I got myself a little present. It is an fbv drone. Are you surprised you dont seem too surprised, but i had to get it look. How tiny this thing is its made by flywoo its called a firefly. Now it looks like a tiny little toy but im to be able to throw my insta360 go 2 on top and also has djis digital system. So i could use my goggles and controller now i did buy the firefly myself, but if i also offered to send this cinewoop along with it theyre telling me this is going to be the way to go for flying through the tiny places and its foam on The edges, so, if you bump off something its not gon na, be as big of a deal its insane, how small these things are getting i mean this camera lens up here, its tiny. Let me go ahead and plug everything into dji assistant and get it all activated. Everything went smooth, but i did have to disassemble the cinewoop in order to access that usbc to activate it, but im gon na get everything charged up and lets go out for a little flight. So dylans, like i know, a statue you should fly through and its here, its right over a water fountain. You know if i crash the stakes are very high now. Well i mean i thought youd just spill it around it or something. No, the point of the tiny one is that you go through little spots.

I dont want to get too risky because i really dont want to lose this thing on the very first shot. Have it fall into the water, but maybe i can hit this gap right here right behind his butt and just go straight through that huh. If you want, i mean i never said do that. That was yours, Music Applause. How did we get that? We did a stick. Oh, i know tripod its a little bit short. What about right here, huh. I think you could reach it from like where im standing, but its gon na like fall out. Huh yeah – oh my god. Oh, my god, oh thats too scary, were still good were so good. Oh, my god, holy okay lets go to someone where theres no lets get out of this place. So flight number two went quite a bit better. I was just hanging out with joshua, while he was filming some super fast cars. He has a vlog on it on his channel, so ill link that below, if youre curious, now theres a few things that i personally look for in an fpv drone. First of all, i want it to be pre built, so i could just turn it on plug it in activate it and then start flying right away. Now i have a ton of respect for the people that can build them out of scratch and solder and take pieces of scrap, metal and chewing gum and then all of a sudden it flies really well.

But i like to just get it out of the box and start flying so im, not really an fpv person. I just like flying these things but thats. Why? I love that lately, theres been a ton of pre built fpv drones and i would say this one. Actually feels really good because the throttle feels very damp, and so i have a lot of control now its pretty windy here. So i do get pushed around quite a bit, but good thing is: i have those foam guards around the propellers, so if im flying around expensive stuff or people or whatever its not as much as a concern now theres no way, i could talk about tiny drones And cinder whoops, without giving a shout out to robert mcintosh hes my sensei in all this and, if youre sick of me playing around with fpv drones, all the time, you could blame him for it. He was doing this way back before. I knew what fpv wasnt it was complicated back then now i just go. Click buy some stuff and im up in the air, but back then it was a lot harder so respect to that man Music. Now some of us may benefit by having a drone thats. Less than 250 grams for certain regulations – and this one comes in right at 196 grams, so we are way under the limit, so heres. What this thing looks like all set up, so i have a full send 450 four cell battery up here, and we also have an insta 360 go 2.

. Now insta360 is sponsoring this episode. So lets talk about why this thing is so awesome. First of all, youre going to crash this thing a whole bunch when youre on a fpv drone – and this has a removable lens cover so thats important its also nice – that this go 2 is waterproof by itself. So if we were to lose it in the fountain earlier, the drone itself might have been in trouble, but this would have been just fine and also this charging case is cool because its a case, but its also a wireless controller. So when i have this hooked into the drone itself, im all set up and ready to take off, then i can just hit the record button from here. You can use it as a wearable camera or you can mount it on pretty much wherever an action camera gets mounted. Now i have a whole video about this. Go to so ill link it right there if you havent, seen it, but we cant talk about insta360s without talking about their 360 cameras. Now by now, most of you probably already know how this 360 camera works, its capturing everything in every direction and then afterwards in the app i can go in and pick out a certain part of the frame which is great because, while youre recording you dont have To worry about which direction? The camera is pointed, heres, a setup that i think is pretty cool.

This is a magnetic mount and i can attach this here extend out the invisible selfie stick and you get some pretty cool results out of this Music Applause. Music and i believe right now – there is a sale going on that. Dylan will tell you about. If you act before december 14th, each of these products, you can get for 10 off, plus actually special gifts that come with it. So act now and get all this cool stuff super happy fun time, link in description. Did you say that part uh linkedin description, okay, cool before they just go like wait? I want to buy what do i do Music? I wan na wish you a merry merry christmas, Music Applause, its pretty tough flying through these windows right now, because its pretty windy. So as soon as i get in, i have to stop countering the wind, and then i got wind again on my exit, but with the size of this being so small. I have a lot of room for air, which is nice. Let me try again watch out dylan, oh okay, that was close now in the last video i made about these two noobs. I really like the iflight protec 25, and this is a little bit under seven inches, but whats nice about this flywheel is its right around five inches dylan. Is that a big difference, five inches to seven inches? She didnt, like judge people on it, thats what i shouldnt judge people im talking about drones: oh yeah, yeah.

