Let me tell you its taken. A lot of hard engineering turns out. Learning to fly is pretty tough, but its certainly been worth it. One of the benefits of my role is that i get to be customer number one on a lot of our prototypes and i have to tell you the first time i saw the point of view footage from oes home cam flying through my house, my head exploded. I now know how that emoji really feels if a picture is worth a thousand words always home cam might be worth a thousand cameras with this device. You no longer need to have a camera installed everywhere, since it can basically fly anywhere inside and give you the view you need when you need it. For example, when youre away you can just press a button, itll fly a pre planned route and show you whats going on. It can also be set to do routes based on a triggered event like flying to a ring door alarm sensor when its tripped in a way mode and like all of our products and services privacy is foundational. The camera lens is covered when its in the dock and it only films when its in motion today were opening up the invite list for always home cam.