This is a compact drone. First one i’ve ever had. I had my grandkids get it for me. For christmas, you can scan this and apparently get a free one year. Warranty then in the box. This is your charger cable that can go into the computer or what i did is i used a phone charger and plugged it into the wall. Some extra propellers, the drone itself, where the battery goes. There was a little rubber tab that was sticking up here. I think it was just to prevent it from going all the way in and shipment, but you just remove that little tab. Then you kind of push down and there’s a little clip that’s a clip right there. You kind of push that down with your thumb and the battery slips out only goes in one way: highly recommend that you use the guards for the propellers, especially in the beginning. Otherwise, you’ll break them off and they just simply slide on they don’t click in place. Once you have those in place you’re all set, there is a little antenna wire. You can see there. It is i just kind of straighten that out a little bit, then the controller is underneath all of this, and this is what got tricky for me before i go any further. You do have to charge both units they’re, both rechargeable with the same cord it’ll. Take. I don’t know an hour or so to charge there’s the charging port for the controller.

You can also hook up your phone to this. However, this kind of clips up and then this slides. However, for my iphone, i don’t trust it to stay in place because it doesn’t really click grow on. I do have a cover on mine, so what i’m going to do is is maybe put rubber bands around here at an angle so that i know that it’ll stay in place and i’ll do a subsequent video once i get to that point, but right now, let’s Just fly the drone because you can take video and still pictures with it. So i’m, just gon na do a flying lesson. So the first step is you turn on the drone and there’s a little button right here: push and hold it until the lights led lights. Come on, let me see they’re flashing now then you turn on your controller and there’s. A little switch right back here same side as the charging port, your little beep, the first time you push this down down arrow and somehow that’s gets everything coordinated things you’ll need are these little pads and they slide like i’m sliding. My thumb up down left right. Same thing on this side, these other arrows on the outside control other functions, but for basic flight. You just use the inside ones. This one will give elevation or it’ll, bring it down and then left right, pivots the craft. This way on this side. This will give you up is forward so it’s going to tilt it forward and fly back and then tilt and fly left right, but it’s going to bank turn to initially get the propellers going.

You push this up arrow and it’s going to stay stationary on the ground, so let me move it to the floor. Actually, you have an emergency stop here, but you’re only supposed to use it for emergencies, because it’ll drop like a rock but i’ll push that now shuts it off so again to start i’m pushing that up arrow, then i’m, going to slide this thumb up and that’s. What will give it some height and now it’s going to freeze right there that’s just about a foot off the ground? Music? Okay? Now, if it drifts, which it probably will the first time to change, to make it stable, it’s the arrows, not the pad. So if you want it to go more to the left, you’ll tap that arrow and each time you tap it you’ll see it’ll start drifting over now. Well, i don’t want it to do that. I want to get level so i’m going to do the right. Arrow left and now i’m going to do the forward arrow. You can see it’s pretty stable right like that. Okay, now i’m going to fly, so i want to go higher again: push this upwards, so i’m pushing up and once you let it go, then it’ll hover at that height, so on the right hand, side i’m, gon na. So what i did is, i slid my thumb to the right and bring it backwards again. That’S sliding my thumb down on this side.

This is what pivots it that’s right left, bring it back to me a little bit so again, i’m going to slide my thumb to the right, and it turns so now forward is towards me. Music back is still back. I don’t know if that makes sense, but i’m pivoting the ship pivoting the drone, i should say so. If i want more elevation again, i just push this thumb up. Wherever you stop pushing, is the elevation you’ll get now you can do tricks and things, but that i’m not covering in this video. This is just initially get it flying reason. You want those bumpers on there. Let me see if i can take it over to this box and bump it. So if i was flying and i bump that Applause Music, no problem didn’t turn anything up, so i think it says you can get about 10 minutes of flying time. I’Ve been mostly trying to keep it so that the front is like i’m looking out at it.