The thing is: if you slightly bump the edge, then you usually ruin the shock every little inch. At that point, you feel it like its a big difference. Wheres your head at i you do so everything up till now has been with the cinewoop, which is really nice and small. But look at this firefly, its even smaller. I took off the propeller guards just to make it even smaller, but were using the same battery, but its just mounted down here on the bottom and, of course the insta360 go two up top and its just ridiculous. How tiny this thing is i like how much quieter it is yeah, and also since this isnt a cinewoop, i should be able to get a little bit more acrobatic with this, so lets give it a shot Music but Music, so Music, huh, Music, extreme thumbnail moment. Yeah, it looks small in my hands: itd, probably look tiny in shaqs hand. I hate doing the thumbnail. This is the worst part of every youtube. Video is just like the last slide. I got about four minutes out of this, which is actually pretty decent. Considering that i was flying pretty aggressively and the cinewoop itself im flying less aggressively, so i was generally getting around six minutes before the voltage meter started to turn red, so i would start flying it back. Thats, actually not bad Music. Music jonathan got his very own. Grom thats pretty cool nimble and it weighs pretty much nothing yeah yeah, so i usually take it to work and i go around town just zipping through traffic.

Okay, let me let me show you guys my drone Music. What do you guys think so? Funny pretty bad? Look at the propellers on that thing. You know its like my grom yeah yeah. You should put a little fur, so people could just go like this Music and it goes pretty high too thats, pretty cool Music. Can i get through this opening through these bushes? I dont think youre gon na make it. Oh, you proved me wrong: Music yeah, its pretty smooth and its pretty stable Music. The control on this is pretty good. As long as theres no wind once theres a lot of wind, then it gets really difficult. Pretty cute right yeah, how do you know if its going too far, you see these bars and as soon as it starts turning red, but sometimes it does sneak attack you like its like full, full, full and then just out yeah and those stuff, but youre looking At this lens right, yeah, so theres, the bottom lens which im watching and the quality of thats, not that good. But then i extract the footage out of the insta360 afterwards to get this better. Looking image so im working on a thumbnail and i kind of want to put the the speed on here – i just put 60 miles per hour. I dont know if it actually goes that fast. I need to find out how fast this thing can go. Will you help me how fast yeah? How would i do that im thinking you can drive and ill just fly behind us and you can see how fast i can keep up.

Oh okay, all right so im betting, that this thing can go at least 50 miles per hour. I think it could probably hit 60. if it got past 60 id be pretty happy about it. Thats pretty fast, im gon na stick with 45 45 miles per hour. So does it just say that it cant go faster or no its just how you angle it. I basically just go full throttle and just angle it until we start to lose elevation and at that point, oh, its, like top speed, okay, im going 40 45, but youre pulling away its going at least 50. okay, you get in front then and ill chase. You, okay, im gon na go up to 55. Since we know you can go 50 55. Oh yeah im still going faster than you. Okay, im going 60., oh okay, yeah 66 60. yeah yep! I can hit 60.. It is so weird flying while in the car, because youre trying to disconnect your visual from your motion that youre feeling you know, which is really tough, actually faster yeah. Where are you at 65 65.? Oh yeah, im speeding, im staying up at 65. We could even go a little bit faster, even but thats pretty impressive, that this tiny thing can go almost 70 miles per hour. Isnt it yeah thats, pretty crazy to think about way off from my initial estimate yeah, i bet you if i took off the camera. Thats just a little bit less weight and that this could probably hit so it also serves as a wind resistance, too, Music.

Okay, it doesnt have that much pull out power. I was pulled through model on that one. You were like three or four inches or three or four feet its powerful, but definitely not like a six cell. So i have to remember that i was like pull up pull up, but i think that pretty much sums it up for this video its been a really long time since ive gotten through an fpv video and still have the drone intact. You know usually like how do i destroy and im like crap? How am i gon na finish this video, but we made it through this time, which is amazing links to all this stuff down there in the description and one more shout out to insta360 for sponsoring this episode check it out, holiday, sale, stuff links down there, all In the description and hope you guys have a great holiday season, i kind of feel like this year, weve been stuck in that movie rewind with adam sandler, like i didnt, even really care about that movie so much but theres one scene. I remember where he kept pressing fast forward through all the things he didnt want to do and then theres like a point in the movie where hes like. I need to stop this thing. It keeps fast forwarding through the whole life, and i dont want it to fast forward through everything and thats thats. How i felt this year, its like its just been over, like that.

I dont know how that happened, and hopefully next year we can slow the pace down a little bit and experience a little bit more.