only they told us was that its coming out sometime in 2021, but thankfully they. Finally, let it out the bag, the ring, always home, cam – is going to be available starting today, but through an invite system, its not going to be available in stores or other retail channels, its going to be through this invite system. Only in the us for now who knows how long youll actually get the product or whether thats going to expand to broader availability, so hopefully its worth the wait, and that is it for my video guys. I hope you enjoyed it. I know im excited for the ring, always home cam. I actually have high expectations for it, but if youd like to know more about any of the stuff by talking about this video, you could check out our website. Digitaltrends.