One up 700 series lets check it out Music. The ride one up 700 series is nearly as close to the ideal commuter e bike, as you can get from the way i see it. First of all, it comes with all of the stuff that many companies hold back behind a paywall, so they can up charge for accessories. You get included, led lighting, included, alloy fenders and a really nice rear rack. I know some people say that you dont really need fenders or a rack included and that those that want them can add them. But i find these parts so useful that i consider them necessary equipment for a commuter e bike. Fenders are critical in rainy areas and even dry environments have the occasional puddle to ride through and considering the bike is ip65 rated. The company knows that a lot of people are going to be getting. It wet. Also a good rear rack like this. That is already designed to accept pannier attachments really opens the door to commuting with extra stuff or even picking up groceries on the way home. Other components also seem like smart choices on the bike, like the schwab. Moto x tires theyre 2.4 inches. So they add some nice cushion and they have a big old contact patch with the road between those and 100 millimeters of travel in the front fork. There is a lot of shock absorption going on here then check out those dual piston hydraulic disc brakes, which i love for their strong performance and low maintenance, and that 8 speed shimano drivetrain.

But the derailleur is a shimano acera, which yes is not the nicest piece of kit out there, but lets get real its more than enough for 95 percent of us that do real world commuting each day and dropping down to an 11 tooth cog for the highest Gear also helps make sure we dont run out of gear ratio at top speed. Considering the top speed of the bike is 28 miles an hour. A tall gear ratio is important just as important as having a high top speed for commuter use. In my opinion, if you want to stick to the 20 mile per hour, throttle limit thats fine, but i like being able to go faster when i need it. Sometimes you find yourself on the side of a 45 mile, an hour road and youre, pretty darn happy to go as fast as you can to reduce your exposure time. The pedal assist unlocks that 28 mile per hour top speed and the bike loves traveling. That fast, especially with those awesome street, tires, the 500 watt motor actually pulls closer to a thousand watts peak thanks to a 22 amp controller and so high speeds or hill. Climbing are no problem at all for the 700 series. Now it will eat into your range. If you travel at high speeds all the time, the battery on board is a 48 volt and 14 amp hour pack, with 672 watt hours of capacity thats around average.

For these types of commuter e bikes. Now they claim around 30 to 50 miles for the 700 series, which of course, is only achievable on the top end in the lowest pedal assist level. The 30 mile end of that range is more representative of throttle, riding or level 5 pedal assist riding even so. 672 watt hours is plenty of battery for most commutes. Most people can recharge at work. If necessary, though, most people also wont need to recharge at work, because its pretty rare to have a commute of over 30 miles round trip and those that do probably are not doing it on a bike. I know the few people that do will call me out in the comments section, and i thank both of you for saying something. But the fact is that the vast majority of us are going to be fine with 30 miles of range on the low end. And if the price to pay for having just an average sized battery is that i get it neatly, tucked up into the frame like this thats fine by me. In fact, the entire aesthetics of the ride, one up 700 series is fine by me. They really did a nice job of building a normal looking bike here from the colorway to the battery integration and even extra touches like this cable management. Just look at how clean those cables look all bundled up in spiral wrapping and that color lcd screen each of these things is just a few extra bucks but its nice to see that they went above and beyond on these parts.

Now that ive done a bunch of gushing, though let me tell you what i dont like as much. First of all, im, not a huge fan of the left side. Thumb throttle im a right side, throttle guy myself, call me old fashioned, but thats just how i was raised. I do get why they went with this, though, because the right side of the bars has those trigger shifters. But then why not go with the right side? Half twist throttle the undisputed king of throttle types, and i will fight you if you disagree. Next, there are some other parts that i like to call nice to haves. A torque sensor would have been nice to have ride. One up did put one on their limited e bike, so it would have been cool to see it here, but those kind of nitpicky things yeah. I can find them, but the fact of the matter is this is a really nicely designed inspect e bike. Even before you consider the price, but then when you see its priced at just 1695 bucks, you start to realize what a deal that is. There are plenty of e bikes at this price, but they dont give you things like the hydraulic disc brakes where they charge. You extra for fenders or a rack, or that are not water resistant or have ugly bolt on batteries or any number of other little details that often get left out, but the ride one up ensured to include.

So while there are only a few areas that i can try and ding the bike on the fact of the matter is, this is really an awesome option in the commuter space, its fast, its comfortable, its nice looking and well equipped and the fair price seals the Deal in my opinion, thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the ride. One up 700 series – if you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle videos.